100+ Birth Affirmations to Remind You You are a Birthing QUEEN!

You are a birthing queen. These birth affirmations will help you get into a birth mindset and help you totally rock your birth.

You were made to birth this baby and you have everything you need inside of you to have an incredible experience as you do so.


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100 Birth Affirmations that will Remind You You are a Birthing QUEEN

“Remember this, for it is as true and true gets:  Your body is not a lemon. You are not a machine. The Creator is not a careless mechanic.  Human female bodies have the same potential to give birth well as aardvarks, lions, rhinoceros, elephants, moose, and water buffalo.  Even if it has not been your habit throughout your life so far, I recommend that you learn to think positively about your body.” – Ina May Gaskin

“Childbirth is a natural event that occasionally needs medical help. Not a medical event that occasionally happens naturally.” – Kemi Johnson

“I can, I will”

“You are strong”

“You are doing it”

“God and angels are with you to lift you and send you strength now!”

“Get ready to welcome your sweet baby!”

“You are created to do this”

Your thoughts can change your experience. use these to get out of your automatic negative mind, into the place where you accept and welcome labor.

“Listen to your body”

“He or she is almost here!”

“Low deep breathing helps you relax. Keep breathing, keep relaxing.”

I like those sounds, that means baby is going to be here very soon.”

You’re doing it!”

“You are so strong.”

“She’s turning a corner.”

“You can hold off for another 30 minutes before you have to make that decision.  See if things change/progress.”

“Baby is coming down the birth canal.”

“Breathe and slow down, it’s okay to take your time to keep your bottom safe.”

“Reach down and feel your baby’s head.”


Having someone tell you where baby is so it’s not a mystery is major encouragement! 

“Your doing Great! Keep pushing! It won’t be long now!”

“I can see babies head! Oh baby has brown hair!”

Bonus best practice for mastering your mindset when in the middle of a difficult choice:

Sometimes there are forks in the road during a birth. For example, dilating pausing/not progressing. “We think we should try this….” (sometimes more intervention.)  It helped me to be reminded that I could say something like “I’d like to see if getting up and walking for awhile will help,”  or a bath, or a new position. There’s a tendency to give away power to experts. There is room for discussion, alternative considerations, negotiation.

“Change makes change.” 

In response to “I can’t do this anymore” – “you can do this. You ARE doing this.” 

“You’re Amazing!” 

“The ancestors are helping you”

“You are Royal heritage You can do this. You are strong – God is with You❤️”

Jokes helped me laugh my baby out between pushes.

“You are the angel your baby needs to get here”

“It can’t last forever, babies eventually come.”

“With every contraction,  you are reaching through heaven and earth, life and death, to pull a new life into existence”.

“Your body knows what it is doing, it was made for this”

“You are standing with woman through out all of time, reach for their help, they stand with you”.

“Each contraction is bringing your baby closer to meeting you”

“Millions of women for THOUSANDS of years have been doing this- (most in much worse conditions than I had) SO I CAN DO IT TOO! 😊”

Birth affirmations can come in the form of body language, not just words. This is one of the most amazing affirmations: 

“After a long labor and hours of pushing, when I was at the point of begging for intervention, my doctor looked me right in the eye and said with sincere conviction, “YOU can do this!” It gave me the final burst of strength I needed because I could FEEL that she meant it.
Birth is such an empowering experience! ❤️”

 “Oh, that’s a good labor noise!  You are so close!”

✨Peoples smiles! ✨

No words…touch and looks of encouragement

“You’re strong!!”

“My contractions can never be stronger than me,  they are me.”

“My baby and I are working together.”

“One at a time.”

Sometimes it is a matter of mind over matter.

Where a thought goes a molecule follows.

Deepak Chopra

“I can do anything for 10 seconds. Count to ten repeat.”

“You are going to feel like at some point you cannot do it… that is when your baby is coming.”

“Deep moans.  Deep breaths. You got this.” 

“My pelvis is releasing and opening.”

“I welcome each new contraction.”

“I’m about to meet baby!”

“Open, surrender”

“Yes, yes, yes”

“You are built for birth, your body and your baby know what to do.”

“Welcome the surges don’t fight against them.”

“This pain is only temporary and won’t last forever.”

“You got this. You can do anything for a few minutes.”

“Enjoy the break.”

“My body knows just what to do and I trust it.”

“The stronger my birthing waves are, the more I relax.”

“Each powerful wave brings me closer to holding my precious baby.”

“I am safe and my baby is safe, no matter how much power flows through me.”

Most importantly, never forget why you wanted this type of birth in the first place. Let these birth affirmations cycle through your mind and remind you of where you are going when you feel overwhelmed.

“I am so in tune with my body that I sense my baby’s every need.”

“I keep my face, hands and pelvic floor completely relaxed.”

“You are a birthing bad ass!! Your body was made for this moment!!!!!” 

“You got this … Just focus and breathe 😍🙂😁 this is your transformation !!!!”

“The strength of my birthing sensations empowers me.”

“Pain is POWER. Pain is PROGRESS. Pain brings MY BABY.”

“There is nothing to fear.”

“She believed she could and so she did.”

“Breathe in peace.  Breathe out fear.”

“God didn’t give me the spirit of fear,  but of power, of love and a sound mind.”

“This will not last forever.”

“My body knows how to give birth.”

“Giving birth to a baby is easier than worrying about it.”

“You can’t go around it,  you have to go through it.” 

“Sink into it.” 

“Fear is a liar.”

“My body is capable and strong.”

“Each wave has a purpose.”

“I was born to do this.”

“For this child I prayed.”

“A baby WILL come out of your vagina.” 

“Your body achieves what your mind believes.”

This one thing you know for sure, labor will end.

“This will be over soon.”

“Soften the jaw and face.”

“Rock those hips,  loosen those lips.”

“Today is my daughter’s birthday.”

“One more.”

“This moment is all that matters.”

One word at a time.  “Trust. Open. Relax.”

“I am surrounded by love and so is my baby.”

“Be here.”

“Birth is not about making babies.  Birth is About making mothers.”

“Breathe in ability.  Breathe out resistance.” 

“You’ll never see that contraction ever again.”

“Each contraction brings you closer to your baby.” 

“Women all over the world are birthing with you right now.” 

“Nature does not hurry,  yet everything is accomplished.”

“My body opens, my mind quiets, my baby descends.”

“My instincts can be trusted and lead me to my baby.”

“It’s my birth-rite to enjoy my birth.”

“With each contraction I say goodbye to the part of me that could not do it.  I am stronger than I ever guessed.”

“I have a voice and a choice.”

“Yes we can!”

“Ride the waves.”

“We did it!”

Birth affirmations for when things don’t go according to plan:

“I make this choice out of love for my baby and myself.”

“I am strong enough to let my baby be born the way baby needs.”

“I am enough. I did enough.”

“I let go and be present.”

“I surrender to what is and let love heal me.”

“I continue to ask for what I need.”

“I have time, support and all the tools I need to process my experience and find myself in it.”

“I allow my baby to feel my love, even when I am hurting.”

“Our start does not determine our future.”

“It get’s better from here.”

“I will heal.”

Don’t forget, in that moment when you think you cannot go another second, you are so close to the end!

I believe that birth is a pivotal moment in a mothers life. Creating a rock solid birth mindset is a must for moms wanting a positive birth experience.

Birth affirmations will remind you of where you came from and where you are going. However, there are more things you can do to create a wildly beautiful birth and avoid birth trauma. Make sure to check out this post 7 Thoughtful Tips to Avoid Birth Trauma, Even if You’ve had a Challenging Labor Before. 

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100 Birth Affirmations that will remind you you are a birthing queen