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Hi! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Suzzie Vehrs. I am the creator and author behind More Giggling Moments.

More Giggling Moments is the place where mindful mothers gather to cultivate presence and connection through the childbearing year. At no other time are you as a woman creating in such a divine way. It is the peefect time to recognize your innate power, your ability to create an experience that serves you and your baby and to become the leader of your birth.

Mind, body, spirit, birth.

It all connects here.

What to expect:

  • Helpful and inspiring content to get you started in a mindful pregnancy.
  • Real world solutions to common pregnancy problems.
  • Mindfulness activities to calm your stress and connect with your inner self.

Pregnancy Books by Suzzie Vehrs

I wrote Divine Birth: Birth Wisdom and Coloring Pages to Inspire and Empower the Pregnant Mother because I know that women need both practical advice on how to prepare for labor as well as time soul searching and finding the inner power to bring her child into the world.

Divine Birth is the perfect book to help you connect with the beauty and power of the childbearing year even, and sometimes because of, its challenges.

Why Blog?

I started blogging after my first child was born. Unfortunately, my initiating experience into motherhood was far fron what I expected. My birth was traumatic, an experience that took years to heal from emotionally and physiclly. It was followed by a year of post partum depression.

I knew that this wasn’t how things should be. That they could be different. I studied birth, energy healing, aromatherapy. I put everything I had into making my next experience better. And it has been the best experience of my life. Now I share the wisdom and empowerment I found because pur kids need happy, empowered moms. And you knoe what? You deserve to feel good on the journey too.

Contact Me

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