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How a mindful cup of tea transformed my pregnancy

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I’m a huge believer that we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs and patterns. Because of this, when I get in a rut, I also know that I can get out of a rut. And rutted is just how I found myself at the beginning of 3rd pregnancy.

First trimester is notoriously not easy. Like many, I was sick, not sleeping, but I looked enough like me that my family was like “what do you meeeaaannnn you need to sleep until 10?” (Wouldn’t that be nice?) My toddler most definitely still wanted me to feed her breakfast and my husband still had to leave for work, so somehow, even though I felt like crap, I had to get up and start the day.

I used to love my mornings, but, once pregnant, I hated them. And grumbling in the morning is a pretty good set up to feel grumbly and resentful most of the day. I was in a place where I didn’t want to be, so I started to think about how I could change it.

It was when I was residing in this place of hope, that I discovered the art of drinking tea. Not just boiling a cup of water and throwing in some herbs, but finding this beautiful meeting place of nourishing my body (which absolutely helped with the nausea) and my mind (which absolutely helped with the taking care of my existing people problem.)

One of my favorite naturopaths Clara Bitcoin shares an inspiring story about tea on her blog:

“Herbal tea is the simplest form of medicine for the body and mind. The ritual of drinking tea is common in many cultures over many eons. It is associated with a moment of peace, a social platform for connection or a energy pep up.

The Japanese tea ceremony is one of the more famous tea rituals commonly known. I was told some time ago by a Japanese tea master that they refer to their ceremony as “chado” which loosely translates to “the way of tea”.

It was common practice in warring times that before any battle decision was made, the war council of both sides would sit for chado together. The mindfulness required to sit in ceremony allowed the war lords to invite wisdom and peace into their decisions.

It was considered dishonourable to enter into battle without having a cup of tea with your enemies.” (https://www.mediatrixwellness.com.au/herbal-tea-and-the-power-of-ritual/)

I found for myself, it was in a way dishonourable, or at least a great disservice, to myself and my family to start my day without taking a moment to set an intention for the day and move into a place of gratitude and abundance. I may not be a warlord, but my way of being has a cascading effect through my entire family.

You want to know what changed after I began taking my 10 minute meditative tea time?

My morning sickness nearly completely went away.

I smiled a lot more.

I spent less time watching tv or wishing I could just turn it on for my daughter and more time painting, drawing, visiting the library and snuggling.

I laughed more.

I felt well enough to go back to yoga and have regular high quality me time.

Preparing healthy food became easier because it wasn’t all making me sick.

I spent more time with friends.

I was recently looking back at my journal from the first trimester of pregnancy, and it is full of memories that make me smile. This is totally different to the complaining and defeated feeling of the pages that proceeded the morning ritual of tea.

What do you think, could 10 minutes and a small dose of herbal tea transform your life?

It’s certainly an easy place to start.

My favorite tea by far is this one by Nil Organics. Designed with the guidance of a midwife, it is packed with herbs that will support the pregnant body.

Check out their blends for:

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