Pain Coping Techniques For Labor That Are Better Than Coffee On A Monday Morning
*Scientifically backed tools that will get you through contractions in every stage of labor.
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How Not To Freak Out During Labor Workshop
+ I'm Going To Rock My Labor And Here's How Workbook
+A Partner's Guide To Birth
+Birth Plan Made Simple 
+100 Birth Affirmations To Turn You Into A Birthing Queen eBook 

for only $47
Reduce the Amount Of Pain You Feel
Did you know that while every  birth is intense and challenging, some are much more painful than others? 

Discover what you can do to lessen the amount of pain you feel during labor before it even begins. 
Handle Contractions Like The Boss You Are
Are you nervous about how you will handle contractions and cope with the pain? 

Learn specific strategies and tools that have been used by hundreds of moms to get them through every stage of labor from start to finish. 
Improve Your Relationship As You Birth
How would it feel if your partner showed up for you during birth as your number one support person? 

Bring your partner into the birth experience in an intimate way with specific tools  to  get through birth together. 

You are made for birth. You just need help learning how to play the game.

Just like you would never set foot on a soccer field in the middle of a game without learning how to kick a ball first, you shouldn't go into labor without a few perfected skills in your pocket.

This workshop will teach you what factors predict how much pain you will feel in labor, how you can reduce the pain in birth before labor begins, how to handle contractions even as they gain intensity, and how to onboard your partner so that they show up as a seriously amazing support person for you.

That's right, you can harness your inner power and have an incredible birth... even if you have a low pain tolerance.  

"I feel so much more confident, I'm even feeling a bit excited for birth!" -Margaurette (Seattle, WA)
"This is literally exactly what I needed!" -Beth (Arlington, VA)
"If you're afraid of labor in any way, you should take this class. There are so many tricks I never would have thought of." - Shelley (Rochester, NY)

Allow Me To Set The Scene

It's about 3 weeks before your due date, the day your life and responsibilities will change forever.

You have a to-do list a mile long.

You feel overwhelmed by all the gigantic changes taking place in your life
and there is this one looming question on your mind that you've been ignoring for months...

The Birth

You've been pouring your energy into prepping for your baby by:

  • Organizing a nursery
  • ​Gathering the right baby gear 
  • ​Picking the perfect name 
  • ​Cleaning the house until it sparkles 

But it's almost time to actually give birth and you aren't sure how you are going to manage it...

You've spent hours staring at that adorable baby bump wondering how in the actual H#!* is this baby going to get out of you.

Which is leading to thoughts like...

...What if I can't do it?

...But I actually don't want to go through something painful...

...Why can't my partner do their part? 
...I mean if I can't even birth a baby, am I really even cut out for this motherhood thing?


When it comes to birth, I know how hard it is to:

A.) Feel super confident and prepared to get a baby out of your body

B.) Move past all the cycles of pain and fear you've picked up from the horrible birth stories the people around you have been filling your mind with

Most birth stories you've heard all have something in common...

They started from a place of fear, lack of support, and tension and never moved into to the possibilities of what birth can be like with the proper preparation.

As soon as they make that mistake, they are almost sure to have a painful birth to follow.

If you're reading this, you've probably dreamt of a birth that left you feeling powerful, intimate, and totally joyful.

You have within you everything you need to birth your baby.

 But you know that to actually enjoy your birth you have to get out of your own way and not let the expectations of terrible pain overtake you.

And when it comes to breaking cycles of fear and pain in birth, I know exactly how impossible that can feel.

Everything you dream about seems unattainable and like someone else's story, not yours.

The struggle ends today!

"During pregnancy, I practiced breathing and a few different labor skills. I actually remembered to use them during labor! I was so proud of myself. It was obviously painful, but it felt so amazing to do it naturally, without medication. I had some wonderful support. It was an amazing experience. "
— Devan K.

Imagine having a rock-solid plan for how you will handle labor pains at every stage of labor. 
How would it feel to put all your fearS about labor pain behind you within a matter of hours...

What if you knew your labor toolbox would work because every single tool was scientifically backed and had been used by thousands of moms before you? 

rather than hearing more and more stories of moms who had no tools and thus horrifically painful birth? 

What if you could tell these people, thank you for sharing your story, but I'm excited to have my own, and I anticipate it will be an amazing experience!
How would your birth be different if you... 
knew the number one predictor of pain in labor and what you can do to lower your score?

discovered the two main coping styles of moms who love their birth and which one is right for you?

had a plan for handling those easy beginning contractions, the challenging active labor contractions, and even the super intense transition contractions?

were no longer afraid of pushing your baby out?

had an easy way to communicate your support needs to your partner and birth team?
I've got a beautiful truth for you... 
You can have an arsenal of effective labor coping strategy skills in your toolbox in a matter of hours, not months 

(because it's crunch time and you don't have time to spend 10 billion hours prepping for birth!)

There is an easier way to prepare for birth that doesn't result in feeling totally overwhelmed and positive that it's going to hurt like hell.

 In fact, the day you give birth can be a totally positive day.
I've been a part of over 100 births.
The one thing all positive births have in common is that moms have a strategy to cope with labor and support around their vision.

But, I know that you don't have the time to sift through a thousand birth stories to find the strategies and tools that work best for you.

So I'm going to shortcut the path to your positive birth.

How Not To Freak Out During Labor is a one hour labor skills workshop that will empower you with tools to handle contractions in every stage of labor, even if you have a low pain tolerance.

"Suzzie had great ideas I never would have thought of on my own and will definitely use during labor!"
- Barbara (Lincoln, NE)
"You can literally feel Suzzie's passion for helping mothers through this presentation. It's pure gold."
- Ashley (Chesapeake, VA)
"I was interested in this course because I'm trying to prepare for a natural childbirth and felt anxious about it. I feel so much better. "
- Angela (Cincinnati, OH

"I had a lot of doubts and fear before and during birth. Overcoming them felt amazing! Now I feel like I can do anything. Women's bodies are amazing. MY body is amazing."

— Jaqueline V.

What If Labor Was Not Just Something To Get Through But An Experience You Loved? 

This one hour workshop prepares you with the most effective 11 labor coping skills so that you can not only get through labor but enjoy labor. 

This is your ticket to feeling empowered, relaxed and joyous as you birth your baby. 

Learn the number one predictor of pain during labor and what you can do to have less of it.

Discover 11 coping strategies for labor and how to know which is right for you. 

Create a plan to implement these strategies and totally rock your birth.

"I've always believed that the body achieves what the mind believes. What I loved most about this course is that it helped me reframe birth into something my mind believed I could do. And I did it!"

— Michaela A.

Are you ready to love your birth?
It's true. Your body is designed to birth in an incredible way. 

Did you know if you can get out of your own way, your body will be flooded with more oxytocin, the love hormone, than you will ever have in your system at any time during your entire life?

Did you know that this is a natural pain killer as well? 

Does that sound like a nice idea, but not sure how you could achieve a positive empowering birth? 

I can help you with this. 
This may sound a little crazy and a bit intriguing, but you can actually...

Like you know exactly what is coming and how you are going to handle it. 


Have you ever seen a woman laughing through labor? I have. And I can help you feel relaxed enough to actually enjoy your experience as well.


Learn how this can be the most memorable event of your life, in a good way.


Birth has the potential to be one of the most transformative events of your life. 

I believe in you, and after this workshop, you will believe in yourself SO MUCH THAT You will be bulletproof to other people's criticism of your birth plan AND HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MOVE FORWARD WITH CONFIDENCE INTO YOUR LABOR.

“I loved this workshop. It reminded me to see my pain as purposeful and powerful and gave me the confidence to birth my baby. ”

— Blair E. (Provo, UT)

"Suzzie presented this information is a way that I could really remember and use it."
- Diana (Seattle, WA)
"Almost all my fear around labor was rooted in pain. Now that I have a plan for that, I feel ready to do this thing!"
- Rebecca S. (Anaheim, CA)
"None of my friends or family had the kind of birth I want, it was refreshing to hear that my dreams weren't impossible and to have tools to help me make it a reality."
-Jessica (Seattle, WA) 
 Did Someone Say Bonuses?
How To Not Freak Out During Labor has everything you need to manage labor pains like a boss. 

You're covered there. 

However, you run the risk of not having the proper support you need to turn all your plans into reality. Here's why:
A well-communicated birth plan does three things for your birth:
1. It helps your partner know exactly what role they can and should play in your birth and how they can support you so that your relationship blossoms through this experience.
2. It lets your birth team know how they can best serve you as an individual, not as a run of the mill birth that they see every day.

3. It increases the odds you will have a birth team that wants for you what you want as much aS you do. 

That's why, in addition to the entire How To Not Freak Out Workshop, I'm also going to throw in 4 bonuses to give you a kickstart to communicating your needs effortlessly.

I'm Going To Rock My Labor And Here's How 

This simple workbook will help you take all your ideas and inspiration and organize them into a plan that flows and goes. If you can write it, you can communicate it to anyone.

The Partners Guide To Birth  

Do you want your partner to be able to support you easily and effortlessly as you labor?

This cheat sheet gives them 10 ways they can support you as you labor. It gives space for them to create their own wishlist and state how they would like to be involved in the birth as well. And that is how we make birth a win-win for both of you. 

Birth Plan Made Simple

Want to know how to get your entire birth team behind your vision for your birth? There are 2 secrets...

One of them is communication along the way.

The other one is communicating your needs clearly and concisely when you arrive at your birthing space.

This guide will help you be super clear with your wishes and desires for your birth and communicate those plans in a one-page sheet even a busy nurse will have time to read and understand.

Having an inviting and welcoming birth plan is a great way to stop being just another birth on another day for someone who does this daily. When you communicate well, you become a mom with a plan to get behind.

This guide also has a simple way to resolve conflict when a provider may be offering something you aren't ready for yet or don't want.

100+ Birth Affirmations That Will Remind You You Are A Birthing Queen

Of course, the most important communication of all is the internal dialogue you have with yourself about birth and your ability to birth. 

Use these affirmations to transform the words you tell yourself and get yourself excited and totally ready for birth.

It's true. 
I could charge hundreds of dollars for this information.
And, if a client wants to hire me to coach them through birth, my rates start at $1400.

But, because you are here and ready to take action. I'm going to make this easy for you.
Instead of the regular price of


I'm practically giving it away...

for $47
(yes really!)
You'll get instant access to the 

How To Not Freak Out During Labor Workshop 

+ all 4 bonuses 

for less than you'd pay for a date night out.
At the end of it, you'll have the skills and tools you need to rock your birth in a way that will leave you loving your experience from start to finish.
Yes, it will be you saying 

"labor? I got this!"
 If It's Possible For Them, It's Possible For You Too.
"I was able to let my body do it's work and birth my baby! How cool is that?"
- Brittany (Wichita, KA)
"I've developed a new trust in and love for my body."
- Ashah (Seattle, WA)
"I was able to remain calm and work with my body with these skills."
- Colleen (South Jordan, UT)

And if you don't 100% love it... 

I don't either

I get it. I was a pregnant mom once too and I know how hard it can be to invest in yourself. 

You work hard for your money, and baby's cost sooo much. 

You don't want to waste those hard-earned dollars on something you could have found on Pinterest for free.

But I am super proud of the products I create and I know that anyone who consciously implements these strategies will improve their odds of having a great birth.

That's why I am offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. While I can't promise that your labor will go exactly how you plan or that you can 100% avoid a C-section or complications, I can be sure that you have the tools you need to handle contractions like a mother freaking boss. 

I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of each of the products in this bundle.

Of course, if you are not happy with the product, I can refund your money within 30 days of purchase. 

Hi, I'm Suzzie.

Hi, I'm Suzzie Vehrs, doula, childbirth educator, and believer in birth. I know that birth can be an incredible experience. But for most women, it's not. I want you to join me in breaking the cycles of pain and trauma associated with birth and to have an experience you will cherish the rest of your life. That is why I made the "How To Not Freak Out During Labor" skills workshop to help you learn exactly how to get through labor in a positive way.

Why you can trust me?

  • I don't just teach this stuff, I actually have had an empowering and joyful birth. I used these exact methods when I was giving birth to my daughter Hazel.
  • ​I've been behind the scenes and part of over 100 births. On top of that, I've heard birth stories from hundreds of moms. So I know what helps and what gets in the way. 
  • I'm best known for helping moms find their own power, connect with their own birth wisdom, and align with the experience that they most want. This is your birth. You write this story. 
  • I'm a work at home mom of two little girls. I love living the best of both worlds, watching my girls thrive and grow and helping other moms start their families in a positive way too. I'm living proof that you can say yes, a thousand times yes, to a positive birth. 

The How to Not Freak Out During Labor Workshop will work for you if you are planning a:

  • home birth
  • ​hospital birth 
  • ​birth center birth
  • ​epidural free birth
  • ​epidural as soon as you can birth
You have questions

I have answers

What exactly is inside the How To Not Freak Out During Labor Workshop?

You're going to get instant access to my one-hour workshop that teaches you 11 amazing coping strategies for each stage of labor, the 3 ways moms get through transition, and what science tells us about predicting how much pain you will experience during labor and how to reduce it before it even begins. 

You will also get the entire bonus package that will help you communicate your plans and desires about your birth effortlessly to everyone on your team so that they can help you achieve the birth you want. 

What kind of birth does How To Not Freak Out During Labor work for?

Every birth is challenging in its own way. And, even if you are getting an epidural, you should be prepared to handle pain. You will have to deal with contractions until you are admitted to the hospital. You will have to deal with contractions until the anesthesiologist is available. And you may be a little surprised by the amount of pressure you can feel when you are delivering a baby, even with an epidural.
That is why I give the class to every single one of my doula clients. It is for you no matter where you are giving birth. Whether you plan to give birth at home, a birth center, the hospital, without an epidural, or even with an epidural, you need a plan for how you will manage labor pains.

Is the content available immediately?

Yes! As soon as you enter your credit card information and hit submit, you will be emailed access to the How To Not Freak Out During Labor Workshop along with all four bonuses. I'm thrilled that you are taking steps towards a positive birth. 

Seriously, I have a low pain tolerance. Is this for me?

Absolutely! the pain of birth is nothing at all like breaking your ankle or stepping on a lego. (yes I'd rather a contraction than that shooting pain up my entire leg any day!) Your body is designed to birth. And when you can get past fear and into that place of possibilities, your body will do amazing things on its own to pump you full of oxytocin, a natural pain killer, and help you birth your baby. Women are designed to give birth. More importantly, you are designed to give birth. These skills and tools will help you move past pain into a place of a positive and joyful birth, even if it is the hardest work you've done in your entire life. 

Have a question?


Seriously, is going back to birthing from a place of fear and pain even an option?


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