The Book That Prepares You For An Unforgettable Birth Experience

What if birth was the most powerful experience of your life?

Birth is a divine invitation to walk the heroines journey and discover your unshakable strength.

Birth itself is unpredictable, challenging, spiritual, beautiful and one of the most rewarding experiences a woman can have.

Far from a single painful event that results in a babe in arms after months of baby growing in the womb, birth, in all forms, is a chance to look within and discover your power as a mother as you bring a new life into the earth.

When you embark on a heroine’s journey, you have a chance to heal deep wounds to your feminine nature.  You have the chance to become whole, integrating all parts of you as you rise to your greatest self.

Divine Birth: Birth Wisdom and Coloring Pages to Inspire and Empower the Pregnant Mother is the book to guide mothers in this journey.

What’s inside?

Birth wisdom that will help you:

  • claim your power so you can birth in a way that feels deliciously authentic
  • connect with your divine nature and sink into and appreciate the implications of being a lifebearer
  • gain practical knowledge on how to handle and cope with labor pain

Coloring pages that will gift you:

  • time to meditate, reflect and make space for the deep emotional journey you are on
  • beautiful affirmations that you can use in your home or birth space to remind you of your capability, strength, support as well as the web of love that surround and upholds you
  • a one of a kind art piece that you created to document your pregnancy and birth experience

Having a healthy baby does not have to cone at the expense of a healthy mom.

As you birth your baby, you have a chance to birth yourself into the woman that doesn’t entertain self doubt,  that moves with the confidence and royalty of a lioness, that loves deeply without sacrificing herself.

You are the hero you have been waiting for in your life.

You have everything inside of you that you need to create a luscious birth experience you will cherish forever.

A note to midwives and doulas:

Send your copy home with each patient,  ask each woman to color one page, fill in a blank spot with a memory,  poem or picture and you will have an entirely unique art piece created by your clients.

What you will feel when you read this book:


Why your confidence matters in birth:

One study looked at all the factors that they thought would influence pain during childbirth,  including length of labor, birth weight, mother’s size, location. The number one predictor of pain during childbirth was confidence!

Confidence comes from unity in mind, body, spirit. There are many books that will help you gain the knowledge of what happens when to birth,  birth prep and yoga classes that help you physically prepare for birth, but the process of looking within and listening to your spirit, your inner self,  is often neglected or silenced by the other areas.
Divine Birth leads you through a process of looking inside of yourself to find your ability to rise, to birth and to parent from your place of feminine power.

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