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The Healthy Start Birth Prep Challenge Brings Moms Together To Prepare For Amazing Birth Experiences

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Next Challenge Begins November 1st, 2020 

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*Make birth healthier, safer, and more rewarding, have fun, win prizes, make friends!
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Cost $347

What if your body, mind, heart, baby, and parter were all prepared to birth in unity? 

Did you know there are things you can do to encourage your birth to be uncomplicated and straightforward?

Could this be the experience that leaves you feeling in awe of your body, more bonded to your family, and feeling like, if you can do this, you can do anything?

What if you could...

  • Significantly reduce your risk of having a C-section?
  • ​Make birth safer for your baby by reducing the chances of preterm birth and birth complications such as stuck shoulders and poor fetal positioning? 
  • Make birth safer for yourself by reducing your risk of preeclampsia, and unnecessary interventions?
  • ​Reduce your risk of severe tears by doing simple stretches and exercises at home and learning how to push with or without an epidural?
  • ​Learn how to communicate effectively with your doctor so you always know what was happening and why ?
  • ​Discover what to expect in labor and how to cope with it so you were never overwhelmed or panicked?
  • ​Shorten your pushing stage by helping baby get into the best positions before birth even begins?
Does your heart feel that nervous tension when you think about actually giving birth... 

But you know it's something you have to do if you want to hold your baby in your arms?

If so, then you are going to LOVE the Healthy Start Birth Prep Challenge that's changing the world of birth for good. 
Hi, I'm Suzzie (and this is my 10+lb VBAC baby Hazel!)
>>>This is my personal invite for you to join something I call the Healthy Start Birth Prep Challenge.
Because if you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, I know something about you.
You have big dreams about your upcoming birth.
You want a healthy baby, healthy mom + rewarding birth.
And you know that you have power to influence the outcomes of your story!

But a few simple things are holding you back and that dream birth seems further away than you want.

I'm Suzzie (and this is my 10lb VBAC baby Hazel!) 

>>>This is my personal invite for you to join something I call the Healthy Start Birth Prep Challenge.

Because if you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, I know something about you.

You have big dreams about your upcoming birth.

You want a healthy baby, healthy mom + rewarding birth.

And you know that you have power to influence the outcomes of your story!


What is the one thing all expecting moms have in common? 

We all want a healthy mom, healthy baby.
Not just that, we want birth to be a rewarding experience as well.
This is true for first time moms and seasoned moms as well.
Me personally? I've been a part of 50 births in the last year alone.
And some have been picturesque, and some have been as challenging as it gets. 
It took me a long, long time to figure this out.
When I first started coaching moms through birth, I would meet with them before their birth and we would go over every detail of their birth plan... and then time after time, something would come up, often before birth even began, and all of her plans would go out the window because of something like preeclampsia, a needed induction, waters breaking early or other complications would change everything.

I felt that I was letting moms down because, though we never talked about it, I knew there were things that she could do to lower her risk of these complications, and we had never discussed them and hoped that they wouldn't happen.
And then I began to prepare moms for the unexpected, for changes and challenges, but I found there just wasn't enough time in our 2 hours before the birth to really help her take as much control of her experience as possible. I would give her a dessert sampler of what she could do to lower her risk, maybe focusing in on only one of her concerns, and leave the rest to chance.
It was then that I realized, that there needed to be a place where moms could gather, could learn together and could motivate each other to make the changes that a woman has to go through to lower her risk and get closer to her goal of a healthy mom, healthy baby + awesome birth experience.
Suddenly, it was possible to have one, without sacrificing the other.


Preparing for a healthy and rewarding birth is actually not that hard. If you do a few simple exercises, eat right and learn the right things about birth, you can significantly reduce the risk of every possible complication and even almost eliminate some of the most dangerous ones. A healthy birth is not luck, it is in fact, science. 




Here's how it works

Every weekday for the next 8-weeks...

 I will send you a quick 10 minute childbirth education video where I'll challenge you to make one easy change to your routine...

...and nope, it will not be overwhelming 

What if you had ALL your birth prep done, simply, in just a few minutes per day?
Well that’s what THIS challenge is designed to do!

As the 2 months progress, you will create routines to eat healthier, move healthier, think healthier, relax healthier, communicate healthier, and ultimately, birth healthier. 

This is NOT going to be a "Total-Woo" approach, 

like so many of the birth classes out there 

Instead, I've searched through the medical journals and birth trainings and taken that boring information and put it into a super-fun super-easy to understand challenge that will be fun for you and approved by your doctor.

 (just bring it to them and show them!)

(and this is just the beginning)

Preterm Birth
Proper nutrition can reduce the risk of preterm birth from 12% all the way down to 2% according to an article published in Midwifery Today. 

Yep, that's right. Just by what you eat you can increase the chances of your baby staying put where they belong for a full pregnancy. SOOO MUCH SAFER FOR BABY!!!
The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reports near elimination of preeclampsia with proper nutrition - you may be surprised what really is healthy and needed for your pregnant body. 

If you don't know, preeclampsia can be a life threatening complication that is a problem for 1 in 20 women in the third trimester in the United States and can mean inductions, emergency c-sections and whatever else is needed to keep mom healthy. 
Are you worried about tearing? You are not alone. It's one of the biggest fears moms have about birth. 

But here's the thing. There are things you can do to lower your risk of tearing and increase the speed of healing your pelvic floor after birth, and no, it is not perennial massage. 

Think... full-on care of your pelvic floor, which is actually simpler than you think. 

You will have 5 short and simple videos to watch each week, with an accompanying task for each day. 

In other words, instead of just going along with your pregnancy, you will be making a series of micro changes that will add up to opening up totally new and amazing possibilities for your birth

Once you join, I will teach you exactly what you need to change in your routine to reduce your risks and lay a solid foundation for a Healthy Mom and Healthy Baby during birth.  

If you were to hire a specialist to help you create a plan in each of these areas, it would cost you  thousands of dollars... and you might not even get  close to the real and practical results you can get when you embrace this system... for a fraction of the price. 

So... let me ask you...

Do you want: 

super simple 
super accessible 
birth preparation 

designed to lower your risk (by A LOT) while taking all the guesswork of preparation out of the picture and...

 ...without paying thousands of dollars?  

How Will You Get To A Healthier Start?

The next 8 weeks will be a time of total transformation and growth. You will learn exactly what to expect in birth, how you can reduce your risks for some of the scariest complications, and how you can go into this event in your personal power and autonomy

Week One 

Eating For BIRTH

Discover exactly what makes a healthy pregnancy diet, how to transform that information into a meal plan you can actually follow and how to buy the right foods even if you're on a budget. 

Pushing And BIRTH

Find out how to protect your pelvic floor and reduce your risk for tearing while you are pushing. Also, did you know that studies have found different strategies that are most effective for pushing with an epidural and without an epidural? Find out what you need to know about pushing for the birth you are planning. 


Week Three 

Your brain on BIRTH

Did you know that your brain can pump your body full of oxytocin and other hormones that act as natural pain relievers? Learn how to harness the power of your brain and relax into a satisfying and rewarding birth. Learn specific relaxation techniques that you can perfect before contractions begin and learn how to escape the fear pain tension cycle that make birth so much harder than it needs to be. So that you can approach this event like the exciting event it is and not feel fear or panic on the way. 

Transition during BIRTH

For many women, transition is easily the most challenging part of birth and when they just don't want to anymore. There are different coping skills, breathing techniques and emotions that you will likely experience in this phase of birth. We will also begin filling out a birth plan in this week. 


Week Five 

Active Labor and BIRTH

There are different ways to handle pain during birth. Learn the most common strategies to cope with labor pain and get hands on practice with your soon to be favorite techniques. This week will have partners learning exactly how to support you like a pro. While every week will focus on different skills to manage pain, this week will focus specifically on what you need during active labor and help you melt into the process of birth. 

Your Team for BIRTH

One of the most common reasons that moms experience trauma is a failure to be on the same page with the birth team. Learn how to tell if you have the right care provider for you, how to communicate with them before birth to ensure you have the same plans and how to communicate during birth if you have a difference is plans. 


Week Seven 

Your Voice and BIRTH

While there are several reasons moms can experience trauma during birth, it has been found over and over again that one of the biggest reasons is that women are not seen or heard during birth. This week will focus on the inner work of knowing your desires, owning your voice and overcoming people pleasing tendencies that almost all women have that prep us for allowing people we hire to not give us the time we need or to not speak up in the first place when we feel something is off. 

Changes in BIRTH

Inductions, c-section, forceps and vacuums. Learn about what interventions might be used in birth and how you can make evidence based decisions along the way. 



After Your BIRTH

What should you expect the first day and week after birth? Sometimes we spend so much time getting ready to birth baby that we forget about preparing for when baby is actually here. Learn the basics of taking care of a newborn in those first weeks. 


Your Partner in BIRTH

Don't worry, I didn't forget about your partner. Whether your support person is your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, friend, bff, sister or anyone else, I've got a series of  videos just for them to help them prepare to be the most amazing birth partner possible for you! 
At the end of the day, this is your birth and an event that will stay with you until the end of your life. It is worth the time, money, and commitment to make it the most memorable, positive, and safest experience possible.

Mama, don't ever forget this. 

And if that wasn't enough there are prizes to be won! 
I know that creating new habits and taking on changes during pregnancy can be hard. That is why I am going to help you not only make the time but stick to it as well.

When you participate in our rocking Facebook group and share your journey, every time you complete a daily task that helps you prepare for birth, 

you will be entered to win an amazing prize such as the top of the line baby carriers (Hello gorgeous TULA) and Play systems that will make your home beautiful and encourage your baby to explore the world and develop on cue and cute accessories for endless fun. 
Tula Baby Carrier! 
LovEvery Play Gym!
Aden and Anais Swaddle Set!
I've got A's for your Q's
How much does it cost?
Welcome to the Healthy Start Birth Prep Challenge. The cost of this challenge is $347. This covers all 8 weeks of education and challenges, the dozens of helpful printables and recordings, and incredible prizes within our private Facebook group!

However, because you are here right now, for the next hour, the price is reduced to $247. If you want in, now is the time!
Can I pay with a health savings account or flexible spending account?
Yes! Childbirth education is covered under most plans. You can use your FSA/HSA card to pay for this class. If you run into any problems, simply pay with your regular card and submit your receipt for reimbursement. 
Does it matter if I'm a first time mom?
Nope! This is for all pregnant moms who want a healthy and rewarding birth. It doesn't matter if you are birthing at home, a birth center, or the hospital, or if this is your first birth or fifth birth or if you are a VBAC mama. This class is for you! 
How much time will this take me?
Each day's assignments are simple and sweet. In total, expect 10-20 minutes of 'class' time and expect to spend about 30 minutes doing fun assignments like creating a new shopping list or meal plan, trying a few stretches, practicing coping strategies with your partner. The more you practice, the more you get out of it. But don't worry, if you get behind, you can easily binge-watch a few classes in one night or take breaks as needed.
When can I get started?
Content will be released one week at a time beginning October 1st. Once you receive that week's content, it is your for life and you can return to the tools and resources for any future pregnancies so long as this program still exists.
Does my location matter?
Anyone can who can stream video via their computer or phone can participate in this course. As there are no physical printed products, there is no need to worry about shipping costs or additional fees for being out of country.  
How long will I have access to the class?
Once you purchase the class, you have lifetime access. If you have another child in a few years, you are welcome to pop back into the materials you've already received. However, you can only participate in the Facebook group for giveaways and community once. 
Can I share my materials?
Purchasing the healthy starts birth prep course is meant for one birthing team. It is for you and whomever you have invited to join you in this process. Only one person is allowed to join the Facebook group for giveaways. Please send this page to any friends or family you would like to join who are also having a baby! 
Do I need this class if I'm planning on getting an epidural?
Childbirth education benefits all moms. Reducing risk is not just about an epidural or not, it's about how you prepare your mind, body, and spirit for birth in the months prior to the actual event. This class will benefit moms even when they are choosing an epidural.  
What if I'm planning a natural or drug-free birth? 
Great! This class will have everything you need to prepare for birth in a way that is empowering and fulfilling. You will learn all the coping strategies you need to rock a natural or drug-free birth! I've personally had births with and without epidurals and have supported moms through births with and without epidurals. If you want a drug free birth, I've got you! 

How is this class different than medical advice?

This class does not replace working with a qualified Midwife or OB during your pregnancy and birth. A medical professional will monitor you and help you gather information about your specific pregnancy. They will help you spot problems, and give you medical advice as needed. Your doctor practices medicine and is there for you during emergencies if something does happen. They are an important part of your team! The purpose of this class is to help you understand what things will lower your risk and give you power to influence your outcomes.  All of these things are scientifically based and very effective. However,  they are not guarantees of outcomes. The second purpose of this class is to give you the motivation and community in which to get support as you make changes to a healthier lifestyle during a critically important and often stressful time of life. Healthy Start Birth Prep is about preparation and prevention, your doctor will help you with treatment. 

Why is Suzzie Vehrs qualified to teach this class? 

Hi, I'm Suzzie, Birth Arts International trained doula and childbirth educator. Far before I was a doula, or a mother or even pregnant myself, I earned a degree in Economics from Brigham Young University (read statistics black-belt). For years my job was to create models to forecast financial risk for an international software firm. Here's the thing about models and risk, they are created on what actually happened in the past. You base expectations about the future solidly on what actually happened in the past. It's not until you have a clear vision of this, that you can go in and find the places where you can cause ripples of change

Unfortunately in birth, there are many such places, where few moms get the support  and education they need to properly have a holistic and preventative lifestyle during pregnancy. 

There is a massive opportunity to create ripples of changes that can directly result in physically and emotionally healthier birthing experiences. 

In this course, I have identified and highlighted those areas and made the support for creating changes that can effect your health as easy and accessible as possible. 

Your actions can make you an outlier in almost any model. It is my goal to help you beat the system, because I know that for most women, it is possible. 
There’s no better time to set yourself up for a positive birth than right now. The Healthy Start Birth Prep Challenge will give you the resources to reduce your risk for some serious complications, create an amazing birth pan, work better with your partner and your care provider, and birth in your power and autonomy. Don’t put your birth on hold. 
*The Healthy Start Birth Start Challenge is aimed at helping you reduce your risk and have a more straightforward and simpler birth. We achieve this through high quality childbirth education, preparing your body and mind for birth, preparing you to work well with your partner and birth team and, teaching you how you can encourage your baby to align in a favorable positions for birth. This course DOES NOT guarantee outcomes of birth or remove all risks of birth. It also does not replace individual medical advice. Thank you for joining us on this journey!
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