Inspiring Book… Nudges Women Away From Fear

In this inspiring book Suzzie Vehrs gently and lovingly nudges women away from the pain and fear often linked with childbirth and demonstrates that birth can take place in a space filled with support, love, empowerment, and breath. She not only carries women through the preparation for birth with her beautiful words and pictures but guides right through to the amazing moment of “I did it”. The activity pages will be great preparatory exercises, birth-time empowerment tools and additions to a birth story memory book.

-Book Review From Christina Whelan-Chabot, Matters of Movement founder

Thank you for this amazing review Christina!

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Curious about what’s inside Divine Birth: A Collection of Birth Wisdom and Coloring Pages to Inspire the Pregnant Mother? Here’s a little excerpt.

A woman’s womb is the most sacred space on the planet

A woman’s womb is the most sacred space on the planet. Within you, you have a child, growing, changing, becoming human. A spirit and a body are melding together, forming his or her impressions of the world. He or she is already eager to meet you, their carefully selected angel, earthside.
Know this: that you do not ever have to give up your sense of feeling empowered in order to feel loved. Especially in birth.
Your worth was determined before you were born, it is greater than the stars. Your beauty cannot be rated, diminished or lessened by what anyone else sees or does not see in you.
You were created by the Divine, and you have Divine within you. Therefore you are Divine. Because of this you are limitless, powerful, beautiful, worthy, loved, cherished.
You are released from all comparison, because all life has infinite virtue and value, especially yours. Birth through the lens of infinite self-love.
You are freed from shame as you know that no matter how your life has unfolded, you are on the perfect path for you. Your divinity is part of you and cannot be shaken. Birth through the lens of infinite worthiness.
You know that love is not earned. You cannot ever increase or decrease the amount of love available, for love is the very fabric by which the universe is tied together. All you have to do is open yourself to it. There is no reason to deny yourself that which you most deeply desire and no reason to stay small in hopes that you will be more loveable. The belief that you must choose between being loved and being yourself is one of society’s greatest lies. Birth through this lens, you are open to receive love and life in its purity and abundance. The more love you allow into your life, the more love you allow into the lives of all those around you.
If you want more than what you have now in your birth vision, know that it is not guilt, greed, or some unworthy part of you seeking these things, but your highest self bringing attention to the fact that more is available to you if you open yourself to it. Birth through this lens, that all who surround you serve you as a human being, a sacred mother, and a divine creator. You are not a medical problem gone wrong, you are a sacred and divine mother. Expect others to treat you as such.
Take time every day to honor your womb. It is your connection to the Divine Feminine, the Mother of all mothers, and our Mother Earth. Who else could bring this specific life to the earth? No one. Only you.

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Pregnancy Affirmation. I *need* this book for my next pregnancy.

Pregnancy Affirmations <3 ordering this book *no2*


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