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The Best Diastasis Recti Exercise Programs That Will Help You Heal Now – MUTU vs Every Mother vs Bloom Method

Hi! are you looking for a Diastasis Recti Exercise Program that will help you heal at home? Welcome to my review of the top three programs out there. After I had my second baby Hazel, my core was in unbelievably bad shape. I had a 4 finger separation between my abdominals and a pelvic floor prolapse.

While I was jumping through hoops to get my insurance to cover seeing a physical therapist, I began searching for way to heal at home. I ended up trying several programs and found one that worked!

After that, I tried a dozen more to make sure I could recommend the absolute best diastasis recti exercise programs out there. These are the programs that will help you heal your ab separation

What Is Diastasis Recti And Is A Diastasis Recti Exercise Program Right For Me?

Before we dive into specific programs, I want to share a bit about what diastasis recti really is, that way you know if a diastasis recti exercise program will really benefit you. Diastasis recti is the separation of your abs. It often happens during pregnancy and can result in some pretty annoying problems. If you are experiencing urinary incontinence, if your low back aches and your shoulders are rounded, if you look pregnant and it’s been a while since you had your baby… you probably have diastasis recti. Check out this article about diastasis recti symptoms every mom needs to know to see if your symptoms line up.

Can I fix My Diastasis Recti At Home?

Yes, most women can fix their diastasis recti at home. Two of the diastasis recti exercise programs I recommend below have been medically tested and have found that over 90% of women have success in healing their ab separation at home. If you try a program and it doesn’t work for you, you can always speak with a physical therapist that specializes in postpartum or women’s health.

Can You Fix Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy?

You may not be able to completely heal diastasis recti while you are still pregnant. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a huge amount of relief from your symptoms. Learning how to move functionally and how to properly engage your core will cascade through every aspect of your life. You will move differently when you bend to pick something up, when you step out of the shower and when you pick up your toddlers. Diastasis Recti Exercise Programs can often help you relieve lower back pain and prevent leaking.

Can You Fix Diastasis Recti Years Later?

Yes! You can fix Diastasis Recti even years later. I spoke with a physical therapist who has had 50-year-old women heal their diastasis recti. It is never too late to learn to move functionally and heal your body. If you’ve had a c-section or just still look pregnant after having a baby, check out this article on what you can do to heal your c-section pooch.

DIstasis Recti Exercise Program Comparosion

In this video, I take you through the platforms of the three diastasis recti exercise programs that are the best on the market in 2020. I have personally tested each of these programs and am happy to share each one with you. This video will help you find the best program for your stage of recovery, your available time, your favorite workout style and of course your budget. Enjoy!

The Best Diastasis Recti Exercise Programs On The Market In 2020

Best All Around Diastasis Recti Exercise Program MUTU System

I will admit, that I am a little biased towards the MUTU system because it is the system that I used when my Diastasis and prolapse was causing significant discomfort in my daily life. Acording the website in their clinical trials

  • 94% of women with Diastasis Recti reported an improvement after using MUTU
  • 92% of women who experienced bladder symptoms including urinary leakage saw and improvement after using MUTU
  • 89% of women who experienced pain or discomfort during or after intercourse reported an improvement after doing MUTU

I believe these results because it was my lived experience. My quality diastasis improved, my embarrassing leaking went away and even sex got better.

Here are the pros of MUTU as a diastasis recti exercise program:


  • There is a clear path through the workouts
  • There is a ton of support through email and text
  • MUTU has the clearest instructions on how to properly do movements
  • Clear and consistent Reminders of what to look out for when you might be pushing yourself too far
  • When you buy it, you own it for life
  • Each workout has a pdf so you can do it without the video


  • Not as much variety as some of the other programs
  • 12 weeks is a long time to stay focused on one program
  • Video is a little dark

What you need: I recommend purchasing the exercise kit with the MUTU system. This is a set of exercise bands, small ball and resistance strap that you will use during the program. If you have these at home already, you are all set!

Cost: $147 total

Best Subscription Diastasis Recti Exercise Program Every Mother

Every Mother is a subscription-based diastasis recti exercise program. It has separate workouts for pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. There are several different courses/paths you can take depending on your current needs. The classes are challenging but not too hard. The program starts at the beginning and offers you a clear path towards healing. You need to have a yoga mat, light exercise weights, and resistance bands.


  • Several paths to choose from
  • Affordable
  • Clear queuing and instructions
  • Light and bright interface and videos


  • Monthly or quarterly subscription, when you are done you don’t own the videos
  • Information overload, it may be hard to stay on one path fro mstart to finish and actually complete your goal

What You Need: For the Every Mother Program you will need a yoga mat, resistance bands and a few light weights. You can grab those on amazon if you don’t have them already.

Cost: $44.85/3 month membership $119.40 for yearly membership

The Most Challenging Diastasis Recti Exercise Program: Bloom Method

Bloom studio offers online pre and postpartum fitness classes for moms that are pregnant or in the post partum period. The user interface is gorgeous. The classes are good. The options are almost limitless. These are by far the classes that will get you the sweatiest and make you work the hardest.


  • Tons of different styles and types of classes from HIT classes to yoga to anything in-between
  • Focus on core health and pelvic floor strength through each class
  • Beautiful interface
  • Most of the teachers are either pregnant or have little babies at home as well
  • Most challenging classes, they are really good for someone who really wants to work


  • You need more equipment (sometimes they use weights or kettle balls or bands, sometimes they don’t)
  • Information overload
  • They do a good job reminding you to be aware of your core, but they could be clearer in what this actually means
  • I personally think they start to advanced for someone who has an advanced diastasis recti problem or prolapse. But if you aren’t starting out in pain you should be alright.

What You Need: You need a yoga mat, small weights, small kettle ball (depending on the workout) and a fun water bottle never hurt anybody!

Cost: $29/month or $240 for the year

Diastasis Recti Exercise Program Conclusion

There is no one program that is right for everybody. If you are like me and benefit from having a very set path to follow and want to own your program for years to come then choose MUTU system. If you want a variety of well-made classes with a variety of paths to take, choose Every Mother. I would also choose Every Mother for pregnancy workouts. If you really want to stretch yourself and like more intense workouts then Bloom is the studio for you! I hope this helps you choose your diastasis recti exercise program. I’d love to hear which one you picked and how it worked out for you!

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