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She Births Bravely

Serving the Greater Seattle Area

What does it mean to birth bravely?

To birth bravely means that despite being scared, you persist. Being brave is doing something outside of your comfort zone. Something may be scary, but you still do it. You show your true strength even in the face of fear or change. You are a survivor. You overcome. You are unapologetic about who you are and what you want! Resiliency is your song. You have a passion for life. You are brave enough to look deep within, see yourself, and know yourself. You face what the universe brings your way. Inhibitions do not hold you back. You take courage when surrounded by tribulations. You listen to your gut and do what you intuitively know is right for you. You make your own choices. You live your true self, which is the bravest thing of all. You follow your heart. You may have doubts, but you hold tight to your faith in your vision. You are willing to understand your risks, manage them and ultimately accept them. You are always authentic, true to yourself. You take on challenges with a strong head and a strong heart. You courageously move towards your desires, making conscious choices along the way.

Birthing Bravely is not about having a specific type of birth, more or fewer interventions or doing things ‘right’. It’s about writing your own story and developing a love for that story as it unfolds. You are a brave birthing mom and your path is perfect.

Services Offered

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Are you ready to birth bravely?

Every woman needs someone who knows about birth and believes in her by her side. That is what Suzzie Vehrs does. She is here to help you paint the picture of your own birth and created the patterns of thought, nutrition, and self-care to help you birth with joy, not fear. She believes that you write your own story, and it is beautiful. You will grow and change through the rite of passage of birth and Suzzie will support you as you do so. 

Suzzie’s goal is to help you connect with a powerful and authentic birth where you draw from both your head and your heart as you make choices and uncover the birthing power within. 



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Full-Service Labor Tub Rental

Do you want a waterbirth or to labor in the water? She Births Bravely offers a full-service birthing tub delivery to moms in the Greater Seattle Area. This means that when you feel labor beginning, a tub will be delivered and set up at your home, birth center or Evergreen hospital. Following delivery, the tub will be drained, cleaned and packed out during daytime hours. You can have your waterbirth and have all your focus on being with your expanded family, not the birth tub itself. 

Full-Service Doula Services 

A doula provides continuous emotional support to a mom in labor. We offer doula services throughout the Seattle area. Working with Suzzie begins with establishing a strong relationship together. She takes the time to deeply understand your needs and your desires for your birth and how you handle stressful situations. She then helps you and your partner prepare for the experience of birth. She is by your side throughout labor and checks in on you after the baby has arrived. 

Prenatal Meditation and Yoga

Suzzie believes that mentally and physically preparing your body and mind for birth is a key part of creating a positive birth experience. She has partnered with MTRNL yoga to bring you unlimited monthly yoga and meditation classes streamed online straight to your home.

What People are Saying:

Suzzie Vehrs will leave you totally empowered and prepared.

Paulina Kapciak

Suzzie Vehrs gently and lovingly nudges women away from the pain and fear often linked with childbirth and demonstrates that birth can take place in a space filled with support, love, empowerment, and breath.

Christina Whelan-Chabot

Suzzie’s special gift is to illuminate the inherent power in every woman. A power that many of us don’t realize we have, and cannot ever fully comprehend. But we can experience it.

Blair Fillingham

Meet Suzzie Vehrs

Suzzie Vehrs Seattle Birth Doula

Suzzie Vehrs is a two-time international author. When Suzzie graduated from the Brigham Young University Department of Economics, she never would have imagined how motherhood would collide with her statistics and research skills. After her first birth, an experience she definitely did not want to relive, she knew that birth could be better. It is not right that one in five women report Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after their birth experiences. Suzzie is on a mission to empower moms to take ownership of their birth experience and craft beautiful beginnings in all settings. 

B.S. Economics from Brigham Young University 2012
Pregnancy and Aromatherapy Certification from the Penny Price Academy in 2017
Doula Certificate from Birth Arts International – ongoing