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When Can I Start Bending After A C-Section? And How How To Get By Until Your Bend And Snap Is Back

Hey mama are you wondering When Can I Start Bending After A C-Section? If so, welcome to our comprehensive guide addressing a common concern among new mothers.

If you’ve recently undergone a C-section delivery or are planning for one, you might be feeling a bit dismayed and frustrated by your lack of ability to bend after surgery. Who knew that our core affects so many of our systems? That simple tasks like tying shoes, picking up your baby, sitting up in bed, answering a door could all be so challenging.

Rest assured (and assured by rest) you will heal. In this guide, we will focus on practical advice to help you know when you can bend again after your surgery. And also, practical tips on how to function with as little bend as possible until it feels right in your body again.

A Week By Week Guide To Bending After A C-Section

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Healing from a c-section comes with many frustrations, but also a lot of milestones. The ability to bend after your surgery will come back in waves – with more and more tasks coming back into your day. However, this won’t start at first. Plan to spend week 1 and 2 mostly laying down, snuggling with your baby. 2 full weeks of rest is definitely recommended.

In week three, your first bend comes back! Most most are able to bend enough to start taking on a complete feeding routing on their own. Including bending over to pick up their baby, sitting up to feed baby, and then bending to put baby down! This is a huge milestone.

If you noticed, part of what I mentioned in that routine was bending to sit up! If you are wondering when you will be comfortable sitting again, look to week 3.

Over the next 3 weeks, you will gradually be able to do more and more. But please, take it slow. By week 6, you should be able to introduce bending to do basic housework, meal prep or a gentler workout.

Some moms don’t feel right doing many of those things until week 8. This is a great time to listen to your body and add on tasks as they feel right. For example, bending down to speak face to face with an older sibling is much more important than bending to push a vacuum.

Can I Speed Up Recovery And Bend Sooner?

I know everyone wants to move and bend as soon as possible. What I have seen from the moms I’ve worked with, is that moms who embrace a daily 10 minute walk and diaphragmatic breathing (follow the Every Mother System for instructions) and very simple healing movements from the beginning of recovery are able to bend and move much sooner than those that do not get out of bed.

I highly recommend looking into the Every Mother System to guide you through appropriate movements to help heal the first days and weeks after birth. More oxygen, movement that doesn’t cause injury, and appropriately increasing from breath, to simple movement, to exercise will all help you regain your freedom to move how you want sooner. Even so, please give your body time to heal and be gentle as you resume your daily tasks.

How To Pick Up Your Baby Without Bending After A C-Section

You may be wondering how in the world are you supposed to pick up your baby after your surgery? Well, if you can, have someone hand baby to you whenever possible. But, if you are picking your baby up by yourself try bending your knees to lower your body to baby instead of bending at your waist.

Then, pull baby close to your body before standing up again.

How To Get Out Of Bed Without Bending After A C-Section

You won’t be able to get in and out of bed at all without bending after your c-section, but we do have some tips to help you compensate for a core that just can’t keep up with it’s old jobs just yet.

First slowly and steadily move your body inch by inch towards the edge of your bed. So that, if you were to bend your knees, they would be very near to the edge.

Then, bend your knees so they are by the edge. Take a few minutes to breathe and recoup your energy here if you just recently had your surgery. Just getting this far is a big deal! Good job!

Next, you will push your upper body up using your arm strength, while letting your feet move off the bed to hang off the side.

From here, you will use your hands to help push you up off the bed.

How To Go Up Stairs Without Bending After A C-Section

Stairs is another tricky spot for moms who recently had surgery. I always suggest that babies sleep in mama’s room if she has recently had surgery. Or that baby stay where dad is sleeping and he brings baby to mama when it’s time to feed. Of course, this is often the same place. But some families do split up their sleep arrangements to support each other in getting quality sleep in the little gaps between feeds the first few weeks. Some families prefer being close, it really just depends on what helps you feel rested and supported.

Either way, stairs are a challenge. Especially if you have to go up them multiple times a day.

To go up stairs, hand your baby to someone else. Then turn sideways and hold on to a railing. Move up one stair at a time. Leading with one foot and then following with the other.

How To Skin To Skin With Baby Without Bending

Skin to skin time with baby can feel so great and be such an important bonding + breastfeeding tool for new moms. But, it can feel impossible or frustrating if just holding baby is too much after your surgery. The good news is that you don’t have to be upright to do skin to skin with baby.

One really great way to do skin to skin with baby is to lay flat on your back, with or without a pillow, whatever is comfortable for you. Then, simply lay baby on top of your chest. Think about you two being heart to heart here. It will feel so good!

Just make sure to keep blankets out of baby’s face so they can breathe.

When Can I Start Bending After A C-Section? TL/DR

In conclusion, the journey to reclaiming your flexibility and strength after a C-section is a gradual yet rewarding process. Remember, patience and self-care are your greatest allies during this transformative time. As we’ve discussed, it’s essential to give your body the necessary time to heal properly before gradually reintroducing bending and other physical activities into your routine.

During the initial three weeks of recovery, prioritize rest and gentle movements to aid your body’s healing process. By week 3, you can start incorporating light bending exercises, ensuring you listen to your body’s cues and not pushing beyond your comfort level.

By weeks 6 to 8, you can expect to regain enough strength and flexibility to manage household chores and engage in initial, gentle workouts. However, it’s crucial to continue to monitor your body’s response and consult your healthcare provider if you experience any unusual discomfort or pain.

Above all, remember that every individual’s recovery journey is unique, and it’s essential to focus on your well-being and that of your newborn. Embrace this precious time with patience and self-compassion, and celebrate each milestone as you gradually return to your regular activities. You’re on your way to reclaiming your strength and vitality, one gentle bend at a time.

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