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5 Water Birth Pictures that Tell Incredible Love Stories

It is said that women in labor leave their bodies and travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies and return together.

My water birth story:

I will never forget my water birth. The real thing was as amazing as the pictures convey. There I was in the birthing tub. The waves of transition contractions poured through my body with a force so powerful I felt it could break me in half. It was time. She was coming.

Pushing was hard work, yet not painful. Between contractions, I would rest my head while my husband wiped my forehead with a cool towel and whispered sweet nothings that I both cherished and could barely comprehend. I was so focused on the task at hand, everything else in the room seemed distant and removed.

I felt it all. Not in a bad way, in  a connected way. I felt her crowning. The ring of fire, I was scared about that part, but it was not as painful as I expected it up to be.

And then her body was through me. The hands of my midwife guided this brand new child directly into my arms. Cord still pulsing, the life force of our energy and blood still connected.

And then, there was that moment, the magic moment, the one I will never forget.

“Pat her back” my midwife whispered. I both felt terrified and instinctually knew what to do.

My hands held my baby close. I patted her back. Her little cry echoed in my ears and her eyes opened.

I was the first person she ever laid eyes on. Her father the second.

We sat that way connected, resting, together. It may only have been a moment, but it was worth every ounce of energy that day took.

Anyone who says you can’t birth naturally has never witnessed the magic of a water birth. These water birth stories told through pictures will change the meaning of birth for you.

If you are thinking of going natural and you have only heard horror stories of birth, I invite you to read these 7 bold responses for when someone tells you you can’t birth naturally and these 10 places to read positive birth stories that will change how you birth. 

If you already thought birth was incredible, you are about the get blown away. It is true what they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

These pictures will have you adding a birth pool to your labor plans.

If you believe moms in birth are powerful, you are going to love these photos.

If you believe in gentle beginnings and the power of a loving partnership, you are going to love these water birth pictures.

If you believe in birth, you will love these water birth pictures.

Are you ready to add a birth tub to your birth plan? You will be after these water birth pictures.

5 water birth pictures that tell incredible love stories. 

Are you concerned about the safety of water birth? Dr. Rebecca Dekker of Evidence Based Birth gives you the run down on what science says on her website, Evidence Based Birth. Women who give birth in the water are less likely to need pain medications and that there is no evidence that laboring in the water places mom or baby in harms way. 

And they labored together as one.

A water birth story told through video. Big love is evident here.

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Our home birth was featured as part of @jjhellermusic music video for “Big Love, Small moments” which went viral in the homebirth, midwifery world but I’m not sure if many watched the full video which included @jennifernaraki and her family holding onto their last moments together as she fought against death and her battle with cancer. She lost the battle but obtained the ultimate victory as she went to heaven a little over a week ago. I can’t tell you how dear this woman was to me and so many. You need to go read her encouraging words throughout this past year. She was faithful until the bitter end + so grace filled as she prepared her family for a life without her😭 There is a swipe up in my stories for the full music video but also encourage you to hop on over to @jennifernaraki’s page to see how she navigated her journey but also consider donating to her family through her link as they transition into a new life without her💛 “Everything is sacred when you take time to notice” Filmed by the amazing @joyprouty . . . . . . #homebirth #waterbirth #midwife #doula #naturalbirth #empoweredbirth #birthwithconfidence #positivebirth #hypnobirth #honestmotherhood #igmotherhood #letthekids #letthembelittle #ohheymama #unitedinmotherhood #flashesofdelight #abmhappylife #darling #documentlife #thehappynow #darling #thatsdarling #flashesofdelight #motherdaughter #lifeisbeautiful #smallmoments #biglovesmallmoments @empoweredbirthproject

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There is power in writing your own story.

Water birth stories often have these emotions: awe, bliss, power.

Could birth be just the thing to help you rediscover your fierce nature?

A favorite water birth story: when birth is so peaceful that siblings enjoy the privilege of witnesses a new member of their family enter the world.

You are made for birth.

Water birth can be absolutely breathtaking.

Have you ever considered a water birth? why or why not? Leave a comment below.

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