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happy mom holding baby recovering from c-section with her c-section recovery kit

7 1/2 Essential Items Under $50 That Make The Perfect C-Section Recovery Kit

Turn your c-section recovery into a at home retreat, well, mostly

Do you need a c-section recovery kit too?

It seems like eons ago that I was dreaming of the perfect birth of my first baby. I was going to go natural. My husband was going to hold my hand and I was not going to poop in front of anyone. I knew it was going to go that way because it’s exactly what I wanted.

But it didn’t go that way.

It was hard embracing a change of plans and a c-section. Recovering from that birth changed me in an important way. It made me slow down, be in the present moment, and gave me space to just exist in a way I didn’t know how to do previously.

So in a way, my c-section was a blessing. Because what I remember most from those first weeks of being a mom is laying in bed staring dreamily at my baby. Holding her while she was sleeping and inhaling her perfect newborn smell. I literally couldn’t put her in her bassinet by myself the first days, so like it or not (and I did like it very much), here we were, snuggled up together, and it was perfect.

Becoming mom was the best day of my life, no matter what storms my birth experience brought me through. And today, I want to share with you exactly what my c-section recovery taught me about putting together an AMAZING c-section recovery kit.

Because I want you to have a dreamy c-section recovery as well.

What Kind Of Items Do You Need In A C-Section Recovery Kit?

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The best items for a c-section recovery kit really depend on your needs and setup at home. You need items that will help you rest, relax and stay in bed as long as possible. Of course, you will want to go for a brief walk most days, but most of the time, limiting movement means your body can heal.

7 1/2 Items You Need In Your C-Section Recovery Kit

1) Depends Are The Number One Item You Need In Your C-Section Recovery Kit

Key Selling Points: After you have a c-section, you will bleed pretty heavily. I know, it seems like you should escape having to let your vagina heal, but there is still a wound nside where your placenta detached from the uterus. So you want depends. Depends are tight and secure. They won’t move around on you puling at your scar. You can tear them down the sides to get them off instead of stepping in and out of them, which trust me, you will want. The bad boys are made for postpartum days. Stock up on a package or two.

What Customers Are Saying: “

Cost: $35.35

2) A Belly Wrap Will Hold Everything Together Those First Few Weeks

Key Selling Points: A 2017 study found that women who used a belly wrap after a c-section had less pain and a quicker recovery. A belly wrap is basically a compression tool that holds your entire abdomen together and offers support. This is great when you are trying to walk after a c-section and all your muscles are doing weird things and your scar hurts and you feel like its really challenging to just stand straight. Many women continue to wear belly binders for several months after their baby has been born for extra support and healing of their abdomina muscles.

What Customers Say: “Omggggg. Girl. Yes. 5 stars!! I checked into the hospital on due date at 174 lbs. Gave birth and slapped this on the next day at the hospital. Came home on the 3rd day looking like Beyonce. Weighed 140 by the end of the week. This helped me so much with putting everything back together. Wear it everyday as long as you can and you’ll feel great. Drink lots of water to help with the after baby bloat. 👍”

Cost: $22.95

3) The FridaBaby Mom-Washer Is That Must Have Item No One Told You About

Key Selling Points: This is a peri bottle that you use to keep yourself clean down there. Yes, you will still want one of these after a c-section. The cool thing about this one is that it is andgled so you can easily use it without having to bend over. Remember how hard ihow many ab muscles you use when you have to bend over? yup, you can avoid that every time you go to this bathroom with this little thing.

What Customers Are Saying: “GAME CHANGER LADIES. It’s so hard to get clean after having a baby, you know what I mean. They will tell you the routine to do to keep yourself clean without having to wipe. You will have to be your own bedet?(totally don’t know how to spell that). Warm water. Not hot. Not cold. You don’t have to bend down and be in an uncomfortable position to get to the places you need. That handy dandy spout is shaped that way for a reason. A good squeeze and you can get all that down there clean without having to look. For the love of God, don’t look down there after having a child. Your welcome.”

Cost: $15.99

4) The Boppy Best Latch Nursing Pillow’s Ability Support Your Baby’s Weight While Nursing Earns It An Essential Spot In Your C-Section Recovery Kit

Key Selling Point: Breastfeeding after a c-section requires some finagling. You won’t’ have as much core strength after a c-section to support your baby. A nursing pillow can support your little one and allow you to relax while you feed. And since you’ll be doing that a lot, it’s a great idea to get comfy while doing it.

What Customers Are Saying: “This boppy has to be one of my #1 items for having a baby, it’s so versatile, there are so many things you can do with it, and it’s super cute. Gotta have it whether you’re breastfeeding like me, or the formula.. can be used for both, the babies love to sit in it and sleep in it as well. Gotta love this product A++”

Cost: $44.98

5) A Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Will Help You Get The Fluids That You Desperately Need When You Are In Recovery Mode

Key Selling Points: You should be drinking a lot of water after having a baby. And you also need a lot of nutrients after having a baby. Adding fruit to your water or using this water bottle tas a tea diffuser is a great way to both help you remember to drink water and get extra nutrients. Use it with fruit or a great postpartum tea like the one from Nil Organics. Trust me you’ll love it.

What Customers Are Saying: This is one of those products which is exactly as it appears on the product page. I got a purple one for me as a recommendation to ensure I was not only drinking enough water but consistently throughout the day (I actually was drinking way too much in the morning and not enough later on in the day). The bottle is large and sturdy but does fit in every cupholder I use regularly. The lid is awesome – I was a bit paranoid after reading other reviews but I have no issues with it leaking or the seal coming out of place, or anything else. I don’t even really use the metal loop lock and it’s still fantastic, even with being dropped a few times.”

Cost: $16.90

6) The Parker Baby Diaper Caddy Frees You Up To Stay Cuddled In Bed Even When You Are Caring For Your Baby

Key Selling Points: You want your c-section recovery kit to be full of items that will help you stay put. A diaper caddy means that you can have diapers stored neatly in your bedroom, in your nursery, or next to your couch. That means you don’t have to carry your newborn across the house or up a flight of stairs just to change a diaper. You can also stuff half of it with a snack and your water bottle so you literally have everything you need in one place right next to you.

What Customers Are Saying: “This caddy is great! I ordered the larger size and it holds a ton of stuff. I use it daily to carry my daughters diapers and other changing essentials from upstairs to downstairs. It’s sturdy, spacious, and has a simple attractive design which is exactly what I wanted. There are three small pockets and two large pockets on the sides of the caddy. The inside separator is detachable you can arrange the sections however it works best for you. The handles are a nice length it’s very easy to pickup. This is one of my favorite baby purchases I’ve made and I highly recommend it.”

Cost: $19.95

6) Earth Mama Organics Scar Ointment Will Help Your Scar Heal And Prevent Itchiness

Key Selling Points: One of the best ways to care for your scar after your incision has healed and your stitches have dissolved is by practicing a gentle scar massage. A very gentle massage will prevent itching and help reduce scar tissue. I love the Earth Mama Organics product line for post partum body care. Their balms are absolutely delicous and are the perfect medium to use as you nurture you body back to health and reconnect with your abdomen.

What Customers Are Saying: “I do not know if this helped heal my c-section incision faster, but it made me FEEL good while it was healing! I started applying it at 4 days postpartum (I had a “glued” incision). It felt nice to apply and helped me keep from getting itchy and irritated. This was my first cesarean after 4 natural births so I was happy to have little things like C-Mama Healing Salve to help me get through that time. I still have about 1/4 of the tub left (I used it at least once a day for about 2 months) and plan to use it on other scars and skin irritations.”

Cost: $17.99

7 1/2) LullyBoo Bassinet Will Let You Safely Keep Baby Close By Even While You Rest

Key Selling Points: Okay, to be honest, this one is NOT under $50. That is why it only counts as a half item. You can buy half of this with your $50. But, I think if you are a c-section mama, you need a safe way to keep baby on the bed with you. It is tough to get up and down the first few days and having your baby right there – it just simplifies things. I love that this bed is easy to travel with, super cute and not near as expensive as a dock-a-tot or other baby beds.

What Customers Are Saying:  “Absolutely buy this! Possibly THE best baby purchase I’ve ever done. I put my 2.5 month in there with the canopy and the toys and she stays entertained for a long time (she used to want mom only before), and then when I notice she’s getting sleepy, I take the toys on the canopy off and she falls asleep BY HERSELF, which she never used to do before. We use it as a cosleeper which is great, and it’s so lightweight that we bring it downstairs on the couch during the day. We haven’t traveled yet, but needless to say, this bed is following us wherever we go because it’s the best thing ever!”

Cost: $74.99

A Summary Of Putting Together A Great C-Section Recovery Kit

Whether you are putting together a c-section recovery kit for yourself or for someone else, remember, you want items that help moms stay comfortable and stay put. While it’s important to move a little bit and maybe take walk or two, most of the time after a c-section will be spent in bed for several days or even weeks.

Think snacks like nuts, bars, penut butter puffs etc that pack a lot of nutrients. Drinks like coconut water, teas and fruit infusions. And items that make it so she doesn’t have to leave her bed, such as the co-sleeper.

C-sections can be a beautiful way to give birth to your child. I hope that your recovery is full of bonding and peace as well.