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Birth should be your greatest accomplishment not your greatest fear.”

Jane Weideman

Birth in a way that the memory makes you smile.

Birth should be your greatest accomplishment. You will hold this day in your heart, memory and body for the rest of your life. It is only something you do a few times in life and something that is astonishingly cool. Hello! When else do you get to create life?

Just like anyone accomplishing anything great, you need support. Did Frodo get rid of the one ring on his own? Did Harry defeat Voldemort on his own? No. All great hero’s and heroines are supported by a team that helps them on their journey.

You are doing something much greater than these heroes. You are bringing new life to earth.

Birth by its very definition comes with twists and turns. Unexpected things happen, physically your body changes tremendously. It takes a huge amount of physical work to bring a baby into the world. Emotionally your entire life changes and that requires space to process.

As a doula, I am your support person. The Hermione to your Harry and the Samwise to your Frodo.

If you want to feel totally supported, have an advocate, a friend, a knowledge keeper, a person to guide, support, lead when needed and to watch, witness and hold space when desired, and be your constant reminder that YOU are an incredible birthing woman, then we should work together.

I can help you birth with confidence.

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Hi, let’s connect!

Hi, my name is Suzzie Vehrs and I am a Seattle based doula working on completing my certification.  I would love to help you have a birth in which you are truly supported, empowered and surrounded by love. I serve the North Seattle area from the city itself to Millcreek, including Northgate, Phinney, Greenlake, Shoreline, Bothell, Mountlake Terrace and others.

How will I help you in birth?

I believe that birth in every way is sacred. Your birth is your experience. There will be nearly ninety thousand births in Washington this year, yet none of them will be just like yours.

You are the heroine of this story. You are the one that will birth this baby. Your emotional and physical needs are of utmost importance. I will be the person that is there for you, throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I will help you:

  • Collect enough information to make informed decisions that you feel good making
  • Help you prepare for plan A and do everything in your power to support that outcome
  • Help you gain the confidence and trust in yourself and your team to flow with how your birth unfolds even if it means using plan B, C or D
  • Make sure you have continuous support during labor so that you are never left alone in the moment you need someone
  • Work with your partner and help them step into the role of a confident birth partner
  • Be prepared with a Mary Poppins style bag of doula tricks that will help you cope with labor and maybe even enjoy it (this bag always has chocolate shhhhhh.)
  • Connect you with any providers you may need to feel confident in your life with baby (such as newborn classes, birth classes, lactation consultants, etc.)
  • Take pictures for you if you would like

What exactly is it that a doula does?

Do you want to know exactly how a doula shows up for you during birth? Check out this article:

Do you want to know exactly how doulas turn dads into incredible birth partners? We help him remember to do these things exactly when you need it.

Doulas catch newborn mothers.

Julia Jones

What is in a birth package?

  • Complimentary Meet and Greet to see if we are a good fit
  • 2 in home prenatal visits
  • continuous support during your birth and an hour after delivery
  • 1 in home postpartum visit
  • 24/7 email and text support during pregnancy

Schedule a meet and greet:

Lets talk about your birth. Schedule your meet and greet today.

Complimentary Meet and Greet Appointments are available Monday 6-9PM and Thursday 10-12

Fees by Due Date:

August: $600 1 spot available

September: $600 2 spots available

October: $600 2 spots available

November: $800 2 spots available

December: $800 2 spots available

January:  $800 1 spot available

What is my story?

Birth wasn’t something I spent a lot of time thinking about before I had kids. By training,  I’m an economist and statistician. I have loved numbers and the stories they tell about the world my whole life (yes, I’m the nerd that enjoyed math class). Honestly, birth totally freaked me out. (You mean I might poop in front of someone 💩😮😅) ‘Lets just not talk about it’ was my motto.

Then,  one day,  I wanted to be a mother.  My husband and I thought, prayed and felt ready (enough?) to bring a child into our home.  We were lucky and conceived quickly. Unfortunately, just as I hit my second trimester, we lost the baby.  I was devastated. Because of complications that arose, we had to wait an entire year before trying again.

My first birth was a whirlwind of a disaster.

Eventually, we did get pregnant again.  I was anxious, excited, a little less naive, emphasis on ‘a little’.  I really wanted a natural birth. I at least wanted to try without an epidural, you know, see how far I could make it? Apparently, my doctors didn’t agree with this plan. They said they saw very few women succeed without an epidural and at 38 weeks, they began talking about scheduling a c-section so I could meet my baby sooner, not for a medical reason.  

This birth was very hard for me with a cascade of interventions that, at least at the beginning, was unnecessary. I made decisions in this birth out of fear and ignorance, not knowledge and trust. I did end up having a c-section in the middle of the night.  

I will never forget laying in the dark recovery room shaking and alone wondering if my baby was alright. (She was perfectly fine, by the way.  Apparently, the entire staff was too tired or too busy talking about their kid’s sports events to tell me that she was whisked away with my husband just for precaution and that it’s perfectly normal to shake so badly you worry you’re going to fall off the bed after birth #hospitalfail.)

This couldn’t be it? I wondered.

This experience was not the start of motherhood I envisioned.  I saw all my friends looking like queens with their newborns and me, I just felt defeated.

Before I became pregnant again,  I knew I had to heal. I had a lot to unpack from both my pregnancy loss and birth.  I had to reestablish that I could emotionally and physically get through it another time.  I took classes, got therapy and became a diligent student of birth. I was never going to walk into a prenatal appointment or birth without deep conviction again.

In May 2019 I birthed a 10 lb baby in a giant tub in my bedroom.  It was one of the most healing and redemptive experiences of my life.  I was surrounded by support and grew as a mother. My family was reborn that day.  

I have totally fallen in love with birth.

I am passionate about setting moms up for a truly powerful birth experience.  Either in the operating room, delivery room or home, birth has the power to be one of the most incredible experiences a mother will ever have. This birth is a story worthy of being told over and over and again.  

How will your story unfold?  Let’s find out together.

Complimentary Meet and Greet Appointments are available in Greenwood Monday 6-9PM and Thursday 9-12

If location or time does not work for you, please contact me directly to schedule an appointment.

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