10 Birth Videos Every Pregnant Mama Should Watch

Birth was my worst fear.... until it wasn't

It was another day, another birth.

As a doula, I have the privilege of being at all kinds of births. Today’s birth was a homebirth.

Mom was peacefully in labor, meditating and resting between contractions.

I stepped out to get a drink of water for myself and some for the mom, dad, and midwives as well.

It was then that I ran into the ‘nanny’ for the week – the mom’s teenage niece who had flown in to watch the other kids for the week.

“How is she?” She asked me.

“Doing great!” I said with a smile.

“I could never do it.” She said.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Have a baby.” She said. “Birth is my biggest fear.” She said.

I smiled and nodded, remembering when I thought the exact same thing.

What I would do to go back and give my younger self the knowledge and experience I have now. And yet, if I did that… would I be here today, helping other moms breakthrough this same fear?

Can Birth Videos Help You Break The Cycles Of Pain And Fear About Birth?

The truth is, that it’s totally normal to fear birth. But it doesn’t mean that birth on it’s own is scary.

I was once at a Tony Robbins Event where Tony claimed fear doesn’t really exist.

I know it sounds crazy, but let me explain.

He went on to say that what we call fear is usually just the awareness we have of a vulnerability that leaves us at risk for danger or pain.

Here are some things you can learn by watching birth videos:

  • Learn what it looks like to cope with a contraction
  • See how different women like to be supported
  • Understand that birth is physiologically sound


That’s why I made you a free guide that will walk you step by step through some of the biggest challenges of labor. That way, you will be prepared for challenges and overcome them gracefully.

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These 10 Birth Videos Will Change the Way You View Birth

The Birth Of Banx

The Birth of Rain Gaia by Lisa LeBaron Photography

Welcoming Everly

The Birth of Mila Rosemary by Sojourning Souls

She Delivers Her Own Baby by Vanessa Brown Photography

Welcoming Naya Lynn captured by Angie Klaus Photography

Welcoming Jack captured by Frases 1999 (this has the most beautiful spousal support!)

A Positive Birth Video

A Birth with Family and Kids captured by Lindsey Meehlies

A Raw And Real Labor And Delivery

A Beautiful And Gentle C-Section Posted By Sophie Messager

Your Body Is Meant To Birth Your Baby 

If you have ever doubted if the female body is still designed to birth a full term baby in the modern age, these women will show you that yes, you are meant to birth your baby. Your body is meant to birth your baby.

Enjoy opening yourself up to possibility and immersing yourself in the wonder of each of these beautiful, unique stories.

Much love mother and may you be guided and blessed as you uncover and experience the perfect birth for you!

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