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Is Barre Blend A Good Workout For A Strong And Sculpted Body?

If you’re looking for a workout that will help you build strength and tone your body, look no further than Barre Blend. This fitness program combines elements of ballet barre, yoga and Pilates to create a unique and challenging workout that’s perfect for people of many fitness levels.

In this review, I will share with you my experience with Barre Blend. I loved this program. (Especially how it shaped my butt and tightened my core!) But, I wasn’t sure I would from the beginning. The truth is, if I were to start from day 1 again, I would do some things differently. And, since I often repeat programs, I’ll share with you what I will add on when I come to round two, along with where I’m going next.

Plus, you can get a day pass to try this program out for only $7.

Are you ready to find out if Barre Blend is your next workout program or wanting to get the most of your time with Barre Blend? If so, keep reading!

Is Barre Blend A Good Workout?

I will be honest, I have watched Barre classes before and thought they looked like a joke. I like a challenge in my workouts and my assumption was that Barre Classes were easy. I was very very wrong about that.

When I’ve walked past the Barre studio by my house, I never really understood how much strength and flexibility is required for that amount grace and flexibility. As Elise Joan, the creator of Barre Blend says, you can have strength without grace, but you cannot have grace without strength. IYKYK. Now I know.

Barre Blend workouts are about 30 minutes long, until you get to the last week when they are 40 minutes long. They all begin with a similar warm up. Then you move through cardio, core, leg and booty days.

They will all get your heart rate up and give you a full body workout.

The Three Things I Loved About Barre Blend

1. The workout were actually challenging. The trainer, Elise, incorporates what she calls Barre Burn zones where you do micro movements right at your limit. I was amazed by how much strength and flexibility I gained through this. I didn’t really take a planned before picture, but here is my current picture and I’m really happy with it.

2. I also really really loved that Elise is so positive. At the beginning, I thought having an affirmation for each day would really annoy me. I sometimes love more ‘woo’ or inspirational classes, but I started out looking for a workout that really focused on creating a healthy body. But, she weaves her joy into the class so well, it really lifted me up.

3. The variety is remarkable. Considering Barre is a lot of lifting legs and arms, it is amazing how much variety there is. There are definitely muscles I didn’t know I had. I also gained a lot of flexibility, and am getting quite close to my front split. It is awesome gaining flexibility at the same time my core is getting tight and toned!

Three Things I Would Do Differently If I Started At The Beginning

1. Elise suggests that you start with a 2 pound weight for this program. I thought that there was no way a 2 pound weight could make a difference, and I started with 3 pound weights. I was surprised to find that the first four to five weeks I had to put my weight down every single class because it was too much. If I started again as a beginner, I would stick with the 2 pound recommendation.

2. If I were to do this program again, I would buy one pound wrist weights to wear during the warm up. I definitely would not do this if I were a beginner. But, I do love redoing workout programs because it’s fun to see the progress of things that. I couldn’t do in round one that are easy in round two.

3. I would take a before picture. If I started again, I would take several before and after pictures. First, I would take a photo in a bikini. Second, I would take a photo of my front splits. Third, I would take a photo of how high I could hold my leg to the side. Last, I would take a picture from the side because I tend to hunch and curl my shoulders forward. I really felt like this program helped with my posture being more stacked and less slouchy. Which, I have to say, is amazing.

Is Barre Blend Safe During Pregnancy?

Many of the moms I work with are pregnant or newly postpartum. Let’s talk about if it is safe for you or not.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology reports a huge YES to exercise during pregnancy as long as your doctor hasn’t given you any specific recommendations not to. T

here are so many benefits to exercising in pregnancy, from reducing your risks of problems like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, to more comfort in your body and less lower back pain, to faster deliveries, reduced risk of surgical birth and even a reduction in postpartum anxiety and depression.

But, is the workout you picked the right one?

Ultimately you are the one that knows what you can do during pregnancy. However, deep twisting and too much core work can actually weaken your core during pregnancy. Because of that, if you are currently pregnant or recently post partum, I would recommend starting with Elise’s Prenatal and Postpartum Barre workouts instead.

You can see a good comparison of all the BeachBody Barre classes here to help you choose the right one.

Then, if you feel strong enough and in tune with your body enough to adjust as you need to, you could try Barre Blend and see if it works for you.

Can Barre Blend Help With Diastasis Recti?

Many of the readers on this blog began because they had questions about diastasis recti. This is when you abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy and aren’t coming back together on their own. If you’re unsure of what diastasis is, you can see 7 common diastasis recti symptoms here.

Diastasis recti can be healed years later and certain exercises can help heal diastasis even in pregnancy.

If you are in the place of diastasis recti healing where you are comfortable, and not in pain, but you have a gap to close, Barre Blend is likely going to be an amazing workout program for you! Try out the entire 8 week program. If you don’t see a change in your separation, I will happily refund you your investment. Just make sure you purchased through my affiliate link. I am that sure it will help.

I know this because Elise pays a lot of attention to helping you engage the inner most transverse abdominus muscles . But she doesn’t leave out any other muscle that creates your core either. I worked muscles I didn’t even know I had.

If you are in a place where you have pain in your core or pelvic pressure when you move, then you should slow down and work with a pelvic floor PT or start with a program like Every Mother that helps immediately after postpartum. You can see a full Every Mother review here.

Working with a pelvic floor physical therapist is the gold standard of postnatal care. If you have lingering soreness and pain, please see someone to help you before you join us in Barre Blend and other workouts.

Do You Get Toned Arms From Barre Blend?

I was specifically asked if I felt like Barre Blend helped tone my arms. And while I would love to yes! This program is great for everything, where my arms are concerned I would say it helped a little bit. I definitely gained strength in my arms. They are a bit less flabby, but the changes that were noteworthy were my legs, booty and abdominals.

As I mentioned above though, I did choose weights that were too heavy for me from the beginning. This resulted in me putting them down and using no weights at all through many of the earlier workouts.

As I made it through the later weeks, I did end up getting strong enough to use my weights all the way or most of the way through. But, I would start with 1 or 2 pound weights if I were to do it again.

I do have a stronger starting point now. I would add the wrist weights to the warm up for extra arm work next time.

Is Barre Blend For Beginners

This leads me to another question. Is Barre Blend for beginners?

I think the answer is yes and no.

The Barre Blend exercises are low impact, but they are also intense. The program is also 8 weeks long. Personally, this is my first time getting all the way through an 8 week program in 8 weeks. Usually I lose focus and quit, then come back later or have shiny object syndrome and drop the program and start something else.

I think it is a huge testament to Elise’s work that she could keep my attention for 8 weeks. Plus, with all the modifications offered, I think a beginner could get through the program. But, my honest suggestion would be to start with a smaller program to get a strong foundation before this.

I LOVED Andrea Rogers 3 week pilates program. It helped me get to the place where I was strong enough to do a proper boat pose and pilates V. This is a better start for a beginner.

If you don’t have these skills, I would wait on Barre Blend.

You can find a good comparisson of all the beachbody barre classes here.

The great thing is, they are both under the same company, so you can start with one and then just move on to the other without paying any extra as long as you finish them both within the membership period you purchased.

Who Teaches Barre Blend?

I’ve mentioned Elise Joan a few times. She is the super trainer that created the Barre Blend workouts. At the time of filming Barre Blend, she was 40. But, she could easily pass as a 25 year old. She is living proof that her programs work. There is a great interview of her on Chic Influencer where she tells her story of going from pre-med student, to actor, to fitness enthusiast. Her story of success, failure, success is probably why her classes are not just good for the body but good for the soul too.

In addition to holding multiple fitness certifications, plus two bachelor’s degrees, she has worked as a primetime on-air health expert for major TV networks.

How Much Does Barre Blend Cost?

The best way to buy Barre Blend is to buy the Barre Blend Go + Glow Total Solution Pack. For $239 you get a year’s subscription to all of Beachbody’s workout and nutrition programs, which includes both Barre Blend, the Pre and Post Natal Barre class taught by Elise, and Andrea Rogers Pilates and Barre classes which I suggested for beginners.

On top of that, there are over 70 more workout programs, plus live classes you can join any day from your home.

Plus you get The Glow and Stack bundles three bestselling products: Beachbody Performance Energize, Beachbody Performance Hydrate, and Collagen Boost. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a boost to help stay energized and hydrated, and wants healthy-looking skin.

I really love the lemon and strawberry lemonade flavors of the Energy electrolyte drink.

If you are on a tight budget, you can get the same pack without the live classes, just the recorded programs(Barre Blend, Pre and PostNatal Barre and Andrea Rogers Pilates class +70 more), without the live classes added for only $179.95. If you’re a person that likes saving, this is a great option as well.

What To Do After Barre Blend?

Fitness is a journey and if you’re like me after 8 weeks of one program you are ready for another. I am headed two directions with my next workout. FIrst, I am going to work on my handstands with Karin Demitrova. Second, I am going to keep my BeachBody program fitness strong and go into Just Bring Your Body next.