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Your 9 Weeks Pregnant Adventure! A Week By Week Guide

Congratulations on making it to 9 weeks pregnant!

From the first flutter of excitement to the quiet whispers of responsibility, this pivotal moment marks the beginning of a profound chapter in your life.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the intricacies of being 9 weeks pregnant — a time when the initial elation may be accompanied by a rollercoaster of physical and emotional adjustments. Join us as we delve into the unique experiences, challenges, and joys that come with this stage of pregnancy, offering insights, support, and a sense of camaraderie to those who find themselves at the cusp of this beautiful and awe-inspiring journey.

Your Baby At 9 Weeks Pregnant:

Your tiny human is on quite the developmental rollercoaster at 9 weeks. Picture this: the head is straightening out, the ears are growing, and those adorable little toes are making their debut. Your baby is starting to look more and more like a miniature version of you!

Not to be outdone, the arms and legs are having their own little dance party – although you won’t be feeling those groovy moves just yet. The muscles are gearing up, and your little one is getting ready to bust a move in a month or two.

Now, get this: your baby’s heart is not only pounding away but is large enough to be heard with a Doppler – a cool handheld ultrasound device. It’s like your baby is giving you a sneak peek of the rhythm of their heart, but if you can’t catch the beat just yet, don’t worry. Your mini-me might be playing hide-and-seek in your uterus, making it a challenge for the Doppler to find the heartbeat. But fear not, that sweet serenade will be music to your ears at your next visit.

Oh, and speaking of growing things, besides your little one, your body is crafting a brand-new organ – the placenta. This superhero organ is now stepping up its game, producing hormones like a pro to ensure your baby’s growth and development hit all the right notes.

So, get ready for the symphony of development happening inside you – it’s a magical journey, and the best part? You’re the star conductor! 🌟👶🎶

Let’s Begin Journey To A Wildly Nourished Pregnancy

Get Ready to Rock Your Pregnancy! Each Week, We’re Diving into 6 Power Zones: Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Stress-Busting, Hydration, and Breathing. Master these, and you’re on our way to health, longevity, and that glorious pregnancy glow. Time to awaken your inner goddess!” 🌟👶💃

Sleep At 9 Weeks Pregnant 

Sleep Goal: 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Sometimes more in the first trimester.

Learning how to relax your body and mind will help you not only with labor but with the feeling of fatigue that is so common in pregnancy and postpartum. Today, when we talk about sleep we are going to focus on a method that will help you release stress from your body. It is a skill we teach about in our birth class as a way to relax between contractions, and one that will help you release stress so you can sleep in pregnancy.

Because we know there is nothing worse that feeling fatigue all day, then laying down and not being able to sleep.

Recent research showed that this method significantlyreduced fatigue scores from 5.15 to 3.15. And it is so so simple.

What do you do?

First grab your favorite essential oil and place it in a diffuser. I really like Plant Therapy’s Chill Out Blend when I need help relaxing before bed.

Then, close your eyes and practice tensing and releasing muscles from head to toe. We will put a recording down in the breath section for you! We also have labor focused progressive muscle relaxations in our birth class. These are so great for making pregnancy easier and getting through birth!

Diet At 9 Weeks Pregnant 

Let’s dive into one super food during pregnancy: Salmon.

Did you know that when women eat fish at least twice a week during pregnancy, their children have a higher IQ?

Salmon, and other fatty fish that contain high levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids also help protect against depression and mood swings during pregnancy and postpartum.

Salmon is also high in Vitamin D – which is a crucial vitamin to your health and your baby’s development. When mother don’t have enough vitamin D their babies are at risk to be  small-for-gestational-age, or born too early, and a mother is at risk to develop preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes.

If the phrase ‘let food be your medicine’ has ever resonated with you, it is a great time to incorporate this pregnancy superfood into your diet.

Simple High Protein Recipes For Week 8 Of Pregnancy

Roasted Salmon With Citrus Salsa Verde

Baked Bang Bang Salmon Bites

Autumn Salmon And Squash Bowl

Need Help Taking The Work Out Of Eating Well Rounded Meals?

Our family loves the meal kits from Home Chef. They perfectly balance convenience with taste. Take 50% off your first four deliveries when you shop through our link!

Exercise At 9 Weeks Pregnant 

If you’re having a hard to finding motivation to battle the fatigue and spend a bit of time with exercise, consider this. Women who exercise in the first trimester are 39% less likely to have Gestational Diabetes.

And it matters when you start. For women who will have gestational diabetes, insulin resistance usually begins in the first trimester. So waiting until 20 weeks to begin an exercise routine doesn’t help protect you. Of course, pregnancy is a time to listen to your body. So if you need extra rest, it’s okay to take it. It’s also ok to encourage yourself to move it it feels reasonable to you,

It is best to choose an exercise program that is tailored to pregnancy and pregnant women. Supervision and guidance helps keep you safe and challenge yourself appropriately. It’s also best to keep the intensity at a mild or moderate level. You don’t have to push yourself to your edge to see protective benefits. And, as I just said, starting in the first trimester will positively affect your entire pregnancy, so if you haven’t found a class yet, look for one today!

Exercise Programs For Week 8 Of Pregnancy

Every Mother Prenatal Plan

With a day by day path to follow, Every Mother will guide you through movements that will protect your core and floor throughout pregnancy. These are great for moms who want simple pilates inspired exercises from home.

Barre Blend Super Block

Elise Joan has put together incredible barre blend programs for pregnancy., postpartum and beyond within the Bodi platform. Her focus on core, low impact movements and cultivating a positive mind will help you take care of your body heart and soul as you move through pregnancy.

Stress Management At 9 Weeks Pregnant 

Guess what, many of our focus areas are overlapping this week. For stress management, look no further than the following breathing exercise – which is your progressive muscle relaxation.

Hydration At 9 Weeks Pregnant

Breathing At 9 Weeks Pregnant 

Affirmation At 8 Weeks Pregnant 

Journal Prompt For 9 Weeks Pregnant 

Couple Question for 9 Weeks Pregnant 

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9 Weeks Pregnant Conclusion