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birth affirmations for dads

25 Powerful Birth Affirmations For Dads

Exactly how to bring out the best in your birth partner using only words

Do you want to help your partner become the best birth partner possible? I’ve been with dozens of families through birth, and I can tell you, that some dads feel more confident and capable than others.

In my experience, almost all dads have a desire to show up for their partners and be an incredible support person. However, sometimes dads don’t know what to do, mothers don’t know how to ask for what they need, or the crazy, overwhelming pressure and out of control feeling that often accompanies birth, wears a dad down and he breaks down under it all.

This article might be called birth affirmations for dads, but you are going to learn so much more. In this article, you will learn exactly how to strengthen and support the man in your life and help HIM prepare for birth – using only your words.

What Are Birth Affirmations For Dads?

Birth affirmations for dads, such as these ones for moms, help a dad overcome his fears and anxiety about the day you give birth and his child is born. They help him affirm truths about himself, the process of birth, and his relationship with you so that fears don’t overtake him and he can be a present and supportive partner.

As women, we often don’t realize how much pressure our partners are under as they become dads. Most of the focus is on you, the mom, and the child. However, dads also have a significant emotional journey as they pass the threshold into fatherhood. It doesn’t matter if it is their first baby, or if they have many. They will likely benefit from practicing birth affirmations specifically for men.

Why Do Dads Need More Than Just Birth Affirmations?

In this article, I am going to give you more than just a list of birth affirmations for dads. I am going to teach you a way to communicate with your partner that will allow you to ask for help without using shame, blame, or adding pressure to your partner’s plate.

When you can communicate clearly, in a way that builds him up, you are much more likely to get the support you need and deserve.

Look, when it comes to birth, men have very few resources to turn to for support. The expectations on men today is vastly different than expectations of men even just one or two generations ago. Often, men are expected to do the work that just two generations ago would be taken care of by a handful of trained and experienced women.

They need guidance, support, respect, and gratitude to do their job well. You can help your partner have that by carefully and intentionally using your words – and by providing him with affirmations so he can do his own internal work to prepare for the big day.

How To Get The Support You Need By Using Your Words

The point of affirmations is to help a person achieve something that seems out of reach. You know what – satisfying a pregnant woman, or a woman giving birth, often seems out of reach. It’s not your fault, but it’s a reality that you should be aware of.

By asking for support in a way that affirms your partner’s value and capability, your request can turn into a powerful affirmation. You can offer guidance, support, respect, and gratitude simply by opening the door to letting him help you the way you want to be helped.

Here’s how to do it.

A Simple Formula For Getting Everything You Need During Birth

Okay, this is not to be used to manipulate or othersie control your man. Please be honest and genuine when you use this.

When you need something during your pregnancy or birth from your partner try asking with this formula

“I really (insert apprecative word) when you (insert thing you want). It makes me (insert how you feel) and (insert another apprecition.)

What this looks like in actions is:

“I really appreciate it when you attend birth classes with me. It makes me feel safe and secure because I know you are taking care of me and I respect that extra effort you put towards our family.”

“I really enjoy it when you rub my back. It helps me relax and release and it makes me feel very connected to you. Thank you.”

“I really take comfort in the fact that you spend time listening to me after a stressful day because it helps me feel appreciated and loved. Thank you for being there for me.”

Are You Ready To Try Your Own?

As women prepare for birth, they often realize that the needs they need to be fulfilled to have a special birth experience are quite simple. Usually, it is someone’s loving presence, a gentle touch, a firm massage, or a strong and steady person to lean on.

Do you see how the requests above both help you ask for what you need, while at the same time affirming the value and worth of the support your partner offers back to you?

These are my favorite birth affirmations for dads, because they give the guidance he needs, allows him to actually make you happy, and shows the respect that he deserves for showing up for you.

Straight Up Birth Affirmations For Dads

Now that you know how to request support, in a way that affirms your partner’s value and gives guidance, let’s get to some more traditional birth affirmations for dads.

Everyone who enters the birth space needs to address their fear and anxieties before they get there. These birth affirmations for dads can help them do that.

“My family is safer when I am present and part of the birth process.”

“The love in my family deepens when I show up and help.”

“I release my fears before birth begins.”

“My partner and baby are safe.”

“If I get overwhelmed, I take a deep breath and release it.”

“I invite my partner to lean on me.”

“I am strong and resilient.”

“I can handle this situation.”

“I intuitively know what to do and how to help. I trust my instincts.”

“I am confident.”

“My partner recognizes and respects my efforts.”

“My family values me.”

“I keep my promises. My word is my bond.”

“I have a lot to offer my family.”

“I protect and watch over my family.”

“I am my partners biggest supporter and she returns the favor.”

“I give my best self.”

“I am ready to be a father to this child.”

“My life is increasing in joy.”

“My strength grows as I met new challenges.”

“This is my birth experience too.”

“There is time and space for me to take care of myself.”

“I value my child’s needs, my partner’s needs and my own needs.”

Birth Affirmations For Dads Conclusion

Dads often carry a heavy weight when they are supporting a woman through birth. Often they feel like Atlas, with the weight of the world on their shoulders.

The most powerful birth affirmations for dads are actually the words that you speak to him. You can use your words to help him achieve something that once seemed difficult or out of reach.

Regularly take time to affirm to your partner their value to you. You can do this even as you are requesting support.

I hope this helps you communicate effectively with your partner as you go through the birth process. And that you both feel ready for the big day!


Suzzie Vehrs