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15 Signs Your Yoga Practice and Baby Bump are the Perfect Duo

Pregnant yoga moms are in a category all of their own. It’s not how bendy and flexible you are that makes you a pregnant yoga mom, but these things:

1. You are strong and confident and go after what you want.

Yoga moms are not afraid to dream. They have a vision for their life and they do what they need to do to build the inner determination and courage to break through the barriers that would hold them back.

2. You have a bubble of peace around you that is practically unpoppable.

As my favorite yoga teacher once told me, you focus on dharma over drama. Your life has a purpose and anything that keeps you distracted from that purpose doesn’t have a place in your life. You have strong boundaries and say no to those who would surround you in a cloud of negativity. Yes, you even turn of the news during pregnancy.

3. You value happiness and joy.

You recognize the stressors in your life and take steps to manage them. You don’t see yourself as a victim or as a martyr, but someone who has real needs. You expertly balance those needs with the needs of those around you. Though you are not immune to anxiety and depression, you recognize when these emotions are taking over and know that they are neither permanent, nor a reflection of your true self. You keep your focus on joy and do the things that spark joy as often as possible.

4. You don’t blame yourself when things go wrong.

You have a vision and a purpose, but when things go off course, you do not go down the blame and shame road. Instead you flex your spirit and course correct. You’ve learned how to be flexible, accept what is and grow as you face new challenges.

5. Failure is not in your vocabulary.

You have plans and dreams for your birth and you are doing your part to build an incredible birth team and care for your body. But you know that if your birth goes sideways, you will be surrounded by love and support and that failure is not something you will feel about your experience.

6. You believe love is your greatest gift.

You take steps to remove any lower vibrations from your heart and know that your child is suspended in a womb of love. You have a daily practice of treating yourself with loving kindness, connecting with your baby and sending love to your birth team as well.

7. You have attitude and spunk.

You are not afraid to speak your mind, want the things you want and do the things that bring you happiness.

8. You left the comparison game behind.

Or at least you are trying. You accept yourself for who you are knowing that only you have the privilege and responsibility of living your life. You define it how you want it and celebrate when others do the same.

9. When you hear someone say midwife Ina May Gaskin said 200 squats a day during pregnancy you smile.

You are not afraid of a challenge. You have developed and are developing strength in your body. While you might not do 200 squats a day, you actively participate in yoga that protects and strengthens your pelvic floor which prepares you for an easier birth and helps you hold that pee when you sneeze. You know you body can do this thing and you are excited to birth your baby!

10. You honor your cycles of rest, work and play.

You spend time in the sunshine every day, laugh hard and get the things done that need doing. Though your to do list may never fully be complete, you take the time to rest and reward yourself for the work you do. You might even be found in the bathtub with a pint of salted caramel gelato as you enjoy a moment of self care at the end of the night.

11. Your mornings start early with a gourmet cup of hot cocoa or a piping hot cup of raspberry tea.

Your day starts best when it starts with a smile. You have a special treat in the morning and set intentions for the day. This ritual sets you off on the right foot and is the perfect intro to a good morning yoga sesh.

12. You value the needs of all the members of your family, and while you make big sacrifices for them, you make sure to carve out sacred time just for yourself every day.

You know that you can not pour from an empty cup. You recognize your needs and make sure your cup is overfilling so you can pour deeply into those around you.

13. 95 Percent of your pregnancy wardrobe consists of comfortable leggings, sports bras and tank tops.

You like to be able to move, to be reminded of your strength and also relax. You wear your yoga clothes even when you are not practicing yoga. They make your feel strong and beautiful. You may even be considering this as the outfit that you wear during labor.

14. You gave up a long time ago and embraced the crunchy mom lifestyle.

You can be seen diffusing oils, saging your house, using soothing colors in the nursery and buying organic sleepers (when they are on sale of course.) You actively take steps to bring wellness and balance into your life. Anyone who enters your space knows you value a sense of well being.

15. Your friends say you would move mountains to help someone and are one of the strongest women they know.

All of your self care enables you to show up to do big things in the world. Whether you are knocking out important projects at work or showing up in presence and joy with your family, you feel pride in who you are now and who you are actively becoming. You may be small in stature, but you are fierce in nature.

Where to do prenatal yoga online?

When I was pregnant, I had the hardest time finding prenatal yoga classes that were affordable enough I could do them consistently, challenging enough I felt engaged and creative enough that the new needs of my pregnant body were being honored even as my  body changed every single week.

I was incredibly grateful to find MTRNL prenatal yoga, which is the worlds ONLY interactive online yoga studio.

Why do I love this studio so much?

  1. You can do a live class streamed from your computer, if you turn on your camera, the teachers can see you and give you suggestions to make your poses better and more comfortable. You can ask your questions if something doesn’t feel right and get real time adjustments, just like in a face to face class.
  2. The classes are taught by prenatal experts. They will help you strengthen your pelvic floor, which makes pushing a baby out easier and safer and they will make sure that as you engage your core, you will be connecting your abs and making them stronger rather than pulling them apart. This is important because 2 out of 3 women develop diastasis recti (ab separation) during pregnancy. And it is not something your doctor will check before he gives you the go ahead to get back to working out during pregnancy or after.
  3. The cost is extremely affordable compared to in person classes. When I was doing yoga in the studio, I paid $18 a class. For about the price of 2 in person classes, I have unlimited classes a month through MTRNL. You cannot beat this for the quality and quantity of classes you have access to. It is simply the ONLY yoga studio that will give you these kinds of results.

The best thing?

You can try an entire week for free and start feeling amazing in your pregnant and post partum body today.

I used MTRNL during my pregnancy and post partum and I am confident recommending it to you.

Welcome to the MTRNL family my pregnant yoga mama! 

15 signs you are a pregnant yoga mama