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Baby Registry Must Haves for 2022

There are a million little things to think about when you are planning for a baby. That is why I put together this Baby Registry Must-Haves Checklist. 

From one mom to another, having the right gear makes a big difference. It eases the transition to life with a little one. These curated items have been handpicked from some of the best baby brands to support you in living your best life with your baby.

I hope they spark joy for you, like they have for me.

See my top pick baby registry must-haves for 2020 below.

Baby Registry Must Haves for Going Out with Baby

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This section is all about going out and about with baby. After all, one of the first things you will do is drive home from the hospital, which means, you must have a safe car seat. Without one, the hospital won’t let you leave.

Britax Clicktight Convertible Carseat is our number one car seat pick for a new baby.

The Britax is our favorite because it is soft, comfortable, stylish and much less expensive than its number one competitor the Nuna Rava. Britax products are advanced safety tested and are one of the very few brands that are flame retardant free (so is the Nuna).

I also like that if you start with a convertible car seat, your child can have one seat from the time she is born until the time she is ready for a booster. However, if you want to be able to pop the seat out and carry the car seat with the baby in it or click the car seat into a stroller, you want the Britax B-Lively Travel System instead. Typically an infant seat is used for the first 6-9 months and then you will need to purchase a convertible seat.

Lillebaby is our number one baby registry must have for babywearing.

One of the most popular parenting trends is babywearing. This is because babies that are held more are less fussy, more attached and mom can get a few things done while still holding her baby.

Our favorite carrier is the Lillebaby. This is a buckle carrier that allows you to click baby in and out easily. Lillebaby’s number one competitor is the Tula Free to Grow. Both carriers are fully adjustable and come in several beautiful patterns. Choose Lillebaby if you have a long torso and Tula if you have short torso.

If you are going out with your baby often, you NEED a BOB stroller.

Why are moms so passionate about their Bob strollers that it is our number one baby registry must have in this category? Because a BOB can literally do everything. Bob strollers are tough enough to take on your daily run either on smooth sidewalks or the trail. I haven’t met a place I couldn’t get my Bob. Yet, when I am not running and want more control, I simply switch the lock on the wheel and have a stroller that can easily maneuver through a crowded mall or Disneyland.

The downside to a Bob is that it is big and your baby cannot face you. If you really want something small and light then go with a more compact stroller.

If you want your baby to face you while you walk, you HAVE to have the Stokke. There is nothing like it.

Baby Registry Must Haves for a Squeaky Clean Baby

Bath time is one of most baby’s favorite times and a beautiful time to bond. A few toys and a little soap and you are good to go. Here are our favorite bathtime goodies.

Bath toys such as these Rubber Ducky Alphabet Toys, Stack Cups, Bath Toy Organizer, and Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser are all about $10. They are easy for people to add on to an order and will make bath time so much fun.

If you want to have an extra daily dose of adorable, make sure to add these hooded bath towels from Natemia to your baby registry. Your baby will be the snuggliest and cuddliest little lamb.. or elephant!

A Blooming Baby Bath Cushion really makes bathtime so much fun.

These adorable bath cushions fit easily in the sink and make bathtime comfortable and playful. Not only are they cute and practical, but being able to do bathtime with a newborn in the sink will save water, save your back and save time. This is one of those things you must add to your baby registry. After your baby can sit up you can transition this bath cushion to use in the tub or can even use it as a cute bath mat. 

Your registry needs those practical grooming basics that are easy to forget.

Make sure to add a couple of packs of baby washcloths, the BabyGanics Essentials for your soap and shampoo, a baby grooming kit, a baby thermometer and a Nose Frieda to your registry. I can guarantee you will use every single one of these things.

Baby Registry Must Haves for Sleep

You probably need to decide where your baby is going to sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that your baby should sleep in the same room as you for the first six months. This means you need a practical way to keep baby close.

Lulyboo Bassinet is the best cosleeper you must have on your registry.

What I love about the Lulyboo is that it is soft and comfortable and cute and extremely practical at the same time. You can place it near your bed or even on your bed if you want your baby close. Are you traveling? No problem. This cosleeper rolls into a backpack and you can take baby’s bed wherever your wanderlust leads you.

There is nothing as sweet as a swaddled up little baby snuggled up in their bed. I am obsessed with the embe baby swaddles. Make sure to check out our post How to Swaddle Like a Pro Mom to learn everything you need to know about swaddling in the first year.

Baby Registry Must Haves for the Nursery

Eventually, you will need to set up the nursery and crib. Make sure to set a simple crib with no bumpers on the side (an important safety measure) and don’t forget a crib mattress. You also need 2 mattress protectors and 2 sets of sheets.

Here’s a quick mom tip. When you make up the crib, put down the mattress protector and sheet. Then on top of that, add the other mattress protector and sheet. Then when inevitably you need to remake the bed in the middle of the night, all you have to do is strip the dirty sheet and cover off. Then snuggle that baby to sleep you you can catch some shut-eye as well without ever having to fumble through the laundry room.

A little heart mobile hanging over the crib will add a dose of warmth and love to the space and give baby something to look at as well.

Baby Registry Must Haves for Dealing with the Poop

Okay, I know you know this, but there will be more poop than you ever knew existed. Get a diaper pail, a changing pad to go on the dresser and keep a diaper caddy in your living room.

Mom, you need to think about your poop too. Add a squatty potty to your bathroom to help you prevent hemorrhoids and poop easier after birth.

Baby Registry Must Haves To Read

Get your baby’s library started with these must have baby books:

Some people like to add a book to their gift instead of a card. Why not give them some good ideas? Here are a few of our favorite books for the baby’s first library.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Baby’s Very First Things to Spot: Out and About

Baby’s Very First Black and White Library

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Tap the Magic Tree

The Runaway Bunny

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA

These books would be great resources for mom as well:

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher is great at helping moms create a rhythm and home life that sparks joy.

Dr. Sear’s Baby Book is an excellent resource for any health or sleeping problems that arise with the baby.

Wonder Weeks is perfect for helping mom know what developmental leaps are happening, how to support baby in different stages and what to expect in each month of her baby’s development.

Divine Birth is the book I wrote which will help moms prepare for an empowering birth either in the hospital, birth center or at home.

Baby Registry Must Haves for Playtime

I wish every mom and baby had a Love Every playmat. This playmat has vibrant colors, five play-stations and is the only playmat that grows with your baby. It will still be used well into toddlerhood. The mat also comes with a play guide, giving you ideas of thing to do each month. It is truly a wonderful wonderful gift.

A few other baby registry must haves for playtime are:

Babys first set of blocks

A set of crochet fruit and veggie toys

These adorable animal teething toys

A cute elephant rattle

Baby Registry Must Haves for Feeding

This is what you need if you are breastfeeding:

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is a book that all breastfeeding moms should have to reference. Breastfeeding is natural, but it doesn’t always come naturally. This book will help as you face any challenges that pop up.

A Haaka pump will help you fix engorgement issues, and catch and leaky milk that happens the first few weeks you are nursing. Make sure to grab a few milk storage bags to stash your supply.

Nipple cream will soothe any soreness (but if your nipples are cracking, call a lactation consultant. to make sure you are getting a proper latch.)

A Boppy nursing pillow will help you stay comfortable as you figure it all out.

This is what you need if you are bottle-feeding:

If you are bottle-feeding, grab the Dr. Brown glass bottle starter kit. This has everything you need to get started. An extra couple of bottles couldn’t hurt either.

Here are your baby registry must haves for when baby begins to eat solid foods:

Start by grabbing a Baby Led Weaning Book that will help you know when your baby is ready for solids and give you healthy ideas for first foods.

Then you need plates, like these cute fox plates, utensils, sippy cups, travel cups, and spill-proof snack containers.

Don’t forget a couple of bibs and a space-saving highchair.

One of my very favorite gifts is not exactly about eating, but about teething. When my friend suggested I use a teething necklace to alleviate teething pain with my first child, I rolled my eyes but used it anyway. Even though I was surprised, it helped! Make sure to add a Lolly Llama teething necklace to your registry.

The Number One Baby Registry Must Have: You!

All this stuff is useful and will make life with baby easier. But a the end of the day, what your baby wants most, is you. Remember, you matter too. Bring things into your home that spark joy. Share your joy with your baby. Congratulations mama!