I’m so grateful for this latest episode of the #SpiritualFitChick show with Holly McCabe.

We have a powerful conversation about birth, loving yourself in various stages of your life and using your intention to create you day (and life).

Have you ever felt that as your body grew during pregnancy your value seemed to decrease? that it was hard to love and value yourself the way you did before?

Have you ever wanted to eat healthier, fix disordered eating, but felt like if you started, you knew you would fail?

This episode is for you. When I was 19 I took my first nutrition class. I had to write down every item of food I ate for 3 days. No big deal, I thought. This is an easy A, I thought.

After I turned in my assignment, I got a message from my teacher saying, ‘I need you to come see me. ‘I wasn’t really sure why I was being called in, I felt maybe I had done something wrong, was in trouble and I didn’t like that.

When I went into see him, he handed my a copy of my log and asked, ‘is this really what you eat?’  when I responded yes, he told me I had a problem and that this was not normal, nor healthy.

I had never really thought of myself as having an eating disorder. I thought, maybe I’m picky, I don’t like a lot of things, I’m too busy to sit down and prepare meals yadda yadda yadda.

But the truth is, I was suffering because of the choices I was making.

Learning how the change the foods I ate became increasingly important as I entered motherhood. I wanted to nourish my pregnant body, my baby and teach my own daughters how to have a healthier relationships with food and their own body.

It took many many years, but, learning a new relationship with food, also helped me have a better relationship with myself.

If you are trying to nourish your body, take back your power of making choices that serve you, and win the inner war of negativity, this episode is for you.

It was such an honor to be interviewed for the the spiritual fit chick.

You can listen to our full conversation here.


loving your pregnant body

What you’ll find if you listen:

  • how to handle negative thoughts and redirect to something that feels better
  • how to keep your head in the game when you go off track and feel like you can’t do something or messed up and will fail
  • honest talk about diets, disordered eating and recreating yourself as a stronger woman calling the shots in her own life.

Resources mentioned in the show:

A free week of prenatal yoga.

Suzzie’s Book: Divine Birth. 

About Holly McCabe:

Holly is a health, fitness and wellness expert who specializes in the mind-body connection.  As a trainer, nutrition and holistic life coach she is redefining how the world views working out, diets, self-care and body image. Helping you sort through all the fads and lies in an industry that thrives off you not loving yourself, she guides you to a place of true health, optimal fitness, and body confidence! She’s called a strength coach, for the mind, body, and soul.

Her transformation coaching starts with diving into the parts of yourself that need attention and re-framing old patterns or beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts to achieve your health goals. She blends techniques of mindfulness, stress management, optimal nutrition and neuroscience with effective workouts for a complete mind, body and soul approach to health. This hybrid coaching creates massive mental and physical shifts that create lasting change.


Loving your body through eating disorders, birth and motherhood

moving podcast about loving your pregnant body and how to win the game against self criticism


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