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Are Childbirth Classes Covered By Insurance

Are Childbirth Classes Covered By Insurance?

And How To Get A High Quality Childbirth Class For Less

Have you been looking for a free childbirth class or are you wondering if your insurance will cover the class you really want to take? Are childbirth classes covered by insurance?

Today, I am going to show you how you can make your childbirth education more affordable. I get it, I remember ALL the stuff I had to buy and prepare for my babies, especially my first. And I know all the little things add up.

But, your preparation to actually give birth shouldn’t be forgotten. Studies show that high quality childbirth courses have many benefits. These benefits are not just about comfort and ease of the process – but also about safety.

Moms who take childbirth courses – like our course Birth Undone – where we help women say goodbye to anxiety, overwhelm and fear to create the peaceful birth they are made for – are less likely to have a c-section or need other interventions.

Women who take childbirth courses are also more likely enjoy their birth and less likely to suffer from post partum depression. So – it’s not really an if you take a class question, it’s more of a which class and when question.

But I know, classes can be expensive. But, let me ask you one thing….What if your birthing class was covered by insurance? Or if there were other ways you could get your class for free – or near free? Would that be nice?

That’s what you are about to learn.

Why You Shouldn’t Take A Free Online Childbirth Course

Here at She Births Bravely, we help thousands of moms prepare for their upcoming birth every month. We do this through our free resources here on the blog and our own online childbirth class. We are passionate about helping moms have the healthiest, safest, most rewarding birth possible for them.

This is a crazy time in the world, many moms are stressed, and the expenses of having a baby can be high.

There are thousands of YouTube videos and blog posts about giving birth. Can you get everything you need from the free resources?

Maybe… Yes, it can work for some moms. But not for most.

Relying on free resources means that you may not be getting the most up to date, or evidence based information. You may also be getting very biased information that doesn’t align with your needs.

We are super proud of the results we get our moms and want to make sure that when it comes to being properly prepared for birth, the cost doesn’t hold you back.

So, What Happens When You Look At The Cost Of A Childbirth Class And You Think, Oh Crap, That’s Expensive? 

I know, when you are preparing for a baby, you have a lot of things on your mind and a lot of demands on your wallet. 

Did you know that your childbirth education classes may be covered by insurance? And that you can use your flex savings or health savings accounts to pay any difference? 

One Way To Get Your Childbirth Class For Free:

If your work or insurance gives you a Flex Savings Account or Health Savings Account – you can use that money to pay for childbirth classes. Though every plan is unique, every plan I have seen to date covers childbirth classes 100%.

Because of all of the benefits of childbirth courses – insurance companies also float the bill for many childbirth courses. Whether they cover $50 or %100 is up to your insurance. But- in general – you can be partially or fully reimbursed by your insurance company if you send them your bill with the right codes.

How Do You Get Your Childbirth Education Class Covered By Your Insurance? 

The first thing you have to do is call your insurance and find out what you are eligible for. 

Grab your insurance card. 

On the back there is a number to call. 

Call them. 

Tell them you want to take a childbirth class and ask what the process is to have part or all of your class covered. 

They will be able to tell you what and how much they will pay towards childbirth education classes. Most insurance plans cover chidbirth classes either partially or in full.

What Is The Normal Process To Have My Childbirth Education Class Covered By Insurance? 

Once you know how much your insurance will cover for you for your class, you need to know how to do it. 

Most of the time you will pay out of pocket for the class. Then you will have to submit a form and your receipt to your insurance company. 

If you purchase our online childbirth class, you will receive an email immediately that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

This email will also have the relevant codes on it that your insurance company will use to properly submit your claim. 

What Codes Do I Need To Give To My Insurance Company To Have My Childbirth Education Covered By Insurance? 

There are two pieces of information you need to give your insurance company when asking about coverage.

This is the CPT code so they can appropriately document the purpose and the diagnosis code, that tells them why you should be covered.

The insurance CPT code for childbirth classes is: S9436. You may also need this: Diagnosis code Z32.2, which is for childbirth education.

Will Insurance Fully Cover My Class?

Unfortunately, there is no way to know without calling your insurance provider directly. But it’s good to know that, yes, childbirth education is covered either fully or partially in mosts states and on most plans.

But, at the end of the day, every plan and state is different.

For example, some plans only cover up to a certain dollar amount, such as $90 for first-time moms and $45 for second-time (or more) moms.

Other plans will cover the entire thing.

It’s up to you to call your insurance and find out what you personally are eligible for. 

What If I Don’t Have Insurance Or Money To Pay For A Course? 

Hey, I’ve been there! Preparing for a baby is expensive. I do not know what your options are for other classes, but when it comes to the Birth Undone where help you undo pain, undo risk and undo fear so that you can feel confident, safe and present during birth, we have several options for moms who can’t afford classes, but really need to participate. Reach out and ask us about our options for brand ambassadors or need-based scholarships. 

Send your inquiry to contact @ shebirthsbravely.com

Why Should I Spend Money On Childbirth Education Classes? 

Childbirth classes can be an investment that protects not only your health but your financials as well.

Here are just some of the benefits of taking a proper and thorough childbirth education class: 

  • Reduce your risk of c section
  • Reduce the risks of preterm birth 
  • Decrease chances of tearing
  • Have a shorter pushing stage
  • Reduce the risk of postpartum depression
  • Increase the odds your baby will be in a good position
  • Need fewer interventions and technological assistance (like forceps or Pitocin) as you birth
  • Learn how to cope with pain
  • Increase your knowledge on what is happening at every stage of labor
  • Advocate for the best experience possible for you
  • Deeper bonding and strengthening of your family
  • More success breastfeeding – which can mean fewer sick days with your little one
  • Make connections and friends that can support you in this new stage of life

Chilbirth courses do reduce your risks of having a surgical birth. The right education could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

What Makes A Good Birthing Class? 

You can check out of full comparison of the most popular methods of birthing classes here as well as the best online birth classes for every type of mom.

What If I Don’t Want To Prepare For Birth Through A Class?

That’s fine! Classes can be mega empowering and a great way to connect. But sometimes you bare too busy, too broke, or truly just need a light refresher. If you prefer a DIY approach, we have a list of the best books to prepare you for an amazing birth here

When Should I Start A Birthing Class? 

A good quality birthing class will meet for 1 to 2 hours for 5 to 10 weeks. If you can take it in half a day on a Saturday, it is probably more about helping you be a good patient then developing birth skills. 

Because of this, you should start classes early. I recommend beginning as early as 20 weeks. However, you can take classes at any time. I’ve seen moms take classes and join before they are even pregnant or sign up at 38 weeks and cram as much information as possible. 

But, starting at 20 weeks gives you plenty of time to not just take in the information, but to also practice any skills you need to develop for birth. Not to mention, that one of the most crucial ways you will reduce your risks and improve safety for yourself and your baby during your pregnancy is through your nutrition, which you should be paying attention to your entire pregnancy.

Most childbirth classes will prepare you thoroughly about what to eat. This knowledge  is better gained sooner than later! 

To Summarize, Are Childbirth Classes Covered By Insurance? 

Yes, most insurance plans cover birthing classes (called childbirth education) either fully or partially. Call the customer service number on the back of your card to find out what exactly your insurance covers. Give them the code and diagnosis code below:

The insurance CPT code for childbirth classes is: S9436.

Diagnosis code Z32.2, which is for childbirth education. 

Don’t forget, you can use your health savings or flexible savings account before paying out of pocket as well. 

I’m so excited for you to birth and hope you have an amazing experience! 

Until next time, 

Suzzie Vehrs