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Birth Matters…Here’s Why

Birth is the most important event in a woman’s life. 

No, it’s not a wedding, it’s not even the day you met the person you fell in love with. 

It’s the day you give birth. 

Childbirth Educator Penny Simpkin, one of the biggest advocates for women’s rights in birth suggests that this one event will shape her life more than anything else she ever experiences. 

You know how you can tell? 


Not only can women retell their birth experiences perfectly 20 years later

But when you ask a woman with dementia to recall the birth of her child, she can retell the story in exactness, even when she cannot recognize that very child sitting right next to her. 

That’s why I want to share with you 3 ways you can prepare for this transformative event:

  1. Approach birth as if there are 2 people that matter. so often, women only think about the health of their baby. They forget to care for themselves. They begin making sacrifices that can leave them vulnerable for difficulties and complications, forgetting that the most loving gift a mother can give to her child is caring for herself through the process. 
  2. Recognize it’s normal to feel overwhelmed or unsure about how you are going to parent. Many women feel like they are not in the right mental state to take on the work of giving birth. That’s okay, you have nine months to build out your internal and external support systems and there is no such thing as a perfect birth to measure yourself against. 
  3. Be decisive and show up for yourself. I once asked a group of mothers how they succeeded with their birth. One mom said, it was easy. I simply learned to say no to anything that didn’t help me reach my goal. You matter as a mother. Don’t forget to prioritize your needs through this life change.

Memories of giving birth are deeply and vividly held even years later. That is because you are doing something important.

The gift is that more often than not, birth, even in its intensity, can be one of the best experiences life has to offer. 

Some moms ask me, how do I actually have a positive powerful birth? It would be nice if there was a map I could follow to have a birth that goes smoothly.

It’s true, there are skills , tools, and habits that can help you succeed at having a healthy and happy birth. A birth that creates a strong foundation for the happiness of your family. I would love to help you discover them and gain confidence for your big day.

That is why I want to take a moment to invite you into my comprehensive birth course, Birth Undone.

In this comprehensive childbirth class you will gain knowledge that will undo your fear, practice habits that will undo risk and gain real tools and strategies to undo pain. You can have the birth you want. A beautiful, powerful unforgettable birth.

I hope you join us! Either way, I hope you have an amazing birth.

Here’s to making beautiful memories that will last a lifetime,

Suzzie Vehrs