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Here’s How to Swaddle Like a Pro Mom

5 Game-Changing Swaddle Tricks Only Pro Moms Know


Swaddling is a practice of wrapping a newborn in a snug and cozy blanket that has been practiced nearly universally since before the 18th century.  When you swaddle your baby, you recreate that safe, warm, cozy feeling of the womb. Here’s how to swaddle like a pro mom, the first time.

How to Swaddle Your Newborn

5. Pro moms know to get the right gear

A newborn swaddle should be made of a soft, stretchy, breathable fabric. Ideally, it will either be a square muslin blanket specifically made to swaddle or even easier, a blanket that has snaps or velcro. A blanket that is too big or too heavy will be very challenging to use. Pro moms go for lightweight, stretchy and of course, adorable fabrics.

4. Pro moms always place babies on their backs when they are swaddled.

You were probably told to put your infant on his or her back to sleep. This is especially true when they are swaddled. Since babies cannot roll over while they are in the swaddle, or prop themselves up, make sure they are on their back, either in your arms or in a safe space such as their crib while they are swaddled.

3. Pro moms graduate their babies when they outgrow their swaddle.

If your baby is trying to roll over, it’s time to be done with a legs and arms in swaddle. How do you transition your baby out of the swaddle? Begin leaving just one arm out at at time when you put them down.

2. Pro moms relax and don’t overthink it.

A swaddle is a great tool to help your baby feel warm, comfortable and snug. Yes, it is simple. And that is the beauty of it. Pro moms trust the swaddle and do not add anything else on top. Adding extra layers of blankets can be a safety hazard. Just one swaddle and the right pajamas are enough. If it is hot and you do not use air conditioning, keep an eye on baby just to make sure they do not get too hot.

1. Pro moms bring their favorite swaddle with them to the hospital but wait just a little bit before wrapping up their newborn.

There’s nothing like that first hour after birth. Pro moms enjoy newborn moments because they know they go so fast. If possible allow skin to skin for the first golden hour after birth and anytime you feel like it after that.

A new baby is like the beginning of all things wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.  

Eda J. Le Shan

Benefits of Swaddling a Newborn

Studies show that when babies are swaddled, they wake up less frequently and sleep longer. This gives you more time to rest and recover as you establish a nourishing and consistent routine once your baby is home.

Studies also show that swaddling preterm infants can lead to improved neuromuscular development, less physiologic distress, better motor organization, and more self-regulatory ability when they are swaddled.

Another study shows that excessively crying infants cried less when swaddled, and swaddling can soothe pain in infants.

The data is in, swaddling is warm, cozy and a benefit to you and your babe!

A baby is born with a need to be loved and never outgrows it. 

Frank A. Clark

There is a certain quality of joy that surrounds newborns that simply cannot be found anywhere else.  They are a bundle of love and possibilities, evidence of answered prayers, hope for the future. 

This is why pro moms embrace the swaddle and all the coziness that comes with it.

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how to swaddle a newborn like a pro