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The Best Newborn Toys For Never-Ending Fun For 0-6 Months

Find the perfect toy for your 0-6 month old

Getting your first newborn toys are a great way to get excited about your baby’s arrival.

Setting up a home for a newborn is an exciting thing for moms and grandparents alike. Many moms wonder what they should get their baby to make the first few months of life the most enjoyable for their newborn. 

The truth is, the number one thing your baby wants is you. To see your face, your smile and hear your voice and feel your heartbeat and breath. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy setting up a lovely home of exploration and joy for your newborn to discover. 

What Is The Ultimate Purpose Of Newborn Toys? 

The purpose of baby toys is not to distract a baby so mom can shower. Though, this is certainly a benefit mom will enjoy as her baby learns to play. 

The purpose of newborn toys is to give your baby experiences that encourage delight and exploration. 

Discovery, wonder, and exploration all lay the groundwork of curiosity and creativity. Learning to play is an essential skill every mom helps her baby to develop. When done well this leads to an unquenchable excitement for the world around them. 

When a child is in an environment of play, development is practically called forth from them. They learn and grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially. 

They develop a deep imagination which will lead to hours of play in the future. 

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What Types Of Newborn Toys Are the Best and Worst?

The best newborn toys (and toys for any age) will lead to imagination, movement and foster the ability to play creatively. Have you ever seen a child make an airplane out of a stick or a cup of hot chocolate out of a pinecone? This is true creativity. If you foster this type of creativity, your child will never be bored.

Toys that support the imagination are toys that are open-ended, used in many ways over a long period of time, simple and bring connection. That is what you will find in the majority of these toys. You will also find a few toys that are very specific to a certain stage of development (such as these hand mitts that are great for when a baby is exploring their hands)

The electronic toys on this list are chosen very carefully. You won’t see a lot of toys that simply have a bunch of buttons to push because those do not foster imagination, but distraction and even newborns get tired of them quickly.

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My Number One Newborn Toy

The Lovevery play gym is my absolute favorite newborn ‘toy’. I had one of these for my daughter hazel, and we played with it every day for over a year. It has 5 different exploration stations that are full of bright colors, different sounds and different developmentally appropriate activities for newborns through the first year.

Then, just when you think your baby will outgrow it, you can turn it into a tent and use it a whole new way for the toddler years.

My absolute favorite feature is the playbook that gives you week by week game ideas and activities to do with your baby. You will never look at your baby and think, ‘well, you sure are cute, but what are we supposed to do now?’ again.

LovEvery also has amazing playkits for every stage of development your baby goes through in the first years and beyond. If you like beuatiful toys with endless play possibilities these are for you.

Newborn Toys for Connection and Play

Portrait of beautiful loving mom playing first games with her 8 months old baby in bedroom, top view

Dance Scarves

A box of beautiful dance scarves is essential for any child’s room. This is one of those simple staples that grows with your child. As a newborn, your baby will love to explore the colors and textures. You can hang them on a play gym for your baby to grab, make them into a simple mobile, tie them in chunky or loose knots for your baby’s hands to explore, and play games such as play peekabo and tug-a-war.

Once your baby starts to develop object permanence you can hide other toys under them, fill a tissue box with them and let a baby practice pulling them out over and over again. As they grow, they become the perfect hide-and-seek item, are perfect to dance to music with and make perfect baby blankets, superhero scarves, lions manes or scenes for stories you might act out. These are one of those items that are so simple, yet invite so much play.

Block Set

I adore this Lovevery Block Set. Though your baby won’t be building towers until they are about 18 months old, these blocks are captivatingly bright colors, lots of different shapes and non-toxic. These make great blocks for your child to observe one at a time and a great toy to play appear and disappear games with. Once your baby hits 5 or 6 months, these will be a constant source of discovery for years to come. They are just the right size for newborn hands to start to grasp and explore the different sizes and shapes. Of course, some of the smallest pieces won’t come out until they are a bit older.

Grimms Rainbow

The Grimms Rainbow is another one of those toys that at first, is beautiful nursery decoration, and wonderful shape and color exploration for a newborn. However, as they grow, it can be used in a myriad of ways to stack, build and in storytelling. I love Grimms wooden toys because the wood is so light it feels weightless and yet is sturdy and will last a lifetime. The handmade toys are simply gorgeous and inspire so much creativity.

Baby’s First Doll

Apple Park has created the perfect first doll for a baby. Dolls have a special place in the world of play. A child learns how to nurture, care for and tend to their own inner and outer world through taking care of a doll. A first doll should be soft, snugly, and cuddly. These are our favorites and I love that they come in a variety of genders and skin tones.

A First Snuggly

Every child needs a cute snuggly from day one. Picking a first snuggly was one of my favorite things to do during pregnancy. It allowed me time to think about my child and imagine what they would be like. I also include the snugly in monthly pictures from newborn through the first year. It is a cute way to visually see the growth of a baby. While everyone seems to do monthly photos now, it’s a photographer’s trick to keep one object that stays the same size consistent throughout them all. That way your baby’s growth and development are really highlighted month to month.

I absolutely adore these handknit snugglies. They are heirloom quality, fairtrade, organic and just about as cute as you can get from Cuddle and Kind.

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Newborn Toys By Month

One Month Development and Toys

At one month, your baby’s life is pretty simple. Mainly he is looking to you and wanting to be with you.

Wrap up with a cozy moby wrap and go for a walk

Play finger puppets. Hold items about 8 inches away from baby, too much further and he won’t be able to see them anymore.

Introduce objects of different textures and shapes and simply let your baby look at them.

Two Month Development and Toys

At two months, your baby won’t be able to play with toys on her own just yet, but she is getting close. Now she can grasp objects of different sizes, colors, and textures and begin to explore them. You will notice she is gaining more and more control over her body. She can hold her head steady while lying on her tummy. She also has a strong sucking reflex and will bring almost everything to her mouth to explore.

Teething Mits

Silicone teething mits go on your baby’s hand and are great for them to suck and chew on. They make fun crinkle sounds are my baby’s LOVED them.

Microwaveable Plush Pal

If your baby is starting to notice you leaving or putting them down, try one of these weighted plush pals to give them a sense of security next to them.

Black and White Board Book

Your baby will mostly see black and white until about 5 months of age. Grab a few black and white high contrast books to captivate their imagination and develop a love of books.

3 Month Development and toys

At three months, you will see your baby has pretty good head control when on his tummy.

This is when your baby really falls in love with toys. Think of things that ignite the sense, make noise, and have a variety of textures.

Paino Mat

Place a musical piano mat under their feet during playtime and see your baby fall in love with kicking and making music.

Chime Stuffie

Grab a small and simple chime stuffie to enchant ears and senses.

Hanging Carseat Toy

Grab a toy for them to reach for in the car seat or stroller

Tummy Time Mirror

I’ve never seen a baby that isn’t fascinated with her own reflection. Tummy time mirrors are so much fun for babies to look at, and then grab and chew on, because they are babies and that is what they do.

Squeeze and Glow Rattle

This simple rattle is so cute and it is so fun that it lights up when your baby squeezes it. What a fun way to introduce cause and effect to your baby.

4 Month Development and Toys

At four months, your baby is making remarkable changes. She is either rolling over or working towards it. She may even start to sit up a little bit. And she will definitely be trying to reach those toys that roll away. She loves any and all interaction with you! So keep telling stories, singing songs and playing games. Here are a few things your baby might like to be introduced to at four months old.

Shaker Eggs

Add some music and rhythm to your music time with shaker eggs. Your baby will love getting to make some music!

Sensory Balls

These balls all feel a little different. It keeps them fun and interesting while they are still pretty much stationary. However, in a few months, he will be rolling this away and crawling after them!

Wooden Teether

I think every baby needs a few different teething toys. This is a great time to pick a few that have different textures and patterns. I love that this one also has beads for baby to work with his hands on.

Silicone Fruit Teethers

These teethers are just as adorable as they come. They are also good to freeze for when your baby is in serious teething mode.

Development and Toys for 5 Months

At 5 months your baby is seeing colors and engaging in the world in a whole new way. She loves games like peekaboo and will look for an item you hide under something else. She also is noticing smaller items.


I loved introducing a new instrument to my girls every month. At 5 months, your baby will likely be able to imitate you with a xylophone. They are just sitting up with your help and making music and hitting things are two pastimes that make a great combination, like peanut butter and jelly.

Nesting Dolls

There is no toy more loved in my home than nesting dolls. We have several sets. The animal sets and the actual people set. I personally like the animals the best, but my girls, absolutely love the people nesting dolls.

Farm Animals

Farm animals are one of those toys that will be used for years. At first, they make great additions to storytelling and imaginary play. Over time, you can buy a farm, fence and other items, or use the blocks and rainbow from above to create homes for the animals.

Development and Toys for 6 Months

Baby laughing and playing with colorful toys sitting on a carpet at home

At 6 months, your baby may start to sit up unassisted. She may begin to scoot or roll towards Items she wants. Make sure to baby proof! These are some toys your baby might like at 6 months.

Stacking Cups

Stacking and watching you stack is a huge favorite of 6 months old. As is putting things under cups and watching them disappear and trying to put them together again. These are one of those toys that seems too simple, yet have endless play.

Stacking Rings

Childhood is not complete without a stacking ring game. This simple toy is best introduced right around 6 months. It is one of the first ways your baby will start to problem solve and put things together/take them apart.


One of the last instruments I like to introduce in the first year is a tambourine. It’s kinda like a shaker egg meets drum It’s another great way to explore music and keeps life interesting.

Sit to Stand Walker

Six months is a great time to introduce the first walker. At 6 months, when your baby is first sitting, they will love having something to explore that stays steady right in front of them. As they grow, this opens to a walker and they can use it to practice toddling across the room. This is sure to be a hit.

Finger Paint

Once your baby can sit independently, they are ready for finger paint! This is such a fun way to introduce color. I first introduce one color at a time, then two primary colors so that your baby can develop a sense of what happens when colors blend and mix. Painting with babies is messy, but so much fun!

Storage for Newborn Toys

Don’t forget that you need a place to keep all the newborn toys.

Toy Bin

This simple white and grey toy bin keeps things clean and simple. and gives you an easy place to throw all your toys when they aren’t being used.

Open Shelf Toy Storage

Toys in my home are always played with more when they are displayed in an inviting way and visible. I like to set up toys on an open shelf like this one. A newborn won’t be able to grab them on their own, but you will! and come a few months, they will easily get what they want. Loose toys can be stored in small baskets. on a shelf.

How Do I Play With My Newborn?

I remember when I was a new mom, I had no idea what to do with my newborn. I often found myself bored or frustrated because I was uninspired with our daily life. Learning to play and help my baby grow helped me with that. Rose & Rex have put together an amazing little class on how to play with your newborn that will help you make this time a bit more interesting.

I hope you have so much fun with your little one!

Much love,

Suzzie Vehrs