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How Do BeachBody Coaches Make Money?

Hi, I am Suzzie – doula and childbirth educator. Last year, a friend connected me with Beachbody. I loved the workouts, saw great results personally, and eventually, began incorporating it into my business. As I’ve grown, I’ve had moms ask me, can I make money in beachbody as a new mom? How do BeachBody coaches make money anyways?

As a new mom, finding ways to balance work and parenting can be a challenge. Whether you are wanting to spend more time at home with your little one, pay for daycare, or take a family trip, it *may* be possible for you to earn income through beachbody to make these dreams possible. But, earning income as a beachbody coach is not right for everyone. And many people start out with false expectations.

I don’t want that to be you. In this blog post, we will explore the potential of making money with Beachbody as a new mom. We’ll talk about how it can benefit you, and your family, as well as some reasons it may not be a good fit for many people.

From flexible hours to unlimited earning potential, this could be the perfect solution for a mom looking to return to work after having a baby.

3 Ways To Approach Business As A BeachBody Coach

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located at https://images.beachbody.com/coach-office/downloads/statement_of_independent_coach_earnings.pdf for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.

Before I began using the structured and progressive BeachBody workouts – I was a devout participant at a local yoga studio. On a good week, I would be there 4 times a week at least. I loved it.

It was clear the different roles and responsibilities people within the studio had. From teachers to studio owners, it was clear how each person that worked there earned their money.

They very closely reflect the way beachbody coaches make money as well. So let’s use a yoga studio as a map for the different ways to make money with beachbody.

Level 1: A Member (or a beachbody coach with a discount)

When I was a yoga studio member, I paid for each class. I actually had a yearly unlimited pass that I paid over $1000 for. I loved going and used it regularly so it was more than worth it. But, what is important here, is that I was paying for classes,

Additionally I paid for workout gear, supplements and special workshops to help with specific goals like handstands and flexibility.

The point here is that fitness was a continual expense and I was not making money, unless I referred a friend. Which I did do once and made a total of $25. But I was getting fit, making friends and quite happy with my experience here.

One way coaches interact with beachbody is simply a member with a discount. As a coach, you usually get 25% off all your purchases. Sometimes you get even more of a discount when there’s a promotion going on.

Coaches that are there because they are using and loving the workouts, protein shakes and energy drinks don’t really make money. Instead they enjoy their friendships, celebrate results from their workouts, and use their discount for themselves and friends.

This is a perfectly valid way to be a member of beachbody, but probably not what you want if you are wondering how beachbody coaches make money.

The average earnings for Beachbody Coaches was $3,169 in 2021. This is because most ‘coaches’ are really just people who love working out and are inviting people to join them as it feels aligned to them.

I did over 100 beachbody workouts before I had interest in and felt ready to build a beachbody business. Then it took me another couple months to come up with my plan. There is no need to rush or feel desperate for success, because that will come with patience, authenticity, persistence and time.

Level 2: Teacher (or a beachbody coach getting started)

Within a yoga studio, teachers are the first people you think about that get paid! And around here, I love seeing people get paid.

Teachers have the responsibility to create a great class and teach. But, you may be surprised to find out that teachers are also responsible for building their class and helping it fill. In fact, most teachers are paid a flat fee for the hour of their time teaching the class (about $35/hr average) and then an additional fee per student in the class.

With additional training and recruiting, some yoga teacher can make closer to $75 an hour.

Beach body coaches that are in the teacher level are just learning to build a team. They are learning to be consistent and present and how to interact with others in a way that respectfully grows a network and net worth.

At this level, most beachbody coaches are earning their money through selling total solution packs. These are a fantastic deal and easy to sell to people beginning a fitness journey. Usually, they run about $180-$240. They include a year subscription to all the workout programs beachbody offers, the live classes, as well as a bundle of supplements.

I paid over $1000 for my unlimited yoga studio pass – so to get a year of workouts, live and recorded PLUS quality supplements, so a year of excellently structured in home workout for $240 seems like a great deal to me.

You make 36% for each total solution pack you sell. So if you sold my favorite Go and Go Challenge Pack which is $239, you would make $86.

My Current Favorite Total Solution Packs

You really need to know if you can get behind a product and see value in it before you can sell it. These are the total solution packs that I sell most often:

The go and glow is my favorite total solution pack. It has the year membership Beachbody Performance Energize, Beachbody Performance Hydrate, and Collagen Boost. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a boost to help stay energized and hydrated, and wants healthy-looking skin.

The Performance Total Solution Pack is also a great value. It has the yearly membership to both the prerecorded exercise programs and the live classes, and supplements to energize before a workout and to recover after a workout.

The Shakeology Total Solution Pack is great for moms on the go as well. It also has the yearly memberships, plus BeachBody’s famous protein drink, Shakeology. Though I prefer the collagen and the energize in the go and glow pack, I do drink Shakeology on days when I am busy and don’t have time to eat full meals.

Each of these retails (at the time of writing this) for $239 so you would make $86/sale.

We will talk about how you can build your network and sell these without begging friends and family in a bit. Because there is one thing that is for sure – no yoga teacher could sustain their career by inviting all their friends and family to the studio, and neither can beachbody coaches.

Level 3: Studio Owner (Beachbody Coach going into management + growing income potential)

You know who makes more money than a yoga teacher? The studio owner! And they deserve more money because they have more responsibility.

A studio owner that has one studio and operates it well can expect to make a little over $100,000 a year. A studio owner that expands their brand and builds it into a movement can make over 7 figures.

As an owner, you are now responsible for enrolling new people, making sure they have a great experience in your business, training and upleveling teachers, creating a community and developing a brand and possibly even a movement. To me, this is work that is important and life changing.

But it is not easy.

Similarly, as a beachbody coach earning income, you are no longer just enrolling people and getting them started on a fitness journey. You are helping people uplevel, build businesses and shaping the way people build their lives.

It is a lot of responsibility. And certainly responsibility that will mean that you work for the money you earn, just as a yoga studio owner shows up and serves their community. Though you may be moving away from trading hours for dollars, income certainly won’t be passive. What it will be is massively leveraged,

The highest earner in the company in 2021 was a Star Diamond rank who earned $2,846,299. And though I think it is possible for you to create a steady income as a beachbody coach, comparing yourself to this, or expecting this especially as a newbie is simply going to set you up for failure.

I recommend that new coaches set a goal to make enough for a beautiful family vacation in year one ($10,000). In year two, expect to do at least 50% more and by year 3 expect to make a full time income.

Is There A Market For Beachbody Coaches?

When most people think about direct sales, they think about selling to their friends and family. Which does not really sound like fun or like it would be profitable.

So you might be wondering, is there a market for you to build a fitness or health business?

The answer is yes! 55% of people want to lose weight. However, the same Gallup poll found that only 26% of people are actually trying to do so.

Right there, you have so many solutions you can solve. And therefore income potential.

If you think you can help match people who already want to lose weight to programs that will help them do so, or help people understand why they want to lose weight but aren’t actually trying remove the challenges in their path and take action, then you have a market. A huge one!

Now, we haven’t even mentioned another group of people that can benefit from your help as a beachbody coach.

According to a team of health and wellbeing research specialists at The Good Body, 1 in 5 people already exercise each day. These people also need fun, interesting, relevant and new things to do to keep their exercise interesting.

It’s no wonder the US gym, health and fitness club market is estimated to be worth $32 billion. There is definitely a need and a space for someone just like you.

What Do I Actually Do As A Beachbody Coach?

Helping people with their health truly makes an impact in people’s lives. But you may be wondering, what if you aren’t a certified dietician or fitness instructor. Can you still be a coach?

The answer is yes. You are not the one teaching the fitness classes, but helping match people to programs, build excitement about exercise and encourage people take action towards the goals they already have.

Think of yourself more as a matchmaker between people who have fitness goals to programs that are taught by certified instructors.

Your job is essentially to understand the goals your clients have and encourage them to go after them!

And by doing so, you can have a tremendously positive effect in people’s lives.

Looking fit and feeling confident is a major inspiration for some people. But that’s not even the most important benefit.

Exercise can reduce a person’s risk of major illnesses, such as coronary heart diseasestroketype 2 diabetes and cancer and lower their risk of early death by up to 30%.

And it doesn’t end there. Research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing your risk of stressclinical depressiondementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Do you make a positive impact in the world as a BeachBody Coach? Yes!

Where Can You Start Helping People As A BeachBody Coach?

The great thing is, we know what stops people from succeeding at their exercise goals. So you know exactly what topics to create content around and where to focus your energy when it comes to helping people.

Why do people fail with health goals?

The National Council of Health And Fitness tell us it’s because of this:

  1. They set unrealistic expectations.
  2. They don’t set small, achievable goals.
  3. They compare themselves to other people.
  4. Negative thinking
  5. have an inadequate game plan.
  6. Scheduling/ priority issues
  7. Failing to be informed.

Do you see anything in here you could use to create content? I bet you can! And then you can use this content to enroll people into products that will help them. That’s how beachbody coaches make money.

How Do I Sign Up As A Beachbody Coach? 

If you are not a BeachBody member already, signing up to be a coach is very simple.If you want to engage in the company as a coach with a discount, or create a movement that will make people healthier, happier and more successful in every way, then this is how you start.

1. Purchase a total solutions pack.

My favorite total solutions pack is the Go and Glow Pack. As we talked about earlier it gives you access to all the workout programs for a year, plus incredible supplements and a few other things. You may remember that a year of the workout programs. The Performance Total Solution Pack and Shakeology Total Solution Pack are great options as well.

2. Add any supplements you’d like and begin the checkout process.

If there is anything else you are dying to try, add it to your cart now.

But, make sure you don’t overdo it. You have a lifetime to try everything. I prefer to stick with the total solutions pack and then try new things each month. That way, I never end up with. a stockpile of things I thought I would use but just didn’t.

Then, hit the cart button and begin checking out.

The checkout path is the exact same as every other item you’ve ever bought online.

3. Choose coach as account type as you check out.

The last option on the checkout screen is Account Type. This is where you want to choose Coach. By choosing coach, you are eligible to earn an income as a beachbody coach. Choose this option and sign out. If you choose me as your upline, please reach out to me right away on Instagram or via email at contact @shebirthsbravely.com so I can help you through your first week and make sure you hit the ground successfully.

How Do I Sign Up As A Beachbody Coach If I Already Use The Products? 

If you already use the Beachbody platform and you now want to begin your journey as a coach, reach out to the person that enrolled you and see if they will give you proper support. It’s important to coach on a team with people that will support you.

If you feel satisfied with the help and mentorship they give you, great. Go ahead and upgrade your account. To do this simply click on the circle in the right hand corner and go to My Account.

If you do not feel satisfied with the help and mentorship they give you, find someone who will. I would be honored to support you in your coach journey. If you’d like to work together, simply fill out the change of coach form here.

If you would like me to be your coach, my coach ID is 2879532.

Then upgrade your account. Make sure to choose your mentor and change to them before you upgrade to a coach account if you need to do so.

Are There Other Benefits Of Being A Beachbody Coach?

Yes! There are so many benefits of being a beachbody coach. To begin with, flexibility, working for yourself, more time with your family (if you’re careful and structure your business carefully).

One really amazing thing about having your own company is that you can hire your kids and teaching them business skills. My kids help me film reels and do other simple things to help me.

They both get paid $1000 each month most months and use this money for their gymnastics, clothes, and are learning to invest in retirement accounts. Since they are paid from my corporation, this money is not taxable as income for me, because it pays employees, and it is not taxed for them because they are only making $12,000 a year.

Beyond helping your family, you will likely make friends that will be with you for years and years. It feels amazing to be part of a caring community! Welcome!

Smart Successful BeachBody Coaches To Follow

Beachbody coaches are not jokes. If you need examples of smart and successful mamas building business check out these girls who are killing it. These beachbody coaches know how to make money to support their family using this business model.

What Do I Do My First Weeks As A Beachbody Coach? 

  1. Find 5 members of your upline and follow them. 
  2. Think about how you can engage your social media friends in convos about health and wellness. 
  3. Post 3 stories a day, often throwing in a workout photo, supplement or healthy meal (don’t overthink no more than 30 min a day!) use links to invite people once a week. 
  4. Post 1 Reel every 3 to 5 days, again don’t overthink, have fun, use humor and solve problems (no more than 30 minutes a day) 
  5. Socialize! Join a bod group or 2 or 3. Make it a habit to spend 1 hour a day socializing on social media. Comment on other beach body workout peoples posts, your friends posts and introduce yourself to new people. Make it about them, not you. 

Ten Things To Post About As A New Beachbody Coach

If you are not sure where to start making content, think about the list of reasons why people fail with their goals from above, and begin addressing those. Here are a few other ideas as well.

1. Get ready with me for a workout, picking clothes etc. 

2. Morning routine as a sahm, dentist, doula, etc. 

3. How did you pick your first program and what is it like? 

4. What programs are best for beginners? 

5. Why modifying makes the difference 

6. Where to start? 

7. How to get back in if you got off the train

8. Kids or family working out with you

9. What being healthy means to you

10. Pick a book like atomic habits and post you trying different strategies to get into a routine that you learned in the book.

Who Should Not Consider BeachBody As A Business?

Of course, Beachbody can be an amazing business opportunity and not be right for everyone. Not everyone will be able to take the right action. And how can a beachbody coach make money without action? Nobody can in any industry.

Take these into consideration before making your choice.

  1. You must have a passion for health, and people . You have to be able to see that you are important and worthy and deserving of a career doing something meaningful and that each person you help is important whether they join your group for one workout or for a lifetime of workouts. You will not success if you try to use people and dump people.
  2. You have to have patience and understand you will get better and it will get easier. When I started posting daily on social media, it took me a while to not feel like it was a burden in my day. Now it takes less than an hour, but there was a learning process involved. This is not for you if you aren’t willing to go through the discomfort of building new habits.
  3. You need to be confident in your body. Exercise and eating healthy has physical and emotional benefits. But it has a shadow too. This may not be the place for you if you already have trouble skipping meals, over exercising or to perfection. Though it could be possible to take an approach of overcoming those habits, it’s likely a good idea to not put extra pressure on yourself if you struggle with body image. Stay as a member and exercise and make friends until you’re ready for the next step. 
  4. Understand, this will never be passive income. Yes, your income will become more stable over time as your influence and team grows, but what you do not attend to will eventually die if you do not attend to it. Plus, people are putting their trust in you, to have the thought process that you want to do nothing, while they do everything is beyond disrespectful and gross.
  5. You will have obstacles. Every business need a great product (check with both workout programs and supplements) but you also need presence and persistence. Your team will not grow without YOU. And you only gain trust and the ability to support people if you show up regularly and consistently. Of course, that is another thing that will come with practice and grace. 

Can You Make Money With BeachBody As A New Mom?

The answer for most people is yes! If you are looking for flexibility, support developing your brand, and a fun way to impact the world, this could be a great fit. But, it is definitely not a magic bullet that will fix every problem. I would be honored to support you through your journey whether this is the job for you for a month, a year or a lifetime. Let’s link arms and do it together!

How do beach body coaches make money? They sell a great product. They inspire people. And they change the world.