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100 Powerful Birth Affirmations For A Beautiful Birth

Are you ready to have a birth that fills you with excitement, joy, and love? I know it can seem like there is a lot to worry about when giving birth. But it is absolutely 100% possible to have a positive birth experience. These birth affirmations will help you develop a positive mindset about the journey you take to meet your baby.

Your mindset plays a very important role in how you approach challenges and react to problems. When you master your mindset it can be EASY to do the things that lead to a birth experience completely different than the stressful, overwhelming stories that seem to be the modern day norm.

I’ve spent years working with pregnant mamas and one thing I know for sure is that mindset matters. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Why Are Birth Affirmations Important?

One thing that a lot of pregnant mamas don’t know is that their body has a natural pain relief system that is supposed to ‘turn on’ so-to-speak, during birth. In fact, this hormonal system, is 18-35 percent more effective at reducing pain than morphine.

However, many women today cannot access this pain relief system during birth. Not because their bodies can’t do it, but because the necessary emotional states needed for a woman to flow abundantly with the hormones that create this natural pain relief aren’t there.

Worry, fear, anxiety, fear, terror, irritation, annoyance, frustration, anger, rage, emotional numbness, shutdown, depression, despair… these are all forms of stress that are common during the birthing process. 

These emotions lead to hormones like cortisol, which interfere with the body’s natural pain relievers.

So while it may sound cliché to say ‘the body achieves what the mind believes’, in the case of birth, it is often true!

Of course, movement, having proper expectations, having a partner knowledgeable and confident in supporting you and prevention through nutrition is also important. All of these are covered inside the She Births Bravely Birth Course.

If you’re looking for support gaining the skills and confidence to manage labor, I’d love to see you inside.

But for now, let’s talk birth affirmations and build your strong mind for the journey ahead.

What Are Birth Affirmations?

Birth affirmations are positive statements about yourself and the birth process. Their purpose is to remind you of a truth that will help you reach your goal of a positive birth experience. They affirm to you something you know that you may have forgotten. Or they may replace a common belief or misconception about birth with a truer and more realistic statement.

If you feel overwhelmed by birth you are not alone. Many moms wonder if they will be able to do it and what it will take to get through it. In fact, overcoming self-doubt is an important part of the birth process. Everyone has self-doubt when it comes to birth. It is amazing to help moms move through this feeling.

Using birth affirmations helps you to be bold and go after what you want. They help you to have the courage to ask for the support you deserve. They help you have faith that your dreams about your birth can become a reality. And last but not least, they give you the commitment to yourself to make decisions that serve you and your baby at the highest level throughout your birth.

How To Use Birth Affirmations

Some moms wonder how to use birth affirmations. Affirmations work because they help reprogram your thoughts about yourself and the birth process. Since your thoughts control your actions, true change happens when you shift your thoughts.

Affirmations work fine just by reading them. However, you will get even better results if you tie emotion to them. Try this trick to get the most of your birth affirmations.

  1. Read through the affirmations until you find one that is meaningful to you.
  2. Ask yourself – what would it look like if I embodied that affirmation?
  3. Ask yourself – what would it FEEL like if I embodied that affirmation?
  4. How would that experience impact my life?

When you follow this simple process, you will get so much more out of your affirmations than when you simply read them. You will form an emotional connection with the experience you are trying to create -and that will help you manifest it into reality.

Birth Affirmations For Before Labor Begins

birth affirmations to use during pregnancy

Use these birth affirmations as you are preparing for birth:

“My future self thanks me for the time I am put into making my birth a good experience today.”

“I have the power to do everything I need to accomplish today.”

“I have my own story and I am busy manifesting it.”

“I accept myself fully and completely the way I am.”

“I replace fear of my birth with curiosity and positive expectation.”

“I am fearless and brave.”

“I let go of shame and guilt to live and birth in joy.”

“Perfectionism is a lie. I give myself permission to start messy and for my birth to unfold in the perfect way for me.”

“I am proud of myself.”

“I believe in my body.”

“I celebrate the time energy and effort I give to myself for a positive birth experience.”

“The ability to give birth is a gift.”

“I am built for birth. My body and my baby know what to do.”

“All of the strength I need is inside me.”

Birth Affirmations for Early Labor

birth affirmations early labor  - child feeling moms contracting belly

“This is the day I’ve been waiting for. I am ready.”

“My mind is relaxed. My body is relaxed.”

“I trust my body. I trust my baby. I trust my birth.”

“I am safe. My baby is safe.”

” I am created to do this.”

“Each contraction is bringing my baby closer to meeting me.”

“I listen to my body”

“My baby and I are working together.”

“My body knows just what to do and I trust it.”

“Open, surrender”

“I can, I will”

“I accept and welcome labor.”

Birth Affirmations For Labor

birth affirmations for active labor

Once you’re in full swing with contractions, you will want words in your head that help you deal with the intensity of labor. If you’ve ever wondered what labor feels like, check out this article ‘What Does A Contraction Feel Like?’

“I can do it because I am doing it.”

“I can’t go around it, I have to go through it.”

One word at a time. “Trust.Open.Relax.”

“I am surrounded by love and so is my baby.”

“Be here.”

“Breathe in ability. Breathe out resistance.”

“I will never have to do that contractions again.”

“Every contraction brings me closer to my baby.”

“Women all over the world are birthing with me right now.”

“My body opens, my mind quiets, my baby descends.”

“My instincts can be trusted and lead me to my baby.”

“It is my birth-rite to enjoy my birth.”

“With each contraction, I say goodbye to the part of me that could not do it.”

“I am stronger than I ever imagined.”

“I have a voice and a choice.”

“My body knows what it is doing. I was made for this.”

“I focus on right here, right now.”

“One at a time.”

“Sink into it.” 

“Fear is a liar.”

“My body is capable and strong.”

“Each wave has a purpose.”

Birth Affirmations For Dealing With Pain

One thing to be aware of is that women experience very different levels of pain during birth. These pain ranges can be from feeling like being in an intense workout to uncontrolable, unbearable pain.

These differences are not just viewpoints. Things like baby positioning within your pelvis, your hip flexibility, and others can actually change how much your body has to work to move a baby out of your body.

This is why I teach moms about how to reduce pain levels + cope with pain in my childbirth course,

These affirmations will help you process the rise and fall, the build and release of contractions and become comfortable with that new sensation.

“Ride the waves.”

“I can do this because I am doing it.”

“It can’t last forever. Babies always come.”

“My contractions can never be stronger than me. They are me.”

“I can do anything for ten seconds. Count to ten. Repeat.”

“When I feel I cannot do it, I know I am close.”

“Pain is part of the process. I let it be. I know it will be over soon.”

“I welcome surges. I don’t fight against them.”

“I look for the breaks and sink into them.”

“Pain is power. Pain is progress. Pain brings my baby to me.”

“There is nothing to fear.”

“She believed she could and so she did.”

“Change makes change.”

“With every contraction, I reach through heaven and hell, life and death and bring new life to this world.”

“My body achieves what my mind believes.”

Birth Affirmations For Pushing

“I am ready to meet my baby.”

“A baby will come out of my vagina.”

“I keep breathing. I keep relaxing. I listen to my body.”

“Baby is going to be here very soon.”

“She is turning a corner.”

“I slow down and take my time to keep my body safe.”

“I want to meet my baby NOW!”

Birth Affirmations For When Your Plans Change

“I make this choice out of love for my baby and myself.”

“I am strong enough to let my baby be born the way baby needs.”

“I am enough. I did enough.”

“I let go and be present.”

“I surrender to what is and let love heal me.”

“I continue to ask for what I need.”

“I have time, support, and all the tools I need to process my experience and find myself in it.”

“I allow my baby to feel my love, even when I am hurting.”

“Our start does not determine our future.”

“It gets better from here.”

“I will heal.”

Affirmations For Courage

“I create my life and birth.”

“I am becomming more and more confident with every passing day.”

“My birth is full of possibilities.”

“I am able to encourage myself no matter the circumstances I find myself in.”

“Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I can do it.”

“I gracefully surrender to the process of creating life.”

“I trust that I have all the skills, talents, and abilities within me that I need to birth my baby.”

“I am proud of who I am.”

Affirmations For Dads And Other Birth Partners

birth affirmations for dads
Dads have their own remarkable journey as they enter parenthood and learn to support their partner. Because of that, I created a list of affirmations just for dads. But here are a few for him as well.

“I am just who my family needs.”

“I let go of my fear and stay centered in the moment.”

“I can do this. I am doing this.”

“I intuitively know the right thing to do.”

“My efforts are appreciated now and in the future.”

“My family is safe.”

“I can take time to care for myself as well.”

“I guide. I protect. I wait. I hold space.”

“I embrace my partner’s strength and beauty at this moment.”

“This is my experience too.”

Birth Affirmations For Dads + Other Birth Partners To Say

“I am proud of you.”

“You are strong.”

“Lean on me.”

“I’m with you.”

“You can do this.”

“I believe in you.”

“Let me help you a little bit more.”

Your Birth Matters

Birth is an event that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Much like a wedding, the memories created in this experience will bring you joy for years to come.

It is absolutely possible to have a positive birth.

Yes, it is challenging. Yes, it may take you to your limits. But also yes, it can be an incredible experience.

So have the courage to go after what you want and create the birth that feels best to you!