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5 Lifechanging Ways to Use Essential Oils for Pregnancy

You’ve heard about essential oils and you are wondering if you can use them during pregnancy. Maybe you’ve used oils a bit in the past and now you are wondering, is it still safe to use essential oils for pregnancy complaints?

I remember feeling the exact same way when I was considering getting pregnant before my last child. I loved my oils. But I was also skeptical of advice from the internet. I knew both that I could use oils and see results, and that oils are powerful. I wanted to use them safely and properly.

That is why I took the time to get certified in aromatherapy for pregnancy and birth through the Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy. This is the worlds leading oil education school and unaffiliated with any oil company.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I participate in the Amazon associates program . I am an independent Bodi coach and work with other brands I love.

What I learned served me every day when I did get pregnant. Essential oils were a gift that helped me to keep my energy up and dissolve away my aches and pains instead of living in a constant battle with my pregnant body.

I’ve officially been using oils for 5 years. The knowledge I gained through actually taking a course has provided continual benefits to my family. This is what you need to know about essential oils for pregnancy.

5 Powerful Ways to Use Essential Oils For Pregnancy

To Bring A Sense Of Calm And Peace

During pregnancy, my moods often feel out of control. I feel high, I feel low. Somedays I have so much energy I feel like I’m going to burst. Somedays my anxiety is overwhelming me and I can’t stop thinking about what if… what if… what if… and sometimes I just feel sad. I learned early in my oil journey that I can ease these mood swings by tuning in with essential oil practices and self-care.

To Ease Away Swelling, Aches, And Pains

Pregnancy is not the most comfortable time of life. I remember, when I was pregnant with my daughter Hazel, I would have such intense body aches I wasn’t sure how I would get out of bed. Yet, I had a toddler to keep up with and many things that really HAD to get done. If I took 20 minutes to hop in a bath with cypress and lavender. I was good to go. No leg cramps, no swelling, no achy body. It would all face away.

To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Energy is a constant focus throughout pregnancy for me. I am not one of those people that can survive well on a few minutes of sleep. I literally turn into a mom monster when I’m sleep deprived. Using oils to calm and relax helped me get a better night’s sleep more often. In fact, bedtime is one of my favorite times of the night now. Our bedtime routine always starts with a calming oil in the diffuser.

To Support Immunity And Overall Good Health

One of the things I love about oils is that high-quality oils support overall health. Unlike an over-the-counter medicine like Tylenol, oils do not deplete anything in the body. In fact, it gives the body wonderful tools to work with. I don’t think most of us realize how powerful the plants around us really are.

For example, Tylenol has 1 active ingredient, acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is known to deplete Glutathione, which is one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants. While most people consider Tylenol safe, what you don’t know is that acetaminophen is the number 1 cause of liver failure in the U.K., and the 2nd most common cause in the U.S. Yes, even Tylenol should be used with caution.

Lavender on the other has over 1,200 components. Each component of lavender has its own range of effects with the body. For example, Linalool, the main component of lavender has anti-fungal properties, reduces spasms and is an anti-convulsant. Lavender also contains Myrcene which acts as a free radical scavenger and induces liver detoxification. Lavender has many many antioxidants. This is why essential oils can help the body in such a variety of ways.

To support Gut Health

One of my favorite things about the oil company I use is their overall focus on health and wellness. They have tools to make my entire house less toxic and healthier. As I’ve studied health and worked to make my entire family healthy, I’ve learned to focus on gut health. I love that there are probiotics and digestive enzymes that can help me keep my family healthy from the inside out.

Which Essential Oils Do I Recommend for Pregnancy?

With less than 10 oils, you can address almost every pregnancy complaint. If I were buying oils for the first time and buying essential oils for pregnancy, these are the oils I would definitely, hands down, stock my cupboard with.

Roman Chamomile

One of my favorite properties of Roman Chamomile is that it eases pain. It does this by numbing nerves and reducing inflammation in tissues. It is a great oil to use in hot compresses, baths or massage blends. I use this oil to help me with things like sore breasts and lower back pain. It is also very soothing and can help relax the body and mind before sleep. After your baby has arrived, it is safe and gentle and often used to help with colic, teething pain, and general restlessness or crankiness.


Frankincense is one of the most powerful oils. It is also on the more expensive side. DoTERRA has a sale every December where if you spend about $200, you get a bottle for free. Typically I plan ahead and get my free bottle every year. Frankincense is known to help tone the uterus and it is particularly beneficial to pregnant mothers. It is also known to help destroy infection-causing bacteria. My favorite property of Frankincense is that it is deeply emotionally healing. It can calm the nervous system and reduce stress.


If you can only get one bottle of oil, lavender is the most widely used, is very affordable and has the most applications. While you may first think of lavender as being a calming and relaxing oil, it also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic properties and is stimulating to the immune system.


Geranium has an amazing scent which is very similar to a rose. It is sometimes called the ‘women’s oil’ because it helps regulate hormones. Geranium oil can help with physical things such as engorged breasts after birth, and emotional things such as depression and nervous tension. It can even help stop bleeding. I LOVE this essential oil for pregnancy.


If you drink Earl Grey Tea, you are familiar with bergamot. It is the oil that gives this tea its unique flavor. Bergamot is an oil that helps support digestion. Its powerful uplifting scent makes it one of the most important oils to use in massage and bath blends to aid with tension, anxiety, and depression. It has powerful antidepressant qualities. While it is uplifting and energizing, it does not interfere with a person’s ability to sleep.


Cypress oil stimulates circulation which can increase energy, warm cold hands, ease muscle cramps, and body aches. It can help regulate the menstrual cycle and even reduces heavy blood loss. Cypress essential oil can also be helpful for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and swelling. It helps clear lactic acid from the body so it is particularly helpful to bring your body back to homeostasis after a long day’s work.


Lemon oil has a deliciously clean scent. Many people use it to clean because of it’s antibacterial and antiviral properties. However, what I love most about lemon is that it supports the regeneration of white blood cells. It has been used by medically qualified aromatherapists to treat some serious illnesses. It is the essential oil I use for pregnancy and my young children to support the immune system during sickness. As a side benefit, the clear scent usually leaves my mind clear and alert and reduces any built-up apathy.


Spearmint oil is a lot like peppermint. However, it is more gentle and more suitable for children and pregnant people. Spearmint can be used to support the digestive system, alieve nausea, can often calm heartburn. The cooling feeling of this oil can be extremely beneficial to hot, tired and aching feet and legs. It can be used in a massage blend or foot bath for these benefits. A cool spearmint compress can come to the aid of a headache, mental fatigue or dizziness. The brightness and clarity of this oil brings brightness and clarity to the mind. It is a favorite of mine during labor to help a mom refocus and overcome negative thoughts. While peppermint oil can affect breast milk supply, you can continue to use spearmint your baby is born.


Vetiver is sometimes called the ‘oil of tranquility’. It is extremely relaxing, balancing and the perfect oil for those feeling depressed, isolated or rootless. It is known to strengthen the nervous and the immune system and helps reduce the risk of becoming sick because of lowered defenses. This oil is my favorite to use in a bath before bed or to diffuse at night. It calls me into a deep night’s sleep and helps me feel completely and totally relaxed.

Where To Learn More About These Oils

Don’t take my word for it. Essential Oils are fascinating to learn about. If you want to learn more I recommend the book the Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness. This book is written by two certified aromatherapists and chock full of useful information. You will find many ways to use these oils so that each bottle can support your family during pregnancy and beyond.

Where to Order Your Essential Oils For Pregnancy

I would love to be your oil person. I adore my customers and am grateful for my customers. Anytime you order anything from my site, it helps me create more great resources for moms having babies.

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If you ever have any questions about how to use or purchase your oils, reach out to me at contact@shebirthsbravely.com

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Why Do I Use DoTERRA?

You are probably expecting me to say I use DoTerra because it is the only good oil company and anything else is just the worst. Well, I’m not.

While there are certainly oil companies with products I wouldn’t touch with a 10 ft pole, there is more than one oil producer making a decent oil. That said, I LOVE my DoTerra oils and after years of using many brands, I have become a loyal customer. Here’s why:

  1. DoTERRA oils bless people on both sides of the bottle. There’s no doubt that essential oils bless the lives of people who learn how to use them responsibly. DoTERRA is invested in creating a healthier world altogether. This commitment is the number one reason I’m obsessed with this company. DoTERRA purposefully partners with thousands of small farmers around to world with a direct purpose to create jobs and reduce poverty by investing in small farming communities. Learn more about DoTERRA’s co-impact sourcing here.
  2. DoTERRA oils are high quality and have brought me and others results. Now, I get annoyed when I hear people say all oils were ineffective and garbage until xyz company was founded. But I do appreciate that DoTERRA has third-party testing and is free from synthetic fillers. Find out more about why DoTERRA here.
  3. I love that DoTERRA allows me to invest my success into others. I remember before I became a doula, blogger, and wellness advocate that I wanted to stay home with my kids. It was hard financially to give up my job in finance, but we made it work. I love that through DoTERRA, I can help support other moms going through their own transition. As a blogger, I have complete freedom to align with companies I fully support. DoTERRA’s business model gives me an opportunity to invest my time, resources and success into others who are looking to grow.

How to Use DoTERRA Essential Oils In Pregnancy

There are several ways to use oils when you are pregnant. First, I want to point out, that ingestion is NOT one of them. Sure, there are a few rare exceptions to this, but in general, do not ingest oils during pregnancy.

  1. Use oils in a carrier oil or cream to massage onto your skin.
  2. Add a few drops of oils to Epsom salts and enjoy a long warm bath.
  3. Diffuse oils into the air and enjoy the scents and benefits as you breathe them in.
  4. Use oils to replace things like hand-sanitizers with hormone effect ingredients, toxic household cleaners, etc.

Watch for my article on Essential Oils Safety in Pregnancy coming soon which will go over exactly how to use each method!

Check Out My Guides

If you have a specific problem you are looking to address, check out our guides. These give everything you need to know to know exactly how to use oils to aid with a specific problem.

Each of these guides will go over nutrition, lifestyle and essential oil tips that can help you address your pregnancy problems. Here’s to simple changes and feeling blissful in pregnancy!

Doterra Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to buy something every month?

No! Like most companies, DoTERRA does have a fabulous royalty rewards program. If you are purchasing monthly, you are eligible to get many rewards points and free products. This program is 100% optional. About half of my customers use it.

Will I be asked to sell anything?

No! Selling oils is an option and a good fit for some moms. I love mentoring mothers and helping them be successful in their home businesses. However, I feel that most women are not successful if they have been pushed into selling, if they don’t have a financial or impact need or they don’t have proper support. Because of that, I like to set up those who want to sell oils up for success by leading a mentorship program once a year. Contact me to be added to the waitlist. Once on the list, you will be alerted when the program opens and applications are being accepted.