What Does Your Birth Plan Say About Your Personality? Take The Quiz Today!

Gain Confidence In Your Ability To Give Birth

Women who take childbirth classes or work with a doula are less likely to need interventions and more likely to have a successful vaginal birth. Let us help you understand and unlock your innate ability to give birth.

Better Understand Your Options

There are many ways to reduce the amount of pain felt in labor and cope with contractions. Discover how to stay calm, centered and present for the birth of your child, epidural or not.

Communicate More Easily With Care Providers

Your hopes and dreams for your birth matter. When you can communicate easily with your care providers, you can have more say in your labor, get the support you need and have a greater sense of control through the process.

1. Dream

It may be time to think differently about birth. Let us help you shift your focus from how painful or scary things can be if they go wrong, to how magical they will be when things go right.

2. Prepare

My mom always said, preparation is in the details. That is why we help you know exactly what you can do to lower your risk and keep yourself healthy for an easy and uncomplicated birth.

3. Enjoy

Fill your toolbox with skills that will give you the ability to easily move through contractions. That way you can stay calm and present through the process of labor.

Childbirth Class

Gaining the skills and tools to safely birth your baby will transform your birth experience. Feel amazed at the power of your body and your ability to give birth. Cherish the moment you hold your warm squishy baby against your chest for the first time. Relax into the strong partnership you developed through the process. Better than reading a thousand books and as easy as a summer's day, this is where you gain the knowledge, tools and motivation to create a beautiful birth.

Doula Services

Your birth is important. And no one knows better than I do that you deserve to cherish this day forever. I believe your birth should be a positive and empowering experience. It is my goal that you feel confident, capable and supported as you give birth to your baby. Having a doula means that you have a cheerleader, best friend, photographer, trusted advisor and specialist by your side from start to finish. Enjoy one on one support throughout your magical day and beyond.