10 Birth Videos Every Pregnant Mama Should Watch

Birth Videos Transformed My Vision of Birth And Can Help You Have A Better Birth Too

Birth videos helped me have the best experience of my life birthing my baby. They can for you, too. 

I began watching an absurd amount of birth videos after I heard a friend of mine say she laughed out not one, but two babies. Wow! Can birth really be like that? I thought.

I love birth videos, not because they create a bar to judge ourselves by, but because they show how differently and beautifully birth happens for each of us.

Watching birth videos, I learned how I wanted to be supported; I became able to communicate and SHOW my husband what support I needed; I was able to envision and create a birth entirely and completely different than my first traumatic experience; Because I indulged in binge-watching a few birth videos, a whole world of possibility was opened up to me.

“Women, don’t ever apologize for your behavior or choices during birth. When you OWN your experience and take pride in your journey, you help other women do the same thing. No matter how you did it, you just brought a human being into the world! The world should be kneeling at your feet.” – Lauralyn Curtis


Do you want to be prepared for the most surprising and uncomfortable things that happen during labor? then you NEED our guide:

11 Surprising Things That Might Happen During Labor

Do This To Make The Most Of Your Birth Video Binge-Watching Experience

Take notes of what really lights a fire inside of you. Is there a really beautiful birth environment you need? Is it so sweet the way a partner hold’s a mother’s hand in a challenging moment? Do you see a coping strategy that makes labor seem more doable? Watching these women will help you KNOW that you can birth your baby. 

Does your birth story matter? Absolutely. According to Midwife Penny Simpkin, your birth experience will stay with you for the rest of your life. More so than anything else, no matter how difficult your birth becomes, the way you are treated in birth will stay with you forever. You will remember this day forever, so let’s make it a positive one. You can see her talk about why it’s worth it to do this preparation here. 

As a doula, I love hearing how moms feel empowered and like they can od anything after giving birth.

One of my favorite things about birth videos is they help you answer questions like what does a contraction really feel like and how will I cope with them? If you are a visual learner, this is one of the best ways to prepare for birth.

Your Body Is Meant To Birth Your Baby 

If you have ever doubted if the female body is still designed to birth a full term baby in a modern age, these women will show you that yes, you are meant to birth your baby. Your body is meant to birth your baby.

If you enjoy birth stories, please also enjoy these 10 places to read (and watch) positive birth stories that will provide days of binge-watching pleasure

Enjoy opening yourself up to possibility and immersing yourself in the wonder of each of these beautiful, unique stories.

Nervous About How You Will Get Through Contractions?

I can help! Helping moms have awesome birth experiences is totally my thing. If you are wondering if you can get through labor pains, check out my workshop “How To Not Freak Out During Labor”

These 10 Birth Videos Will Change the Way You view Birth

Drumroll please…..

The Birth of Rain Gaia by Lisa LeBaron Photography

Welcoming Everly

The Birth of Mila Rosemary by Sojourning Souls

She Delivers Her Own Baby by Vanessa Brown Photography

Welcoming Naya Lynn captured by Angie Klaus Photography

Welcoming Jack captured by Frases 1999 (this has the most beautiful spousal support!)

A Positive Birth Video

A Birth with Family and Kids captured by Lindsey Meehlies

A Raw And Real Labor And Delivery

A Beautiful And Gentle C-Section Posted By Sophie Messager

Much love mother and may you be guided and blessed as you uncover and experience the perfect birth for you!

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