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Why Do Moms Choose Water birth?

Imagine floating in warm soothing water in an environment that is comfortable for you and baby.

Labor transforms the second you lower yourself into the inviting water.

It's as if a wave of deep relaxation washes through every cell of your body.

Your head clears, you suddenly feel that this is manageable. You focus on your baby and the work at hand.

Your partner gently massages the palm of your hand, and whispers words of encouragement.

All tension leaves you. You know in your core it is time to birth your baby.

You can do it because you are doing it.

Is it intense? Maybe. It is also the most powerful and intimate experience of your life.

And a gentle and peaceful welcome to the world for your baby.

Did You Know Moms Who Give Birth In The Water...

  • Have a higher rate of vaginal births

  • Dilate quicker than moms on land

  • Have a lower use of pitocin to speed things up in any point during labor

  • Have a lower rate of episiotomies

  • Report higher rate of satisfaction with their birth experiences

  • Are less likely to have a 3rd of 4th degree tear

How It Works...

Step One

Reserve your tub by filling out the form on the bottom of the page. You will receive a contract and an invoice. Fill these out and then you will get your confirmation email and welcome packet with everything you need to know for a flawless labor tub experience.

Step Two

Call or text when your labor begins. Suzzie or one of our specialists will bring the tub to your house, set it up, connect the plumbing and begin filling the tub for you.

Step Three

After you have your baby, call or text again and let us know. We will be there to drain the tub and clean up the same day. We leave no trace that a water birth ever happened in your home.

I absolutely did not believe being in the water would relieve pain going into my first birth. I was so wrong. Once I got in I was not getting out!"

Jessica L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Deliver Birth Tubs?

Labor tubs can be delivered to any home within 45 minutes of Seattle. If you are further away, please check with us before reserving. We can accommodate longer distances in many cases.

Will A Birth Tub Work In My Home Or Apartment?

Yes! We can almost always make a tub work in your space - from small apartments, to basements and second or third floors, it's all doable. You need approximately a 5ft by 5 ft space for the tub to fit. This will allow plenty of room space for the tub and room for the midwife to monitor you and your support person to be there for you as well. We deliver to homes old and new, big and small and apartments as well.

What Type Of Water Source Do You Need?

We usually attach the hose to your shower! It is the quickest way to fill your birth tub. We bring both a 25 ft and 50 ft hose. If you are going to be further than that from a water source please let us know.

Some sinks can be accomodated, but, if you are planning to fill from a sink, please send us a picture as some do and some do not come apart or allow us to create a reliable attachment with the proper plumbing.

I May Want My Partner In The Birth Tub With Me, Is That Okay?

Yes! The tubs are spacious and comfortable. There is room for you to bring a partner or sibling into the tub with you and for you to move around.

When Should I Call For Delivery?

As a small business offering 24 hour services, we rely on communication. Please let us know as soon as early labor has begun. If you are at home, we will schedule a time to come set up a tub as soon as possible. If you are timing contractions, we would like to know!

How Long Do I Have The Tub?

Once the tub is delivered it is yours until you have your baby. There is no time limit on how long you can have it. The water is good for 24 hours from the time you get in or 48 hours after you fill it. If you have a false start to labor, the tub can be drained and refilled when labor picks up again.

Can You Set Up A Tub Early?

Yes! Tubs can be brought to your house up to ten days before your due date. If you have a history of fast labors or are in a difficult to reach area we recommend this option.

How Much Does Birth Tub Rental, Delivery and Pick-Up Cost?

The total cost is $498 for use of the pool, delivery and pickup.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We know that sometimes birth plans change, and so do birth locations. If you decide you no longer need the tub at any point before the tub is delivered, you will be issued a full refund. No refunds are given for any reason after a tub has been delivered whether the tub is used or not.

Will Insurance Cover Any Of The Costs?

Maybe. Some insurance companies do cover some or all of the costs of a birth tub used for labor. However, we do not bill insurance. You will have to contact them directly and submit your invoice for reimbursement if you would like to pursue that route.

The code insurance companies will need is E1399 which translates to "use of equipment for warm water immersion for pain relief management modality."

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