A Powerful Complication of Truths…


“In Divine Birth, the beautiful Suzzie Vehrs brings together a powerful compilation of truths, stirring images, affirmations and relatable stories that illuminate the inherent power in every woman. A power that many of us don’t realize we have, and cannot ever fully comprehend. But we can experience it. I devoured this book with a smile on my face the entire time because it captured SO MUCH wisdom about pregnancy and birth in such a concise and tidy package. I cannot wait to meditate on each of the beautiful illustrations as I color them with some fancy new pencils. This book is a gift for any woman who intends to birth a baby. I want all of the beautiful mamas in my community to read it! Thank you Suzzie for sharing your light with the world!”

Blair Fillingham, Review of Divine Birth

Blair Fillingham is the founder and chief yogini in the online pre and post natal yoga studio MTRNL. You can join her for a free class, follow her on facebook and instagram.

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