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family on bed with new baby affirmations for baby girl

Birth Affirmations For Baby Girl

Are you having a baby girl? Congratulations. I am so excited for you. This article will help you bond with your precious baby girl and help you get ready for birth – together.

A few months ago, I put together a resource of the 100+ Most Powerful Birth Affirmations because I wanted to help moms feel amazing about birth and have positive words about the experience in their head. Then, a client of mine asked me to put together affirmations for her and her baby boy to prepare for birth. And once I did that, I knew I had to make some for moms of girls as well.

I hope it feels sweet and special to have affirmations just for your adorable, soon to be born, baby girl.

The world is already awaiting her sparkle.

How Can Birth Affirmations For Your Baby Girl Help Your Birth?

Before I jump into affirmations for you and your boy, I want to share with you an observation I’ve had as I’ve attended over 50+ births. Yes, there are some things that make some births harder than others. You can read about those, and what to do about them, in my free ebook, The 11 Worst Things About Labor.

But, in many births, the body simply does what the mind directs.

For example, when moms are focused on how hard they expect labor to be and have a high expectation of pain, their births are usually longer and more painful.

When moms are focused on how each contraction is bringing their baby to them… their birth is usually swifter.

Having a strong bond with your baby, and recognizing that you are working together, and everything that is happening is happening to bring you together, in a concrete and real way, makes contractions more effective.

Birth Affirmations For Baby Girl

birth affirmations for baby girl mom and baby sitting outside

“She is so tiny, she is so small. She is loved by all.”

“Fairy tales do come true. Happiness begins with you.”

“I get to meet my little girl today!”

“My little girl and I are working together in this birth.”

“My little girl will come when she is ready.”

“A baby girl is a giggle wrapped in the warmth of sunshine.”

“She will soon be in my arms.”

“My baby girl fills my life with a little sparkle and a bit of rainbow every day.”

“I have a strength I didn’t know existed.”

“We are stronger together.”

“I have everything I need to bring this girl into the world.”

“I believe in my little girl, and she believes in me.”

“The pain that I’m feeling cannot compare to the joy that my amazing daughter brings with her.”

“I trust my body. I trust my baby.”

“Everything will work out just the way it should.”

“I love this girl already.”

“She is fierce already. Just like me.”

“She might be small, but she is mighty.”

Bonding With Your Baby Girl While You Are Still Pregnant

Did you know that by 18 weeks of pregnancy your baby girl can hear your voice? Taking just a few minutes to sing to, talk to or share affirmations such as these is an amazing way to bond with your baby. It can also take a significant amount of stress off of you.

Your baby’s attachment to you and their brain development can begin even while they are still in your womb. While there are many studies on this, my favorite place to dig deeper into this is in Dr. Gabor Mate’s teachings. You can find an amazing video here if you want to know how powerful your soothing words can be to your child’s development.

Birth Affirmations For Your Baby Girl Summary

I hope these birth affirmations for you and your girl bring you some joy, some courage, and most of all, help you deepen your bond with your baby. Have an amazing birth mama!