68% Off Launch Week Pricing Ends March 12
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
68% Off Launch Week Pricing Ends March 12
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Discover The Secrets To A Faster, Safer, Less Painful Birth

Your Expert Roadmap To Birth Preparation - The Easy Way

Reduce Pain

Everyone knows that childbirth is an intense event. But why is it that some moms feel pain at a scale of 1 million eighty seven on a scale of ten and others feel pain at a level of...6. Learn how you can be in the group that has totally manageable contractions that feel more like rewarding work than torture. 

Minimize Tearing

Many women are worried that they are going to ruin their vagina during birth. You won't. And, you will learn exactly how you can reduce your risk for tearing and increase how quickly you heal after birth with a few simple and easy exercises. 

Speed Up Labor

Nobody can predict exactly how your labor will unfold. But we do know that some things, like how your baby is positioned in your pelvis can greatly increase how long it takes to birth that child. And - that is something you can totally influence. 

Reduce Complications

Preeclampsia, preterm birth, gestational diabetes and pretty much every other medical complication to birth all have one thing in common. They are less likely to be a part of your story if you are eating the right foods. Learn exactly what to eat in pregnancy so that you can have fewer complications and nourish your growing baby. 
What is the
Birth Secrets Mini-Course?
Birth Secrets is an Online Mini-Course from doula and childbirth educator Suzzie Vehrs, that teaches the latest and most fundamental information related to the importance of childbirth preparation and how it affects successful birth outcomes.

Inside of Birth Secrets you will discover information, and learn exercises and actions you can take, that most mothers (and even most doctors) aren't aware of, that have the potential to make labor faster, safer, and less painful.

These are things you can do to make your birth better that you will not find in other childbirth course or discuss in your prenatal appointments. 
Inside of the Birth Secrets Mini-Course, You Will:
  • ​​Discover the #1 way to remain calm and centered through contractions. (This secret can not only stop the fight or flight response in it's track, but when practiced over time will train your body to process stress quickly - meaning that though your labor is still working hard, your actual experience is less painful.)
  • ​Master a 3-minute routine that will help reduce your risk for tearing and speed up the healing process after birth
  • ​Learn a simple lifestyle hack that will help you get your baby in a good position for birth. (This will help you avoid difficulties like back labor (ouch) and help keep labor short and simple.)
  • ​Explore 3 powerful ways you and your partner can work together during birth (Hint: Watch this one together!)
  • Dive into the ONE most powerful thing that you can do before birth to reduce your risk for some of the most dangerous and life threatening complications that can be a part of birth (Such as pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes!)

Birth Doesn't Have to Be Scary.

Have you ever felt like preparing for birth seems unpredictable, dangerous, and a little bit complicated? 

Like you're rolling the dice and just hoping for a good outcome?

I've been there too. 

When I was becoming a mama for the first time, I remember wondering if giving birth would be as bad as people say it is.

I questioned if my body would be okay afterward.

I wondered if I could trust the process of birth... would it really work for me and my baby? Could I get through it? 

Let me ask you something. do you feel that way now?

If you're nodding your head in agreement, thinking "yep, that's me."

Then I want to invite you to enroll in my Birth Secrets Mini-Course. 

Birth Secrets is a course for expecting mamas who want to simplify their birth, making it shorter, easier, safer, and drumroll…. less painful.

You see, I've had the immense privilege of walking by the side of over 50 women through their birth experiences in the last year alone. 

There is nothing more amazing than being with a woman as she goes from dreaming about bringing a new child into her family to being with her as she holds her newborn child in her arms for the first time. 

I have seen women go from being filled with fear, uncertainty, and doubt, to having the confidence and the skills that lead to her birth becoming one of the most magical experiences of her life.

And more importantly, a moment of bonding and growth for her entire family. 

But, it doesn't always go that way. 

I have seen births go perfectly, and births go not so well, and the common thread is that difficult births can often be prevented with the right preparation. 

And yet, this important information that could change outcomes, prevent C-sections and make positive births more attainable is completely left out of many childbirth education classes. 

But I know that YOU deserve to have it. Which is why I pulled these 5 tips into a easy to complete, simple to implement mini course that is totally affordable. 

This will help you fill in any gaps in your childbirth education, catch up if you need a refresher and get a good start if you are a first time mama and wondering how education can change your birth. 

One thing I know for sure is that: 

Moms with positive birth experiences are doing something different to prepare, sometimes without even realizing it. 

I want to tell you how I discovered this. 

I was in the beginning of my training. I had the privilege of assisting at a childbirth education course and then attending many of the births of the women in that course. 

What I found was that some of these women had the straightforward, simple birth promised in the course. But many others didn't.

I was with these moms as they gave birth in under two hours and with them as they labored hard for over two days. 

I was with them as they gave birth in beautiful homes, calm birth centers, collected hospitals, and perfectly sanitized operating rooms. 

I learned that while every birth is special - some births are more difficult than others. 

But, the thing that stood out the most to me was that: there was a physiological REASON that some births were more difficult

As I attended difficult birth after difficult  birth with mother's who were  well prepared, well educated, dedicated and committed to their births, I realized that the belief of 'know and trust the process' when it came to birth, was severely lacking. 

Yes birth works. 
The female body is designed to give birth. 
YOU are designed to give birth. 

But that doesn't change the fact that modern women have modern challenges to overcome. Challenges that make birth difficult - and different than the 'ancient' map. 

Because this wasn't taken into consideration, there were critical things left out of the information the moms in that initial childbirth class had been given. 

And another thing is, that information given without a way to implement it is really just a waste of everyone's time. (And this happens far to often in childbirth classes.) 

This experience led me to ask the question, how is it possible that moms who are prepared and committed can still end up having the most difficult birth possible? 

And as I studied this question, I began to find answers.

There are ways you can prepare your mind, body and baby for birth to make your birth less complicated and more straightforward. 

In order to influence your birth experience, you need the correct knowledge, and you need to put that knowledge into action.

There are no shortcuts.

I have gathered the MOST IMPORTANT SECRETS (things that you can do BEFORE your birth even begins to help your avoid some of the biggest challenges that can be a part of birth.) 

Birth Secrets is my way of sharing the knowledge you deserve to have about making birth safer, simpler and more straightforward. 

I can't wait to see what will happen when you take this knowledge and pair it with your action. 

In fact, I know it's not only possible to have a positive birth, but that most positive birth experiences are CREATED by insightful, purposeful and conscious moms, like you. 

Who Is Birth Secrets For?

This Course Is For Moms Who:

  •  Want to Protect Their Baby, Body, and Relationship as They Give Birth
  • ​​Want to Make Their Birth Easier and Less Painful
  • ​Are Willing to Spend a Short Time Time Devoted to Regular Self Care that Can Prepare Body and Baby for Birth
  • ​Want Birth to Go Smoothly, with Fewer Complications
  • ​Moms Who Are Planning on a Birth with an Epidural 
  • ​Moms Who Are Planning on a Natural, Drug Free Birth
  • ​Moms Planning to Birth Their Baby at the Hospital, at a Birth Center or at Home

Course Curriculum


Many moms feel that birth is completely out of their control and there is nothing they can do to influence how their birth unfolds.

But that doesn't have to be your experience. 

In this course, you will learn how you can take the steps to a healthy, straightforward and rewarding birth. 

You will gain skills that will help you simplify the birth process so that it does not feel overwhelming or out of control.  

Lesson 1:
Breathing is the Key to Pain Management

Did you know that your  body can produce hormones during birth that can provide pain relief that is 18-35% more effective than morphine? 

But the problem is, most moms have no idea how to access this natural pain relief process during birth. 

In the first lesson, you will learn how you can decrease the pain of labor by learning how to harness the power of your own body's natural pain relief systems. 

SPOILER ALERT: you have to practice it for it to be effective.

Lesson 2:
Reduce Pain by Getting Your Baby Into Proper Alignment

Can you imagine running a marathon wearing your shoes on the wrong feet? Ouch! It would be a whole lot harder. 

Many modern moms are giving birth to babies that are in poor alignment for birth.  Which can result in tearing and extended labor. duration.

Learn how to solve this problem, get the position of your baby in sync with your body, and increase your chances of a straightforward and simple birth.

Lesson 3:
The 3-Minute Exercise Routine to Reduce Your Risk of Tearing

Kegel kegel kegel. You've heard it a thousand times. But almost all moms do them incorrectly. 

Throw out this outdated information and replace it with pelvic floor exercises that will help you tone and prepare your entire pelvic floor  for birth. 

This will decrease your risks for significant tearing and help you heal quicker after birth. 

Lesson 4:
3 Life Changing Ways to Involve Your Partner In Birth

Wouldn't it be amazing if your partner could read your mind and knew  exactly what you need during birth?

Well, guess what? Now they can. 

This lesson will help you uncover the ways you want to be supported AND highlight his (or her) strengths in supporting you. 

You will officially be working together as two people, and moving as one. 

Lesson 5:
Nutrition is the Key to
a Safer Birth

Did you know that proper nutrition has been shown to reduce your risk for miscarriage, preterm birth, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and more?

In fact, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology stated in one study that nutritional counseling can improve ALL birth outcomes and positively affect a child for two years after birth. 

Yep, you need this lesson. I promise it will surprise you. 

Birth Secrets Also Includes these FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1:
The Transformational Birth Workshop

The transformational birth workshop is a one of a kind experience.

Many high level athletes use visualization and mental preparation to attain their goals.

Women who are successful creating rewarding births often go through the same process. 

Many moms realize after taking Birth Secrets that they can stop focusing on what will go wrong and begin to focus on the positive outcomes of an ideal birth.

Use this workshop to gain clarity and direction as you move forward with your birth prep and take your birth to the next level. 

Bonus #2: 
Birth Body Exercise Routines 

Restoring balance and flexibility  to your core and hips is another way to help your baby into a proper position for birth. 

Often times restoring the natural mobility of the hips and strength to the core can help a breech baby settle head's down. 

Not only that, but it will help you be more comfortable by reducing lower back and hip pain. 

Modern moms often spend their days sitting and hunched over, which causes hips to lose their flexibility and for abdominal muscles to separate, creating a problem called diastasis recti. 

This exercise routine is your prehab- so you don't end up in rehab. 

Bonus #2:
Habit Creator Checklist 

I wish giving you this information was all it took to get you the results you want. But it's not .Your implementation and practice is far more important.  

But... developing new habits takes time and patience. 

Use these tracking sheets to help you turn the knowledge in this course into comfortable routines, reliable habits, and dependable skills that will pay off during labor.

Have you ever learned something and not been able to embody it? This is my way of making sure that the knowledge you gain into this course turns directly into action. 

About Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Suzzie Vehrs, Doula and Childbirth coach....

Certified through Birth Arts International. 

In the past year, I've been a part of over 50 births and I have picked up a few lessons along the way. 

I am completely obsessed with helping moms have births that leave them feeling empowered, strong and on top of the world. 

On behalf of all the people out there who are proud of you for what you're doing as a mother and life giver, thank you for being here. I know it feels amazing to commit to making your birth magical. 

I cannot wait to hear YOUR story. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Main Focus of this Course?

The main focus of Birth Secrets is providing mothers with techniques and tools to prepare for birth using scince-based doula methods to achieve a faster, safer, and less painful birth.

By implementing the practices within leading up to their birth, mothers can greatly increase their chances of a safer, faster, and more positive birth experience.

Why Is This Course Priced So Low?

Do NOT let the very affordable price of this course fool you, it is PACKED with gems of information from my experience personally guiding dozens and dozens of mothers through childbirth training and in-person through labor.

Birth Secrets covers the most important things you can do BEFORE your birth begins to make it safer, easier and less painful. 

If you are looking for a full childbirth course that takes you start to finish through birth stay tuned for my class Transformational Birth.

By giving this course away at such a low price, I help mothers to determine if online childbirth classes is right for them with minimal time and financial investment.

How Long Does the Course Take?

There are over 60 minutes of high quality video lessons in the course.

You would be able to finish the entire course in one day if you were feeling motivated.

But even if you only spent 15 minutes per day on the course, you could complete it within 5 days.

In addition to the video lessons, there are exercises to practice that take less than 15 minutes per day.

Why is This Called a Mini-Course?

We refer to the Birth Secrets Mini-Course as a "mini course" because it is designed for mothers to get a taste of how good it feels to prepare for birth and how amazing it feels as both their confidence and capability to achieve a positive birth grows. 

The "Mini-course" also requires minimum financial investment, as this course is valued at $147 and we are offering it for $27.

I priced it low because I know some moms will get through a regular childbirth education course and feel that they are missing key elements in how to prepare. Yep, this mini course and fill that gap. 

Is This A Full Childbirth Education Course?

This class teaches the most significant things that I have found are left out of traditional childbirth education courses related to birth preparation.

This course will help you figure out how to prepare your body with the things you can do BEFORE birth to prepare for a good experience. 

For a full Childbirth Education course that takes you through exactly what happens, what to expect and what to do at each stage of labor, check out my full Transformational Birth Course (coming soon!)

Is this for In-Hospital Births or for Natural Childbirth?

This course is designed for and can benefit all mothers, regardless of whether or not you are going the traditional route and giving birth at a hospital or if you are opting for an at-home natural childbirth or water birth.

The lessons in Birth Secrets will guide mothers through information and exercises on how to minimize pain, make sure the baby is positioned properly for a speedy labor process, prepare your body to recover more quickly, and ensure the health of mother and baby.

While mothers planning on a natural birth should supplement this course with tools to cope with pain DURING labor, this course will help moms planning either an epidural or natural birth completely avoid some seriously huge obstacles all together. 

Enroll in Birth Secrets and Get Instant Access

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

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Birth Secrets Mini-Course

The Online Mini Course For Moms Who Want Birth To Be Safer, Simpler and Less Painful
  • Over 60 Minutes of High Quality Video Lessons
  • ​Five Training Modules Which Can Help You Achieve a Faster, Safer, Less Painful Birth
  • ​FREE Lifetime Updates
  • ​Pain Management Breathing Exercise Video
  • ​Super Simple Alignment Hack That Will Help Your Baby Align Properly For a Faster Birth
  • ​Fun Worksheets That Will Help You and Your Partner Work Perfectly Together Through Birth 
  • ​Nutritional Guide and Tracker for Pregnancy 
  • ​BONUS: Transformational Birth Workshop to Create A Birth That Is Perfect For You 
  • ​BONUS: Prehab Routine to Protect Your Core and Restore Flexibility to Your Hips 
  • ​BONUS: Action Tracker to Keep You Moving Forward in Your Birth Preparation
  • ​Secret Surprises You'll See Only After You Buy The Course
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


This course does not replace any information given to you by your midwife or doctor. We cannot guarantee specific birth outcomes. Sometimes you do everything in your power and things still don't work out. But, that doesn't mean you can't tip the odds tremendously in your favor!

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