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Birth Tub Rental in Seattle, Washington

Benefits of Laboring and Birthing in Water?

Immediate Pain Reduction

Mother Focused Birth

Lower Rates of Interventions

Freedom of Movement

Lower Risk of Episiotomy

Higher Birth Satisfaction

Comfort and Relaxation

Easy Positioning​

Decreased Risk of 3rd or 4th Degree Tears

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Seattle Mother Giving Birth in Water Tub
Newborn Baby in Labor Tub

It's No Wonder More and More Mothers are Choosing Water Birth

Imagine floating in warm, soothing water in an environment that is comfortable for both you and baby.

Labor transforms the second you lower yourself into the inviting water.

It’s as if a wave of deep relaxation washes through every cell of your body.

Your head clears, you suddenly feel that this is manageable. You focus on your baby and the work at hand.

Your partner gently massages the palm of your hand, stroking each finger gently as they whisper words of encouragements only you can hear.

All tension leaves you. You know in your core, it’s time.

You can do it because you are doing it.

Today is the day you will birth your baby.

Is it intense? Yes. It is also the most powerful and intimate experience of your life and a gentle, peaceful welcome to the world for your baby.

7 out of 10 mothers who gave birth in the water stated they would certainly choose that method of birth again, compared to 1 out of 10 landbirthers.

What Science Tells Us About Birth Tubs

A Cochrane review of the scientific literature on birth tubs tells us that mother’s who birth in the water:

  • Have a higher rate of vaginal births
  • Dilate quicker than moms on land 
  • Have a lower use of pitocin to speed things up at any point during labor 
  • Have a lower rate of episiotomy 
  • Report a higher rate of satisfaction with their birth experience 
  • Are less likely to have a 3rd of 4th degree tear 

In one study 72.3% of mothers who had waterbirths stated that they would certainly choose this method of giving birth again, while only 8.7% of those who had land births would choose that method of giving birth again. 

Another meta-review of 17 studies showed that there is no statistical difference between the 5 minute Apgar scores for newborns between land and water births. Of the 6 studies that compared the need for newborn resuscitation between water and land birth, the researchers did not find a difference between the two groups. 

Reserve Your Birth Tub Today!

Reserve Your Birth Tub Today!

Meet Suzzie

Hi, my name is Suzzie Vehrs and I am a doula, childbirth author and coach serving the Seattle area from the city of Seattle itself to Millcreek, Northgate, Phinney, Greenlake, Shoreline, Bothell, Mountlake Terrace and others. I would love to help you have a birth in which you are truly supported, empowered and surrounded by love.

Meet Suzzie

Hi, my name is Suzzie Vehrs and I am a doula, childbirth author and coach serving the Seattle area from the city of Seattle itself to Millcreek, Northgate, Phinney, Greenlake, Shoreline, Bothell, Mountlake Terrace and others. I would love to help you have a birth in which you are truly supported, empowered and surrounded by love.

Reserve Your Birth Tub Today!

How it Works

We offer Seattle’s easiest labor tub rentals. Our tub rentals are simple and hassle free and include delivery, set-up, cleaning, and pick-up so you can enjoy more precious moments with your new baby.

Step One

Reserve your tub by filling out this form on the bottom of this page.

Step Two

Call or text when your labor begins and your birth tub will be delivered and set up in your birthing space.

Step Three

The following day the birth tub will be picked up during business hours, leaving no trace that an enormously soothing tub was ever in your space. 

Reserve Your Birth Tub Today!

What Mothers are Saying about Our Tubs

"I've had one baby with an epidural, one naturally on the bed and 3 water births. The water births are 1000x more comfortable. It's amazing what warm water does!"

Sarah K.

"I absolutely did not believe being in the water would relieve pain going into my first birth. I was so wrong. After I got in the water, I wasn't getting out."

Jessica L.

Jessica L.

"The birth tub is sooo worth it in my experience. I couldn't have gotten through labor without it. I also really appreciated that I didn't have to worry about the tub itself. The birth tub was taken care of for me while I focused on snuggling with my baby and being with my new family."

Kori S.

Sarah K.

Birth Tub Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Deliver Birth Tubs?

Labor tubs can be brought to Evergreen hospital, your home, or a birth center within 45 minutes of Seattle. This includes Seattle, Capitol Hill, Lynnwood, Millcreek, Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Tukwila, Renton etc.

Will a Tub Work In My Home or Apartment?

Yes. We can almost always make a tub work in your space. You need approximately a 5ft by 5ft space for the tub to fit. This will allow plenty of space for the tub and room for your midwife to monitor you and your support person to be there for you as well. We deliver to homes big and small as well as apartments.

How Do You Fill The Birth Tub?

Your tub will be filled by connecting a hose to your shower or sink. If you are using a sink, I will work with you individually to make sure we have the correct plumbing attachments. If you’re using a shower, no additional checks are needed.

I May Want My Partner in the Birth Tub With Me As Well, Is That Okay?  

Yes! One of the greatest benefits of our tubs is that they are spacious and comfortable. There is room for you to bring a partner or sibling into the tub with you and for you to move around. Being able to bring a partner or spouse in the water, and have the water cover your entire abdomen are two things a birth tub will provide that a Jacuzzi or bathtub will not provide.

How Long Does it Take to Fill an Aquadoula Tub?

It takes about 30 minutes to fill completely if you have a continuous supply of hot water (such as in a hospital). However, if you have a small water heater, you may need to let the heater refill once or twice. Please plan on the tub taking 2-3 hours to be completely filled for a home birth.

When Should I Call You for Delivery?

As a small business offering 24 hour services, we rely on communication. Please let us know when early labor has begun. If you are at home, we will schedule a time to come set up the tub at your home. If you are at the hospital, we cannot set up the tub until you are admitted. If you let us know you bare heading in, we will be prepared to meet you there.

Can You Set Up a Labor Tub Early?

Once the tub is set up and filled, it can remain that way with it’s cover on for up to 48 hours before it needs to be drained and refilled. Once you get in, the clock resets at 24 hours or whichever is sooner. I would prefer to have the tub set up and ready for you as soon as you want it. If your labor goes longer than expected, your midwife or doula can reach out to me if the tub needs to be refilled.

What if I Have a History of Really Fast Labors?

If you have a history of fast labors, let us know in advance. We have 2 tubs that can be delivered a week before your due date and picked up after delivery. Please check for availability.

How Are the Tubs Cleaned?

Each tub is set up with a disposable latex free liner. After the water is drained this will be thrown away along with the hose that was used to fill and drain your tub. After that, each part of the tub is cleaned with a hospital grade sanitizer.

How Does Pickup Work?

I will come to pick up the tub the following day during business hours at an agreed upon time.

How Much Does Birth Tub Rental, Delivery, and Pick-Up Cost? 

The total cost is $350 for use of the pool, delivery and pickup. This is the labor tub refund policy. Cancel 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date for a full refund, minus a $50 admin fee. There is no refund after this time unless there has been a change of birth location. No refunds are given for any reason after a tub has been delivered whether the tub is used or not.

What is the Difference Between a Doula and Midwife? Why Do I Need Both? 

Yes! Visit our Seattle, WA Doula Services page here.

Reserve Your Birth Tub Today!

Reserve Your Birth Tub Today!

feeling great about birth is our gift to you. Let us help you make your beautiful beginning a reality.
""I confided in Suzzie that I struggle with anxiety and a lot of self doubt. To be honest, I just wasn't sure I was cut out to do birth. After a conversation with her, I realized that the process of overcoming these doubts and fears was going to be an amazing gift. She gave me confidence to start working towards the birth I wanted. I went into birth feeling safe and ready. And I had a great experience. I'm glad I had the courage to start. That was the hardest part." - Olivia-Grace , a mom who took the first step and kept on going